149. The Oscar Curse, Kingsman, And Maroon V

3. OscarsD!         3. Oscars44!              2. KingsmanB       1. maroon 6

1. Movies…Kingsman: A Secret Service More Secret Than Bond!

2. KingsmanD    2. Kingsman77

Michael Caine, Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel Jackson, Mark Strong, and Sofia Boutella star in the newest English Secret Service epic at your locale cinema-plex. The Kingsman Agency is so secret the English secret service knows not about them. Michael Caine is the head of this group. Colin Firth trains the group’s agents. Taron Egerton is a street smart kid that Firth thinks will be the next James Bond. He makes him a Bond in two weeks. It is the movies!

2. KingsmanX         2. KingsmanM          2. Kingsman7         2. Kingsman1

A way over the top, Samuel Jackson, is this group’s most recent nemesis. Jackson is trying to create a musical note that will make everyone who hears it crazy. A slaughter fest does take place before this sound is perfected. Jackson calls this fest population thinning. Preposterous, you say?  His henchwoman, who has swords for legs, doesn’t think so! Sofia Boutella cuts people in half with her stainless steel and very sharp legs. She, also, flays individual body parts. No blood spurts from any body when this happens. Her swords immediately cauterize the wounds. It is the movies!

2. Kingsman2      2. Kingsmanhh

Four hundred movie goers cheered the movie on our office night at the movies. They cheered the movie twice. Once at its real ending and once at its alternate ending. Movie critics cheered NOT for this movie. Stay at the movie’s almost conclusion to view this additional ending. It is the movies and this ending doesn’t cost any more!

2. Movies II…The Oscar Curse!
Fame And The World Of Unavoidable Consequences!
Would You Trade Your Husband For Immortality?

3. TOscars!           3. Oscarsg!

The Journal Of Applied Sciences just confirmed a phenomenon previously called The Oscar Curse. The fact that 70% of all female Best Actress Oscar winners are divorced or separated within four years of receiving the coveted statue is of great interest to the behavioral science community. The journal’s study had more to do with the possible consequences of upward mobility in men and women than these perplexing Oscar divorce percentages that go back sixty years. Will you hesitate in rooting for your female favorite?

3. Oscars!1           3. Oscars!.jpg

Use your computer’s search engine or Google to review the extensive list before this week’s Oscars. It is a trip down memory lane as the actresses, their movie successes, and ex-husbands are chronicled. It is a great precursor to Sunday’s show. We have provided a recent look at the fortunate/unfortunate actresses in a seven person list that follows.

3. Oscars!A!      3. Oscars!777

The Winner’s And Loser’s list has sixty names on it. Here are some of the most recent additions:
Julia Roberts (2001 Erin Brockovich) and boyfriend Benjamin Bratt.
Halle Berry (2002 Monster’s Ball) and husband Eric Benét.
Charlize Theron (2004 Monster) and longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend.

3. oscars        3. Oscars!SS

Hilary Swank (2005 Million Dollar Baby) and husband Chad Lowe.
Reese Witherspoon (2006 Walk the Line) and husband Ryan Phillippe.
Kate Winslet (2009 The Reader) and husband Sam Mendes.
Sandra Bullock (2010 The Blind Side) and husband Jesse James.

3. Oscars!A      3. Oscars!99

Mark your movie calendar, please. Cinderella (2015) will be out on March 13th. The Duff  (2015) is an anti-Cinderella movie premiering the same week.

1. maroon 5       1. maroon 45

3. Music…Maroon V…The World’s Best Wedding Crashers!
Even If The Beatles Were Back Together Again?

  1. maroon 115          1. maroon 215    1. maroon 15             1. maroon 9

Maroon V’s wedding crasher video introducing their new album and feature song Sugar is a must see. The band crashed six weddings and performed unannounced in front of shocked and amazed brides, grooms, and wedding parties. The swear word that quietly came out of one bride’s mouth is worth the look-see on their new Sugar video. It can be found on Vevo and contains a quick but revealing tour through the weddings they visited.

1. maroon 05        1. maroon 75

The December 2014 made video is so unique that it almost takes away from Maroon V’s new album. It is quite a shock to have the world’s best band just show up at your celebration.

5. Black 8Singers               5. Black Singers

This week’s runner-ups deserve a listen.
Taylor Swift…Blank Space
Selena Gomez...The Heart Wants What It Wants
Stephanie Mills…A World Full Of Love

Ariana Grande…One Last Time
Ledisi…What Do They Call Me

5. American92           5. American552

4. Books…The American Girl Series…A Young Girl’s Reading Obsession!
Women Through The Years!

Mystery Of The Dark Tower!

5. American2      5. American9L2

The American Girl Series should be on everyone’s bookshelf. Their mystery offerings are a creative reading challenge for boys and girls. The book series features the stories of women throughout America’s history. AGS is the story of women from farms, small towns, and cities. It introduces their families, their successes, and, of course, their failures. Each book is first told in story form. The stories are interesting and well crafted from a universe of great writers. Each book’s prologue introduces the real characters that were portrayed in the story. The stories, book endings, and their overview are a history buff’s delight!

5. American12         5. American222

Mystery Of The Dark Tower is a great first look at this series. Bessie Coulter, a young black girl, lives in North Carolina in 1920. Her mother is dying. Her father whisks Bessie and her brother to Harlem in New York City. The mystery of this move and her father’s movements in New York are sprinkled with the names and deeds of Langston Hughes, Marcus Garvey, Webb DuBois, Zora Neale Hurston, and A’Lelia Walker, the daughter of the first female black millionaire. Harlem in the 1920’s was called The Black Capitol of the United States. Black men and woman held every job imaginable from banker to policeman to businessperson. Nowhere else in the United States was this happening in this time period. This was a shock for Bessie who came from a very different and restricted South.

8. 2Banshee7      8. 9Banshee7

5. Television…Banshee…Pennsylvania At War!
The Townsfolk Versus The Casino Owners Versus The Amish Versus The Indians! Another Day, Another Battle!

8. NBanshee7     8. Banshee117

This column supports everything Pennsylvania and Philadelphia in sports, the arts, and entertainment. Even if it is close to Philadelphia in any way, we call it ours. When a new television show hits the airways with the #1 rating for sex and violence across all venues, we paused and evaluated this commitment to our column’s mission. Some staffers are church-going!

7. Banshee         8. Banshee17

The town of Banshee is in the middle of Lancaster County. The county is the agricultural gem of anything that grows in Pennsylvania. Violence, gambling, drugs, and lewd behavior run rampant through the local Indian and town community. The local Amish with their religious and farming heritage are in a battle for normalcy with all this going on around them. They are losing their children and their customs!

8. Banshee2           8. Banshee7

Antony Starr, a career criminal, is the town’s sheriff. He assumed this role by frisking the real sheriff who was killed in a bar fight in front of Starr. Starr has the impossible task of bringing the town to normalcy. He and his friends are, also, plotting to leave town with a truck load of stolen money. Starr’s group’s illegal ventures rival the ventures of the town crooks who number many!

8. qBanshee7            8. Banshee87

The area Indians in the area feel disenfranchised because casinos were given to the townsfolk not them. The is not what has happened in other Indian lands throughout the United States. Sometimes this show depicts the area as a great place for tourists. At other times there is too much bloodshed to walk your family through on a visit. The show’s sex rating is off the scale, but most of it is in-doors.

datauri-file            datauri-file(3)

6. Business News…College Planning…Making It Easier!
Kira Holt Makes The Process A Whole Lot Easier!

Here is great help for college planning from a multi-book author and college planning expert.

10. college              college2

Hey Tom,
Please let me know if this works of or you would rather see something different. Thanks for asking me to share my work. I look forward to hearing from you.
Kindly, Kira

College planning – words striking terror in students and parents alike. It doesn’t have to be frightening. College planning – something put off until end of junior year; don’t wait. College planning encompasses searching for and finding the perfect school, ACT/SAT testing and preparation, college applications and essays, completing financial aid applications (FAFSA), and searching for scholarships. Does going to college even pay off after spending all that money? Yes, unemployment rates drop as educational levels increase.

datauri-file(1)         datauri-file(2)     college22

Where to start? The more you learn about college planning, the smarter your decisions will be. Author Kira Janene Holt details the college planning process while providing links to safe websites to help ease the pain. “College planning isn’t hard but takes time. I strive to keep books for parents and students under 20,000 words so people can read a bit and then take action. Not everyone needs to take the same college planning steps. Key to planning is learning what will be the best decision for each person. I want parents and students to become wise consumers of higher education. It’s an exciting time. Doesn’t have to be scary!” http://www.amazon.com/Kira-Janene-Holt/e/B006Q9ZCZ2

Kira Janene Holt, M.A.H.S.,

Author of:
Designing A College Plan Unique to YOU
Cookbook for Getting Your Kid to College
– now in Spanish.

Coaching Your Kid to Success: Helping Tweens & Teens Score College, Career, & Life SkillsRapid Descent – Nightmare in the Grand Canyon

order from your favorite bookstore or find at Amazon.com
To keep up with latest projects, please connect at www.linkedin.com/in/kirajaneneholt/

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  1. Jennifer Witterick says:

    Hi Tom, Can you help me out? I’m going to a Oscar party this Sunday and we all have to guess who’s going to win. Since I trust your totally, can you send me your picks? I haven’t seen all the films being nominated. I loved Enigma but think American Sniper was great too and might appeal to patriotic sentiment. best picture, actor, actress etc. It’s really just for fun anyways. Thanks Tom! Jenny

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