153. Russell Crowe, Juliet Binoche, Rihanna, And Screen Rant

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1. Movies…Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner!

1. Russell          1. Russell A         1. Russell C         1. Russell X

The Water Diviner was originally called Lost Hope. The story gets its energy and direction from the World War I Battle of Gallipoli. The battle for the Ottoman Empire took place on the Gallipoli peninsula of  Turkey between April 25, 1915 and January 9, 1916. In the movie, Russell Crowe (actor and director), a water diviner, presumably lost his three sons (Arthur, Edward, Henry) in this historical battle.

2. CroweBinoche AA      2. crowBinoche AA

This loss caused Russell Crowe’s wife to commit suicide and generated Crowe’s vow to find his son’s graves and bring their bodies home. Researching the battle of Gallipoli shows that the Turks held off 80,000 Australian and New Zealand (ANZAC) soldiers and 10 battleships for months before the ANZAC invaders retreated. The death tolls on both sides of the battle were monumental. Sixteen million people died in WW I. Twenty million were wounded.

1. NewA           1. New6

Crowe meets Olga Kostantinivna Kurylenko and her young son, at the hotel that her family owns near Gallopoli. After much ado from former enemies and family, she directs Crowe to the site of the battle where his sons died. The Turks are now in a battle against the Greeks. The Greeks and others want their share of Turkey now that the war has ended. Crowe’s search becomes more complicated in the middle of this land fight. The genocide issue surrounding this picture has caused the film to be banned in England.

1. Russell YY             1. New4

Starring with Crowe completes Kurylenko’s movie triple play. She has starred with Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise (Oblivion), and Daniel Craig (Quantum of Solace) in her last three movies. More top leading men are on the horizon for her next year.

The Water Diviner premiered last year in Australia and Europe. It won the Australian Academy Award for best picture, supporting actor (Yilmaz Erdogen), and best costume (Tess Schofield). The movie has just arrived in US theaters this week in limited release. The Water Diviner is very special and worth a local search to see it.

2. Binoche AAA              2. Binoche AA

2. Movies II…Juliet Binoche’s Clouds Of Sils Maria!

2. 1Binoche AA             2. Binoche A

Clouds of Sils Maria is a complex story of introspect, aging, life choices, and career. Juliet Binoche is an aging actress of movies and theater. Kristen Stewart is her always opinionated personal assistant and traveling companion. Binoche’s first director, mentor, and the guiding force in her career has just died. Binoche is giving the tribute to him. While finding the words for this tribute, she is overcome with defining his life and her life past, present, and to come. Her angst could be contagious.

 1. AANew12        1. AANew1

At the same time of this tragic death, Binoche is asked to star in her original movie, not as the young person (the 18 year old antagonist), but now, as the older woman. This is the older woman she had previously entranced, seduced, and mentally tortured in her original role as an eighteen year old. Chloe Grace Moretz, a wild, out of control actress now is about to play her counterpart. Sparks will fly on screen and in rehearsal.

1. New         1. New1

This film was a French, Swiss, and German collaboration. This collaboration allowed it to be entered in last year’s Cesar Award (France’s Academy Award) competition. Kristen Stewart won the Cesar Award for best supporting actress. She is the only American actress to win any award in this competition in the forty years the Cesar Award has been given.

1. AAANew12            1. AAANew123

3. Critical Thinking…The Net Worth Game…Money Is Power!

1. AAANew1234         1. AAANew12345

The Net Worth Game is now the party, dinner , office, restaurant, and car game of choice. All you need to compete is an internet connected device and the group’s decision as to which money research site will anchor the game. We recommend: celebritynetworth.com, therichest.com, or forbes.com.

The rules are simple…someone picks a name from the world of entertainment and everyone guesses their net worth. The research and look up the worth device is passed to the next person so everyone can compete. The game can be played for money, clothes, drinks, dessert, or bragging rights. Here are our office’s last five shout out across the room with your estimate…people. We will tell you their net worth at the bottom of the column, so you can guess as we all did.

Robert Downey, Jr.
Beyonce Giselle Knowles
Adam Levine
Julia Roberts
Paul McCartney
aaa.networths                aaa.networthsddd

Everyone balked at playing The Dead Celebrity Next Worth Game. They thought it was too morbid! There are a large number of dead celebrity lists on the Internet. These lists do show (very revealing) how much is being made by the estates of our long gone heroes and heroines. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe have been the money leaders the last three years.

aaa.oxygen             aaa.oxygen2

4. Music…She Is American Oxygen…From Rhythm To Blues To Rock To Jazz!
A Net Worth Of 140 Million Dollars Speaks To Her Music And Creativity!

3. Rihanna22            3. BeachRihanna

As Rihanna’s new album R8 hits the music store racks this week, we scurried to find the four best of the best of her recent performances and song choices before this album’s debut. Diamonds in the Sky rocked the Grammy Awards. American Oxygen tells the story of the American Dream. It talks about the immigrants of the new America and how new ideas will surpass previous successes. Some of these dreams are realized in the video and many are not. American Oxygen asks you to breathe in the feeling that will drive you in the direction your life should take if you want to be successful.

3. Rihanna2              3. Rihanna

Rihanna’s performance with Kanye West and Paul McCartney at the 57th Grammy Awards on the song Four Five Seconds is a great mix of music history, great performers, and great performances. You can catch it on Vevo!

3. RihannaX2              3. ARihanna2

We have to comment on Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money! It is on everyone’s crazy listen and sing out loud list. Is swearing allowed in school hallways even if your locker is stuck with your homework in it? Sister Mary Margaret chimed in with a resounding NO!

5. Screen 1            5. Screen 991

5. Movie And Television Research…Screen Rant…Everything On Everything!
Your Computer, Phone, And Television Screen Will Never Be The Same!

It is spring cleaning time for your office, home, and computer. Throw all those entertainment channels away and put Screen Rant and Box Office Mojo in your favorite’s pull-down menu on your computer. You can drop your email in the Screen Rant follow box and get a daily look at everything that is a bit news-worthy about movies, television, and all their connectors. The Screen Rant Video and Trailer file seems to beat everyone to the punch and keeps you way ahead of the curve in upcoming features and background information. There are interviews with your favorite stars and behind the scene talks with everyone from the cinematography to the boom operator to the set designer. Reading the Screen Rant site every day will make you an informative movie genius. Two office members are already there! Everyone avoids them at the coffee machine.

5. Screen 111     5. Screen 10

Somewhere the group that writes Screen Rant has left an unturned stone in the world of television, movies, and entertainment. We haven’t found out where this is yet. If you can not get enough of a movie and television jolt from the present sites you are reading, this all encompassing site will fill the bill. Start with their best and worst lists. They are definitely filled with some strange and right-on choices that will pique your imagination.

5. Screen 8        5. Screen 66

6. Movie Research…Box Office Mojo…Movies Here And There!
What Are The Numbers For This Week’s Avengers: Ultron Release?

aaa.boxoffice       aaa.boxofficea

Box Office Mojo is the way American and European film makers keep score. The BOM site is a daily and weekly up-date on how hundreds of movies are doing in the US and in worldwide markets. As we have said before, China is one of the largest consumers of films made in China and throughout the world. Who would have known. The grosses in China have put a smile on many an American and European filmmakers face. Foreign movie totals almost always surpass US numbers. Double the US total to come close to the worldwide take. More smiles!

aaa.boxofficenn         aaa.boxofficeb

The Mojo site gives you a daily percentage of whether the movie is growing in stature or declining. It, also, shows you what days of the week generate the largest audiences after the weekend take for a particular film you are following. All-time attendance numbers in areas like dramas, musicals, and science fiction join the universal titles that are in theaters now while comparing them to past successes.

5. Screen 7        5. Screen 4

7. The Net Worth Game Answers:

Robert Downey, Jr./170 million dollars
Beyonce Giselle Knowles/450 million dollars
Adam Levine/50 million dollars
Julia Roberts/140 million dollars
Paul McCartney/660 million dollars

A. Jackson            A. Jackson1 A. Jackson11        A. Jackson81

8. Our Weekly Call Out For Your Creative Ideas!

Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, education, travel, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self fly into any area except politics and religion.

Our reading audience and The Avengers are insatiable for any new idea…even yours!

5. Screen 41        5. Screen H

Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk’s discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

2. JBinoche AA              2. Binoche



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