99. Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, And Football

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1. Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill…And Football!

The Sunday Night Football Experience starts off with the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys this year. This, however, is not the big talk over the airways, Internet ways, and paper ways. Rock and Roll has stolen the headlines AND…

Carrie Underwood has stolen the opening song, lead-in blast from Faith Hill. Faith Hill’s six-year reign as the ‘Queen of Sunday Night Football’ is now over. We would have loved seeing them singing the opening as a duet with Faith Hill then walking down the runway back to the locker room.

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Waiting All Day For Sunday Night and I Hate Myself For Loving You, a Joan Jett and The Blackhearts classic, are now going to be rocked worldwide, on Sunday night, by Carrie Underwood. Underwood says she will be putting her own spin on the two real American anthems. Underwood will bring a new audience to the start of football season. Many of this audience will be wearing make-up.


If you are not familiar with Joan Jett, she and her 1970’s ‘All Girl Rock Group’ The Runaways were a first for women tying to break into the rock and roll venues. Her movie Light of Day with Michael J. Fox in 1987 features Fox singing This Means War with her. Ms. Jett has been a recent ‘great interview get’ for Oprah, Letterman, and DeGeneres as she focused on her song creations, work, and addiction in the world of music.

Joan Jett and Miley Cyrus have a great duet and interview spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Everyone in the rock pantheon wants to appear with Joan Jett. There are great spots all over the Internet with Jett, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, and a great lineup of your favorites in rock singing with her, too.


I Love Rock and Roll and Love Me Two Times, a Joan Jett cover of the Doors anthem, are great YouTube listens. They don’t even come close to the 10 million listens that I Hate Myself For Loving You has garnered on YouTube.

Here is another great football and music connection. Bruno Mars is going to be the headliner at the February 2, 2014 Super Bowl at the Meadowlands outside of New York. Let’s see if he has the same worldwide appeal as Madonna and Beyonce who last performed at this extravaganza. Picture a Super Bowl under twelve inches of snow. It could happen! Go Jersey!


2. A Young Girl Is Changing The World For Women With Her Jewelry

Linda Manziaris is making a difference in the lives of young women in Africa, especially Kenya. Her area of expertise is not protest, writing, Internet campaigns, or politics…it is jewelry. Her Body Bijou is a socially conscious company that is committed to making a difference in the lives of young girls around the world. Linda’s passion for designing jewelry began at an early age, when she started creating original, hand made jewelry pieces for friends and family. Interest for her unique pieces spread and Linda quickly found herself filling orders from all over Canada.

Image  Image

In the months that followed, her repertoire of jewelry making techniques expanded with the help of experienced jewelry artisans. This afforded Linda more creative freedom to broaden her collection of jewelry designs to include categories of jewelry that adorn a woman’s hand, legs, shoulders, back, and torso. Her Body Bijou Jewelry Collection has been described as elegant, edgy, fun and flirtatious.


Linda, at age 15, was looking for a way to make her success more meaningful and far reaching. She decided to spearhead the effort to get “the forgotten girls of Africa” into schools. Her Body Bijou Jewelry is donating 50% of its net profits to “Girls Helping Girls.” This foundation helps girls ‘in need’ to attend school and reach for a better future. Her family has already started building classrooms in Kenya with their profits. Way to go Linda!!!

3. A Child’s Unspeakable Crime


It is a rare happening in children’s literature when an author focuses in on an unspeakable crime committed by a child. Lisa Campbell Ernst does this in her book Stella Louella’s Runaway Book. The crime that Stella committed was losing her library book. This is definitely a crime that appears in no other children’s work.

Can you remember when the two-cent late fee fine would kill your mother? How about the stigma of having everyone in the community knowing you turned in your library book late? Stella’s traumatized by her book lose and the possible lose of her library card. Worse still for Stella is the thought of being banned from the library forever for losing her book.


Stella has until five o’clock to find her book. It seems that person after person in town has handled her book, read the book, and shared a part they liked when Stella confronted them…and then told Stella who they passed the book to in the community. Each person that touched the book accompanied Stella in an every increasing crowd of helpers looking for the book.


The most unique part of the book was hearing the parts townsfolk liked the best and hearing Miss Graham, the librarian, saying, when Stella asked her what she liked best, is reading it to someone.

4. Readibrarian


Do you want to make a difference in your community, school, or home?
Do you need that next creative project when fall planting season is over?
Would bringing the joy of books to others be in your thinking sphere?
Becoming a Readibrarian will make a difference in the way hundreds of your friends will read and think if you accept this challenge.


A Readibrarian reads to others…the young, the old, your pet, a boyfriend, a girl friend, a husband, or a wife. You will be shocked to learn that three major studies showed reading in bed to a ‘significant other’ will improve your relationship and love life? Pick up some of your favorite books and poems and approach the local librarian, school principal, third grade teacher, old folks home director, and explain you are a Readibrarian….and off you go.


Dress is optional. You can have as much fun putting your outfit together as picking your book selections. How about dressing up as the character from the book you are reading. A friend dresses up like a bag lady with a weird wig when she reads to the kids at the local schools. At the end of her presentation she lets the teachers ask if this is the way she really looks. She, of course, tells them….Yes!


If you are a member of a local book group, why not spend a morning at a hospital, school, or community center with the joy of reading you have in your hand and will soon share. Instead of talking about a book when you return to your book club meeting, share instead the experiences that you just had as a Readibrarian. Have your book club design Readibrarian badges that can be given to other friends for this book lover’s explosion. Make someone’s or a classroom’s day or evening!!!

5. The Spectacular Now…Now At Your Local Theater


If it weren’t for the sex, alcohol use, and partying, The Spectacular Now is a coming of age story you could attend with your teen child. Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley are two high school sweethearts. He is the class clown that everyone likes and she, until she meets him, is the lonely thinker. Teller only believes in the now…the title…and how great it is now. Woodley believes in the future and a plan for the future. Their plans clash, crash and family relations do the same.


Looking at the mistakes their separated and missing parents have made and getting little direction from home, the duo makes the mistakes most 18 year-olds make. They seem to think that all of life hinges on what an approaching graduation will bring. Wherever they are at that time is who they’ll be the rest of their lives is not the truism they think it is. Maybe when they are thirty-five they might have life figured out.

That is a great name for a book:
Life Figured Out…We would buy it!


Woodley and Teller are not Tom Cruise and Britney Spears in looks. Maybe, though, they display teen angst better than a prettier couple. Their selection was perfect for this movie’s themes. They did their parts a solid.

6. Admiral Perry And His Ships Stand Tall, Once Again


Pennsylvania’s giant celebration last week took place in Philadelphia. Beyonce and sixteen bands created the ‘Labor Day Music Fest’ to rival any music festival nationally. This weekend the action in Pennsylvania moves three hundred miles to the west. “The Tall Ships Of The War of 1812” are commemorating the two hundredth anniversary of Oliver Hazard Perry’s Victory of Lake Erie. This victory and eight others were to stop the British from controlling the west and the upper regions of New York and Pennsylvania.


Perry oversaw the building of the American Fleet of Lake Erie. This fleet was designed to protect Lake Erie and its surrounding lands. Perry’s cry after this momentous battle of “we have meet the enemy and they are ours” echoed across America for years after the battle.

If you have never boarded one of Columbus’s ships or a tall ship, you are missing out on a great piece of history. You will be amazed out how diminutive they are for so many men and munitions. The Moshulu is a great dining experience in Philadelphia on a tall ship converted into a restaurant.


Next month two other ships will start grabbing the headlines. The two Pilgrim ships The Speedwell and The Mayflower have some great stories to tell through your book and Internet research.

7. There Is A New Sheriff In Town And Its Name Is The Piazza!


There is a famous old time song whose singers encourage you to meet them on South Street. South Street in Philadelphia is a great twelve-block walk to a wealth of restaurants, antiques shops, candy stores, jewelry shops, and fast food favorites.


There is, however, a new sheriff in town at its name is Northern Liberties. This newly developed area of the inner city boasts sixteen new restaurants and a series of shops by entrepreneurs in fashion, jewelry, technology, art, and the arts.


On Sunday from 8am to 6pm thousands of Philadelphians travel to a mecca in the middle of this area called The Piazza. The Piazza was built on the site of the old Schmidt’s Brewery at Second and Girard. In the center of this mecca on Sunday is a craft fair-flea market that attracts vendors and thousands of customers from all over the area.


Titled The Brooklyn Flea Market, this event has vendors showing clothing, antiques, rugs, movie posters, jewelry, furniture, records and audio equipment, soaps, perfumes, great desserts, and great finds you cannot do without. The official market time is 10-5, but come early and make a vendor happy with an early sale or stop in at one of the many restaurants serving breakfast to market visitors.

8. Brain Brighteners II…The Weekly Challenge Will Rock You!


Anagram Synonyms…Last Week’s Topic Was Anagram Opposites

 An anagram is a word whose letters can be arranged into another word. You may not add or subtract a letter in forming this new word. If you anagram the correct word of the two words below, the changed word and the unchanged word will be synonyms.


1. Act and kitten will give you…cat and kitten

2. Tavern and face will give you…

3. Ride and urgent will give you…

4. Mice and star will give you…

5. Bruise and rose will give you…

6. Valley and lead will give you…

7. Mates and mist will give you…

8. Post and speck will give you…


9. Leaf and bug will give you…

10. Credit and conduct will give you…

11. Rotate and pins will give you…

12. Part and capture will give you…

13. Piece and time will give you…

14. Smell and door will give you…

15. Won’t and city will give you…

16. Battle and pad will give you…

17. Challenge and read will give you…

See if you can write five Anagram Synonyms to share with a family member, friend, or classmate. Show this activity to a teacher in the family.

Here are some of the new businesses that have sent us write-ups and photographs, so we can highlight their businesses and expand the reach of this column.

Another visit to the world of jewelry!


Nanci Epstein says this about her jewelry:

With an emphasis on color, I make handcrafted jewelry (necklaces/earrings) and accessories (napkin rings) using semi-precious stones (agate/jasper), pearls, crystals, glass & quartz. I also have a line of nearly weightless earrings for those who want something larger but lighter.

Image  Image

To see my product line (except napkin rings), please check out my website itsnotcandy.carbonmade.com or contact me at itsnotcandy01@gmail.com with any questions or to order a custom design.

Mr. Palumbo’s Educational Resources


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