150. Kevin Costner, Allegiance, The Voice (Holland)

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1. Movies I…Focus…Can You Trust A Con Man/Or Woman?
Will Smith And Margot Robbie Look Trustworthy! Fool!

6. 1Focus         6. FocusB

6. FocusM           6. FocusU

The just released Focus has Philadelphia’s Will Smith working as an extremely successful con man. He and his large band of thieves can be found at every great world-wide event from the Super Bowl to The Kentucky Derby to the Grand Prix of Monaco. Big money gravitates to big events! Smith’s entourage goes where the money people go. This group treats multiple cons like a big business. The are organized, research ready, and well rehearsed. Their preparation is meticulous. The group likes the easy pickings, but it really excels at scamming the unscammable. The movie has you wondering throughout…Are they on a scam, vacationing, or preparing for the next scam?

6. FocusP       6. FocusA

Margot Robbie is a small time pick-pocket. She makes her living at the local bar or hotel by fleecing someone’s pocket, neck, or wrist. Her new “irate boyfriend catching her in the wrong bedroom” scam isn’t going well. She needs grooming and, of course, she thinks joining Will Smith’s team might be her ticket to bigger and better thievery.

6. Focus90         6. FocusZZ

Robbie was last seen in Wolf of Wall Street as she stole the audience’s attention with humor and sexual stealth, if there is such a movie term as sexual stealth. She is, also, an attention getter on Vogue Magazine’s Spring Cover.

6. Focus        6. FocusPP

Adrian Martinez (House of Good Looks) and Gerald McRaney (House of Cards) lead the pack of additional supporting actors and con artists in this movie. Good actors make good actors even better and in this case more believable while on a con. The movie is a crime teaching lesson, believable, and sometimes unbelievable. That is the theme of a good con movie. This movie deserves better than the critics claim.

5. ArtD                   5. ArtC

2. Books…Open Heart…Jane Seymour Helps You Celebrate Life!
, Artist, Floral Designer, And Author!

5. Art6       5. Art1

At age 62, Jane Seymour seems to be the Renaissance Woman. Her successful movie and television career is pages long, while her art work covers landscapes, seascapes, and portraits with the same dedication and world-wide success. Spending a piece of an art show evening with her was a joy and quite revealing. It was a welcome surprise to get a personalized copy of Jane Seymour’s new book and this unique lead-in to the gift from best selling author Jenny Witterick (My Mother’s Secret/It’s Actually A Good Thing). Open Heart is a book of quotes from inspirational writers and ordinary people. As Jane Seymour says in her introduction it should be on everyone’s nightstand. We agree! Thanks Jane! Thanks Jenny!

5. ArtA          5. Art4

“Once in a while, you hear a story that really resonates with truth and inspiration…and you want to share it. I first heard about Jane Seymour’s Open Heart story earlier this year and recently spent an evening with her.

5. Art3           5. Art7

She is Jewish. Her mother was in a concentration camp during World War II…and survived. When she started her family, including Jane, she taught them that no matter what bad things came their way, they should always maintain an optimistic attitude and have an Open Heart. Only if your Heart is open will Possibilities, Love, and Good Things be able to come in.

5. Art2          5. Art8

I, too, believe this and wanted you to have some of this thinking. So I personally asked Jane to sign a copy of her book to you. May the possibilities of your life continue with great abundance.”

Kindest Regards,

1. Bull                1. Bull72

3 . Movies II…The Kevin Costner Syndrome…A New Three-Peat!
Bull Durham, MacFarland, USA, and Black Or White!

1. 11Bull2         1. ABull2

There is a creative writing technique called Second Best. It’s use is suggested when describing a book, movie, television show, food, or travel destination. Calling one of these subjects Second Best does two things. It, first, stops you for being ridiculed for calling something the best ever. Second, it forces the reading audience to scramble into their minds to determine what is best if your work selection was the Second Best.

1. Bull29            1. Bull12

Bull Durham with Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins is the Second Best start of spring training and the baseball season movie ever made. The Durham Bulls minor league Triple AAA baseball team is one step from the major leagues (reverently called The Show). Kevin Costner is an almost at the end of his career as a catcher. Tim Robbins is the rookie pitcher that is Show bound. Susan Sarandon is the head of the town’s groupies. Her accumulated baseball knowledge, ball player wisdom, and her ability to sexually and spiritually adopt and groom a player each year would put her in a groupie Hall of Fame.

1. Bull1       1. 9Bull2

Costner has two movies out this week on the big theater screen. In Black or White, Costner battles grandmother Octavia Spencer for the custody of his black grandchild, Gillian Jacobs. Costner invested six million dollars into this movie to have its story told on the big screen. Black and white families fighting over children proves to be raw, confrontational, informative, funny, and worthy of many post movie discussions. black or white poster             11. mcfarlandindex

In McFarland, USA, Costner is a cross country coach that takes the small town children of California migrant workers from ridicule to champions. Maria Bello plays his wife and deserves far greater recognition for all the supporting roles she has played. Try seeing her in the recent movies The Cooler and The History Of Violence on your On Demand re-watch channels. Her three movies are a great triple play like Costner’s.

3. MusicA       3. Music1

4. Music…A World Of Great Performances Beyond America’s Borders!

3. 1MusicA       3. 1Music

Where will your next musical listen take place. The musical formats of The Voice and X Factor have been duplicated throughout the world. Our two favorites are X Factor Australia and The Voice Holland. Both feature new world-wide talent in all the music categories.

12. XFactorAustralia         12. gggimagesg

The shows can be found on your re-watch and On Demand television channels. Holland The Voice is in season five. The 2013 winner was Julia van der Toorn, while the 2014 winner was girl trio O’G3NE. They both have new albums and Julia’s rendition of New York State of Mind and the new style of O’G3NE on the songs Emotion and Change Will Come are great introductions to these winners. Mitchell Brunings, a runner-up in 2013, will soon be generating a large following over the world’s musical airways.

2. Allegiance          2. Allegiance992

5. Television…Allegiance…The Russians Are Not Coming, They Are Here!
Philadelphia Takes Center Stage In A New Television Program!

2. 99Allegiance2       2. 00Allegiance2

You are enjoying your life as American citizens. Your son is a CIA agent. Your older daughter and younger son are doing well. Suddenly your past attacks you. Really attacks you! You are a deep cover sleeper cell for the Russians. It is a position you never thought would be activated. Why would Russia want to cause havoc in the United States? What next is the question asked by viewers and a settled family that is being pressured by their past. Their past wants them to destroy the United States. It is starting to happen!

2. 9Allegiance2       2. Allegiance27

Blacklist and Allegiance are both intense why can’t I figure this out dramas on NBC’s Thursday’s night schedule. The Americans is a somewhat similar Russian spy based show from the eighties that is in its third season. Seeing present day Philadelphia in Allegiance is a treat. Episode three even features Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter in it. He is giving a speech as spies and federal agents speed through Philadelphia trying to possibly steal documents somewhere in three major historical sites. Thank you NBC for the tourism increase to these sites.

2. EAllegiance2                     2. Allegiance2U

Gavin Stenhouse (son), Hope Davis (mom), Scott Cohen (dad), Margarita Levieva (daughter), Kenneth Choi (local CIA bureau chief) head this fast moving series. The family wants out while keeping their secret from their son. Margarita is in love with the Russian agent keeping the family in. A plot to nuke New York in the first episodes keeps family, Russians, and FBI agents scrambling for safety, freedom, and answers. The series makes you think that the Russians are in play in the Ukraine, but also significantly in the United States.

2. 1Allegiance2                       2. 10Allegiance2

6. Books II…Thanks To Teachers…And Not Just On Salute To Teacher’s Day!
David Martin’s Thanks to Teachers Shows That Everything He Learned About Teaching He Learned From His Students!

13. thanksimages         13. thanksindex

Dave Shares:
Hope you don’t mind this 
quick note to let you know that my first ebook Thanks to Teachers is live on Amazon.com. and is available there for reading in browsers, Android, Kindle, and Apple devices. Thanks for being my LinkedIn connection! Anything you could do to share the link with your teachers and learning communities would be greatly appreciated. Will you help me spread the word? It’s under 5,000 words and for the next week it is under a dollar for this download.      

14. thanks:teachers14. thanks:teachers

I’m hopeful this e-book will help sharing in a community where we learn from students and each other. I have a page facebook.com/ThanksToTeachersto collect feedback and shout outs to teachers who have inspired you. I will use feedback to expand and update the book for a Teacher Appreciation Week release in May. First edition owners will get the update for free.
The live links are:
To learn more about Dave’s workhttp://linkedin.com/in/demartin45.

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7. Our Help Wanted Section Follows!

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Our reading audience is insatiable for any new idea…even yours!

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Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk’s discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

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  1. Tom, I really enjoyed this post. I am new at being a follower of yours! How happy I am to have found the instructor of my so very enjoyable grad course, as I created, ate, and had fun at your workshop for 2 weekends and left with wonderful activities that I used for many years afterwards.

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