131. Juliette Binoche, Clive Owen, And Avril Lavigne

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1. Movies I…Words And Pictures
The Juliette Binoche And Clive Owen Battle!

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There is another major war this week! This war is not being fought with drones, tanks, or aircraft carriers. It is being fought with words and pictures. Clive Owen is a famous writer and alcoholic. Juliette Binoche is a world-renowned artist. Arthritis is her demon. They have both been cast off to an Honors’ High School where the seniors do not appreciate writing or art.

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The movie’s first battle is in the classroom as Clive and Juliette try to change minds and foster some passion for the creative arts that they love. The story is LOL versus you are hilariously inept. The story is a ‘great picture is worth a thousand words’ versus the cartoon. The story is fighting for your art versus fighting from being fired by artless minds.

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The second conflict is between Clive and Juliette as they circumvent falling for each other by creating a host of mental battles in the faculty lounge, each others’ homes, and the classroom. The two lovebirds rally around each other and then disconnect. The two academics are not a match made in heaven. Their classrooms rally around them and their new ideas as the school decides in an epic showdown which is more important…Words or Pictures? Your pick is? Our pick is see the movie! Clive Owen’s final speech is worth a movie ticket or two….maybe three!

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2. Dating…Looking For Left Handed Love…Call Us Crazy!

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Here is how this vignette originated. Our office staffer Kelly is left-handed. She, also, has red hair. Ten percent (10%) of the world is left-handed. Two percent (2%) of the world has red hair. She wanted the office staff to research her chances of finding a redheaded lover that is left-handed. Throwing in that he has to be Irish really skewed the equation.

Twenty percent (20%) of Mensa, the high intelligence group, is left-handed. This doesn’t translate in any studies to left-handers being any smarter than righthanders, though. National Lefthander’s Day is August 13th. It has been in existence since 1976. It has fostered over forty years of exceptional left-handed research. None of the research covered dating or hook-ups…if hook-ups were a word that was even used in 1976? Kelly is not a good cook or dancer. Cooking and dancing, also, does not appear in any redheaded and lefthander’s research database or lexicon.

4. leftybluebrain     4. lefty2

Kelly is still dating a dark-haired Russian. The search for her perfect mate continues! Here are some famous left-handers to research in the meantime. The lists, by subject area, were compiled by Indiana University. Here is the link to the university’s left-handed eye openers and information collected by the Lefthander’s Liberation Society.

(http://www.indiana.edu/~primate/left.html), (http://www.lefthander.com).

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3. Movies II…Arthur…Clive Owen…He Would Be King!

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We have reviewed Clive Owen’s King Arthur before in a best of the King Arthur’s column segment. The movie King Arthur is a nice but very different companion piece to Words and Pictures and to the examination of Clive Owen as an actor. In the movie, Arthur is fighting the Germanic invasion into Britain as the Romans are withdrawing and leaving Britain defenseless.

The very young Keira Nightly co-stars. This is an excellent look at King Arthur long before he is to become King of England. Rome would eventually be overrun in 476. It wasn’t Arthur’s fault judging from the way he fought the invading plague in this movie.

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4. Movies III…Tim’s Vermeer…Paint The Painter!

Tim Jenison, renowned inventor, claims that Johannes Vermeer is the greatest painter in the world. The quest to prove this fact is Jenison’s obsession. In the movie documentary Tim’s Vermeer, Jenison totally (and we mean totally) explores the life and painting techniques used by the sixteenth century Dutchman Johannes Vermeer. Tim is absorbed big time!

10. art 2      10. art 4

Tim’s Vermeer was, surprisingly, written by the comedy team of Penn and Teller. They were entranced with Jenison’s quest to prove that Vermeer should forever be number one in our hearts and minds. Jenison thought by duplicating everything in Vermeer’s art and life, he could computerize and recreate Vermeer’s ideas into a modern framework. The movie chronicles this attempt. Tim reproduced Vermeer’s studio and even hired actors to pose in the “dressed up” recreation of Vermeer’s paintings.

10. art    10. art 7

The art is surreal and so is the Vermeer quest!

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5. Music I…Wu Tang Clan…Science And Rap!

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has a file of music interviews across all the music platforms. This week’s features are, first,  Lionel Richie discussing how he and Michael Jackson wrote and recorded We Are The World. Their one-day collaboration created a song for all time. Lionel Richie outlines their work, the creative process, and their ease of collaboration.

1. binochetang       5. wutang 6

Steve Buscemi’s park bench discussion with GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan is the second of this week’s OWN releases. Both talks are about musical influences. GZA’s visit to the Lower Eastside Girl’s Club to meet with the girls and share his love of rap and science is exciting. His planetarium rap tribute should be played in every planetarium throughout the world.

3. cookbetterkiss               3. Cook

6. Music II…Come Back To Me…David Cook!

David Cook’s new song and its accompanying Come Back To Me music video are bringing in July with some warm musical sunshine. The video is filmed in reverse and is very different, except for the great airport kiss! The song, however, is jumping forward on this week’s music charts.

3. Cook 2        3. cookthirdalbum

David Cook is an American Idol alum. Like Chris Daughtry, Cook’s acoustic guitar, mixes ballads and up-tempo rock across all current themes of relationships, love, and life. If you don’t have time to listen to one of David Cook’s albums, here are three “listens” that show a wide range of his musical creations and re-creations:

3. cookalbum      3. cook9

  1. The Last Goodbye
  2. Permanent
  3. Kiss On The Neck

4. daughtrycouple     4. daughtry supermanalbum

Here are some summer favorites from Chris Daughtry’s songbook for your boom box.

  1. September
  2. What About Now
  3. Waiting For Superman


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7. Music…Avril Lavigne’s Piano Portrait…Let It Go

  1. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s Let It Go duet rounds off our triple play of this week’s musical suggestions. It is a lesson on how a music video actually conveys the song’s theme. Lavigne’s Here’s To Never Growing Up was the theme at a number of graduations this year. It is Lavigne’s graduation speech to high school and college graduates. Thanks Avril! Some listeners will stay forever young no matter their age, thanks to you!

1. avril2s    1. avril 3

What The Hell has 200 million Internet musical plays and Girlfriend has 250 million, but Here’s To Never Growing Up and Let It Go are our office plays for the week.
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8. Business For The Better…Eventuosity…Event Experts!

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Drexel University’s Tech Breakfast (Philadelphia) is a must attend each month for those who want to share entrepreneurial ideas, meet creative people, and see five revealing presentations of new businesses and ideas. The delicious eats are a big draw, also.

This Tech Breakfast organization can be found across the country in dozens of new chapters with a quick Internet search to get on their mailing list.

Justin Panzer had this to share about his company and their great event time saver and organizer. Give Justin a call to set up your next event:

Eventuosity is a scalable web and mobile application for managing the people and resources associated with events.  From trade show attendance to social club outings, eventuosity gives enterprise, professional and consumer users a single tool to Plan Anything by Planning For Everything. It’s one tool to address their needs versus those of associations producing events on a macro level.

1. eventnew               1. events4

Eventuosity fills a gap in the event technology space between registration and CRM tools.  Whether providing new revenue opportunities for event producers, enhanced attendee experience for trade associations, or improved event ROI for corporate planners, eventuosity provides value at all stages of the event lifecycle.  We’re making event planners’ lives a whole lot easier by giving them a tool that puts user experience first and provides the flexibility and scalability to work with any event.

Justin Panzer, Founder & CEO
3220 Market Street, Suite 369
Philadelphia, PA 19104
+1 (443) 538-6465

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9. Art…Summer Seascapes…The Beach Vacation!

1. LaurenArt     1. LaurenArt2

Lauren Litwa Holden graces this column, once again, with her “welcome to summer” art. Thanks again Lauren for brightening our column. Your seascapes will make our readers yearn for their next swim.
You can visit her studio at 112 Wawa Road in Wawa, PA 19063.

10. Hey There July Vacationers!

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Join our yearlong, 20th Anniversary celebration of writing and creative discussion by contributing a story suggestion, book review, movie write-up, art piece, award notice, photography portfolio, game grabber, business join-up, multimedia purchase, travel tidbit, or theater ‘can’t miss’ for our Let’s Talk column.

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Your ideas and suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography on Let’s Talk over our discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We subscribe to the concept of reflected glory! Ask your friends to drop their email in the follow box in the bottom right hand corner of the opening page to receive the column each week..

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