151. Cinderella And The Walking Dead

      3 CinderellaO1       Ride 1B

4. Dead 1           7. 8 Budchen

1. Movies…Art And The Movies…Two Very Different Choices!
The Art Of Nicholas Sparks And The Art Of Helen Mirren!

Ride 16      Ride 1C

Nicholas Sparks’ newest movie The Longest Ride is two great love stories over many decades and a great art story over the same time period. Britt Robertson is an art student heading for an art internship in New York. Scott Eastwood is a cowboy and rancher heading for a world bull riding trophy in Las Vegas. Alan Alda is an old man Scott and Britt save in a car accident. They, also, save a box of Alda’s love letters. These letters tell an intricate story about dating, marriage, love, and art from the 1930’s to the present.

Ride 1D         Ride 1L

Alda knows nothing about bull riding, but a great deal about life. He tells this life story from his sick bed and through the letters he wrote every day to his loving wife. Britt and Scott’s love story is just as drama filled as Alda’s story. Their love story will grow with Alda’s help and as they examine Alda and his wife’s experiences. The inserted story of great art is an interesting addition as the youngsters stormy relationship blossoms.

1. Klimt 5 1. Klimt 4 1. Klimt 3

Helen Mirren (a Jewish refugee) and Ryan Reynolds ( her attorney) are fighting for art in the movie Woman In Gold. Helen’s family masterpieces were stolen by the Nazis after they murdered her parents in the holocaust following the German invasion of Austria. The family paintings were, then, falsely inherited by the Austrian government after World War II. These paintings are now revered by the Austrians.

1. Klimt       1. Klimt 6

The center piece of this stolen collection is Gustav Klimt’s Woman in Gold. Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) is the most renowned of the Austrian painters. Mirren’s aunt posed for the Klimt painting in question. Four other family paintings have joined Woman In Gold in the National Art Museum of Austria. Mirren, now living in the United States, wants her family heirlooms back. Fighting a government for the return of the paintings seems impossible until Ryan Reynolds and his wife Katie Holmes come along. These two night and day different stories would make a great double feature. There is exceptional kissing, perseverance, story telling, and art in both movies and their corresponding books.

A. Cinderella           3 Cinderella15  3 Cinderella11          3 Cinderella21

2. Movies II…Lily James And Kenneth Branagh Do Cinderella Proud!
Lily Dances Into The Prince’s Heart
And The Hearts Of A New Era Of Fans!
Her Show Stopping Dance Shows How Movement Changes To Magic!

3 Cinderella144      3 Cinderella1PP

The retelling of Cinderella is a daring undertaking that director Kenneth Branagh painted with grace, excitement, cinematic wizardry, and beauty. The story will surely bring a new decade of Cinderella lovers to the curio shop and Disney World, provided they weren’t frightened by Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother.

3 Cinderella13     3 Cinderella81

Lily James and Richard Madden play the story’s dynamic duo. Like previous Cinderella stories, the shining moment is not waiting for the clock to strike twelve, but when Cinderella enters the ball and catches the eye of the prince…then the majestic twirling and dance!!!

B. new 2           B. New

Lily James’s walk down the staircase is stunning and her dance with the prince made it into our all time top three for dramatic dance effect in a movie. The dance scenes in Enchanted (Amy Adams/Patrick Dempsey) and Something New (Sanaa Lathan/Simon Baker) are just as stirring and worth a look-see on You Tube for comparison. Cinderella drew large audiences in the United States, but even bigger audiences in China and Japan. China is the second in the world in movie watching.

 6. Pacino N2            6. Pacino

3. Music…Al Pacino Can Sing? Who Knew?
He, Also, Has A Sensitive Side! Who Knew?

6. Pacino 332        6. Pacino 42

Al Pacino is Danny Collins an aging rock star that hasn’t had a hit in thirty years. He is still loved, however, by his over fifty year old fan base (the gray stocking and denture group). He is estranged from his son (Bobby Cannavale), his son’s wife (Jennifer Garner), and his beautiful over energetic suffering (ADHD), seven year old granddaughter (Giselle Eisenberg).

C. Giselle       20130725_Imagined_0114.CR2

Just as Pacino becomes tired with his life and old music, he receives a misplaced letter from John Lennon that he should have received forty years ago. Lennon’s words with the help of Annette Bening and his new family drive him to change. He wants to change his music, change his flamboyant lifestyle, and change his approach to the family he has ignored for years. His sixty year old bobby-soxers won’t let him.

6. Pacino 2       6. Pacino 12

Pacino glows in this movie thanks to the great cast ensemble that was put together to support him. Christopher Plummer helps as Pacino’s manager and Bobby Cannavale is great as a struggling, stranded son, and caring father.

5. ClaptonXXX           5. MMMClapton

4. Music II…Saturday April 18th Is Salute To Record Store Day!
Remember…There Is No Way To Overdose On Music!
Vinyl Is Still King! Two Million Sales Strong This Year!
It Was A Banner Year For Vinyl And The Great Sound It Presents!

5. JClapton       5. Clapton 2

Four hundred artists are contributing new releases this Saturday to kick off Record Store Day. These new record releases include singles and albums. It was an office battle to tweak the new and old selections down to four listening recommendations. After you buy the four hundred new releases, we suggest you add these choices to your record collection:

5. MClapton      5. Clapton V

1. Reba McEntire’s new album Love Somebody was released Wednesday. Reba has a number of new songs by writers who have written for her before and a crop of new songs by fresh names across the pop, rap, and country spectrum. Going Out Like That, one of the new singles from the album, immediately jumped in at number two on the country charts this week.

5. Clapton 4     5. Clapton 1

2. Eric Clapton’s Greatest Hits is a tribute to his years with the Yardbirds and his covers of his recording friends. Layla is a classic. Clapton’s version of Willie And The Hand Jive is a very different rendition of that song and should be your second listen on the album. You will like it! The album is a perfect kick-off for the summer of forty year old rock groups. Everyone is out on tour this summer from the ageless and wrinkled Rolling Stones to The Beach Boys. Brian Wilson’s new album just missed our top four suggestions this week.

5. Clapton A       5. CVClapton

3. Katy Perry…You Go 24 Year Old! Buy anything by Katy Perry! Her net worth has just passed 200 million dollars. If you want to be able to talk the talk at your next party or in the classroom, you have to know something about Katy. Her name will come up in every music conversation.

10. Sledge VV                10. Sledge

4. Percy Sledge…When A Man Loves A Woman. Percy Sledge died this week at the age of 74. Whether When A Man Loves A Woman was your wedding song or not, please play this song on your car radio in tribute and well deserved salute to his great talent.

 4. Dead R     4. Dead

5. Television…The Walking Dead…How Do They Do It?
Season Five’s Finale Destroys TV Viewing Records!

4. Dead YY       4. Dead 7

The final episode of The Walking Dead last week destroyed all viewing records and is second all time to NFL Football on cable. 18 million viewers is a monster for any show… And that number does not count the people who can’t stay up that late and taped the show for later viewing.

4. Dead 8      4. Dead 32

The Walking Dead Zombie Phenomenon won’t let go. Every week your favorite actor or actress is bitten off and the show still goes on. Eighteen of the original thirty members of the cast are now dust or Zombies themselves. A bite as you know, will do that to you. Just when you think there is a cure from the plague on the horizon or the Zombie population has decreased in the new area they have discovered, you are zapped back to reality and someone else is eaten by the roaming Zombie horde.

4. Dead 77        4. Dead HH

Next year you have been teased by the fact that the supposedly mindless Zombies are getting smarter. Brainless but formidable can’t be a possibility. The whole Internet is talking. There also seems to be a human contingent that is controlling the Zombies and using them to eradicate their human enemies. The Talking Dead feature follows each show as you meet the stars of the show and absorb the insights into their characters and the shows new plots. They don’t share any secrets, though. We need to know!

Thirty Zombies a show are mutilated, decapitated, and incinerated. This is not a watch with the kids feature. Extreme caution is advised!

4. Dead 10        4. Dead 98

6. Our Weekly Call Out For Your Creative Ideas!

Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, education, travel, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self fly into any area except politics and religion.

Our reading audience and Katy Perry are insatiable for any new idea…even yours!

5. XClapton             5. BClapton

Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk’s discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.






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