4. Academy Award Forgotten Picks

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Television…Where did they start? It is a question, often, asked when viewing the work of successful television and movie stars. Jody Foster started at age three and forty years later is still a gem. If you follow Nathan Fillion, who plays Castle, on the television program Castle, you will enjoy his earlier sci-fi space series Firefly. I like Firefly, also, because Gina Torres, the boss on Suits, stars in Firefly next to Fillion. If you can’t find this program in your subscription or cable service, you are missing out on a much thinner Castle. The IMDb (www.imdb.com) has some stored chapters of the show. Fillion’s movie Serenity has him playing a similar role. The Mentalist fans will enjoy Simon Baker, its star with Robin Tunney, in his earlier television work with Dabney Coleman. The show The Guardian has Baker as a defrocked lawyer doing community time in Coleman’s law firm. It has a great cast of “in and out” characters that you will recognize on your favorite 2013 television shows. Tell the Mentalist’s writers that no one cares about Red John. It is time to move on with other interesting themes.


Movies…Everyone enjoys those end of the year lists selecting and praising the top ten in theater, movies, comic books, song, and television. You try, as you scan through the lists, to see if your tastes are the same as Americas or different. When the selections are reduced to five like for The Academy Awards or The Golden Globes wondering who was sixth and didn’t make it takes over. It would kill me if I were sixth and found out about it. A book editor told me one of my books made it to the final five and then didn’t make it to be published. It is still killing me years later. Some movies like The Best Marigold Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, and Silver Lining Playbook get found and grow before or after ‘critical acclaim’ nominations. Some like My Week With Marilyn (played by a superb Michelle Williams) and Safety Not Guaranteed (quirky film lovers only, please) lay dormant unless someone like me asks you to rediscover them. Please do! Michelle Williams is excellent as Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn, while Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass play a really quirky (I used that word again to scare you away from a movie I am suggesting) in Safety Not Guaranteed. He believes in and wants to time travel.

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Books…It is my opinion and I am sticking to it! Does it bother you that your favorite author now has a co-author on their new book? Does it bother you that when you see your favorite author on television or on a YouTube clip that they relate they added a bit here and there to the work, but it is really not their idea or concept? I know it is a great break for the new writing companion on the piece, but…


Travel…It is time for you to embrace Philadelphia. What a place to visit, to live, or to work! All the Sports, History, Arts, People, and Entertainment your mind and body can absorb. I stole that blurb from Atlanta. Atlanta has a SHAPE UP in Atlanta campaign billboard on every road entrance into the city. Philadelphia is one easy hour from the beach and one easy hour from the mountains. Few American cities offer you that luxury. Prices for everything are far below the ‘big buck’ cities, too. If it was good enough for Ben Franklin, Reggie Jackson, Big Bird, Bill Cosby, Joe Frazier, Ben Franklin, and Allesan (she’s my niece and wanted a plug for her piano lesson business), surely you will love fitting into the city. too.

Adage…If you can’t lick them, they ain’t lollipops.

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Internet…Please take a look at my Poetry Site (catapultintopoetry.wikispaces.com). No www. is needed. It is a “click on” in the index bar above. Salute to Poetry Month is around the corner, but the ideas are great for every month of the year. The site is perfect for parents, teachers, students, and those looking for new and different poetry formats for their own writing and inner thought sharing. The site has PowerPoints with step-by-step directions, lessons, and links to all types of creative writing. Everything is ready to upload/download and use.

Sports…My prayers go out to the Washington Redskins RG III. He may have given up his career by taking one for the team in last week’s playoff game. Wrecked a knee, he did. May you heal properly from your operation, so you can continue bringing pride to the Redskin’s hopeful and starved for Super Bowl victory fans.


Computers…One of the most frequently asked questions at the graduate level and by parents is: “What type of computer do you use and what would make me or my child look the better at school or in the business and educational world”. I tell the question seeker that an Apple computer is twice the price of a PC. I have an Apple with Microsoft Office Suite installed. That is like having two computers in my mind. I need to live in both the PC and Apple world. Half my students sit in class with PC’s on their tables while the other half has Apple computers with them. If you are not sure what to get, the Apple store has free workshops in computer, IPhone, and IPad usage. Many are before work at 7am. If you have an Apple computer, I recommend the one to one workshops (fee to new buyers only) and the group workshops. People use these workshops as a learning tool and a social event. You, at these workshops, can catch someone with like interests or connect with a new business contact or resource. Go for it!


About tjpalumbo

Tom Palumbo is a nationally known and award winning author, teacher, technology designer, administrator, and grant writer. He has taught for thirty-five years in preschool through 12th grade classrooms throughout the quad state area. His ideas have made a difference in the way thousands of teachers, parents, and children read, write, do mathematics, use technology, and think creatively and critically. Tom’s twenty books on reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics have won four national book awards. 5,000 teachers and home schooling parents have matriculated through his graduate courses/lectures. 12,000 have signed up for his website. As Director of Pennsylvania’s Parent Information Center and New Jersey’s Citizen’s For Better Schools Resource Center, Tom received over two hundred commendations for his presentations to thousands of teachers, parents, and administrators throughout the Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland area. Workshop participants receive idea loaded CD’s, access to hundreds of videos, PowerPoints, curriculum links, games, and lessons on his website, and an activity booklet filled with common core curriculum in line with local, state, and national standards. Instruction, on each of these resources, is presented during his presentation. Mr. Palumbo has over two hundred learning centers, bulletin boards, and project developers in reading, writing, poetry, literature, and math in make-it/take it item format that can, also, be part of any workshop program. Call or email Tom to set up a workshop for your organization. Tom Palumbo tjpalumbo@aol.com 215-262-9986 aimtjp.wikispaces.com
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