155. Pitch Perfect 2, Iris Apfel, Mad Max, and Dessert

1. Pitch22      2. 7Iris

4. ASMax1      3. Iris

1. Movies…Pitch Perfect 2 Is Right On Key!
The We Are Back Pitches Campaign Draws A Huge Audience!

The word anomaly means a deviation from the normal. In the world of movies Pitch Perfect 2 is an anomaly. The movie’s 75 million dollar box office on its first weekend eclipsed Pitch Perfect’s (2010) entire take. A movie sequel killing its original is unheard of in the world of entertainment. The US box office is over 100 million dollars, now!

1. Pitch     2. AAIris

The We Are Back Pitches campaign attracted Pitch Perfect’s old audience and created a whole new audience. The movie is about girls standing up for themselves, acapella (without instruments) singing, and friendship. The Barden Bellas are a championship singing team. While performing for President O’bama after their victory, they have a lost clothes mishap in front of the President and a national television audience. The laughter refuses to die down and follows the team everywhere. The Bellas lose their national tour and can only be restored through an improbable singing victory.

1. Pitch1          2. Iris444

The movie is about finding redemption and the art of performance. In Pitch Perfect (2010), The Bellas perform in the US National Championship. Pitch Perfect 2 takes the singing group to the World Championships in Europe. The singing is great in Pitch Perfect 2. The European groups can bring it! There is, even more, outstanding singing in Pitch Perfect 1. The five year old Pitch Perfect I can be found on your On Demand and re-watch television channels.

2. Iris10      2. BIris

 Elizabeth Banks, Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games, stars in and directs this songfest. It is her first time foray behind the camera. Banks kept everything well paced and gave needed mini-explorations of what drives each character. The girls on the team are young and are just leaving college. There is a nice passing of the torch to a younger team member that indicates a Pitch Perfect 3 is in the works with an entirely different cast. Elizabeth Banks deserves to direct again!

2. nnIris      2. VIris

2. Fashion…Iris Apfel…The Countess Of Couture Rules New York!
Over The Top Fashion Has A Movie Forum!
Style Trumps Beauty Every Time! 

2. Iris    2. Iris22

Iris Apfel’s one of a kind couture jewelry collection has toured seven major museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. At age 93 Iris Apfel should have her own talk show on fashion, jewelry, and couture. Apfel is the over-dressed dress and accessory icon of New York City. She has been a trend setter and well spoken voice of her segment of the New York fashion industry for years.

 2. Iris1            2. Iris99

Iris is funny and has a creatively skewed and realistic point of view about everything. She consulted with the wives of seven presidents and decorated and changed their White House and our White House numerous times. Her husband, Carl, (immediately stopped in mid-sentence by Iris) almost gave a Jackie Kennedy revelation that would have been a coup for the 80 minute documentary titled Iris. Carl is 100 years old and a great matching bookend to Iris. The documentary is a talk-a-thon and whirlwind shopping tour as cameras followed Iris throughout New York. The film was one of the last by Albert Maysies, a respected name in classic documentaries.

2. 11Iris            2. 333Iris

At one time or another, Iris touched every part of the fashion industry. She had  a great eye as a fabric importer, a great pen as she talked fashion for a number of magazines, an expert fashion sense as a buyer of clothes, jewelry, and accessories, and a fitting touch as a world renowned clothing designer. The outfits Apfel created have been called ghastly to brilliant. She gets more from 10 dollar bangles than designers get from thousand of dollars of shoes, hats, belts, bracelets, and necklaces.

2. 6667Iris        2. Iris8

In the documentary, Maysies follows Iris on a number of clothing and accessory jaunts from fashion shows to the New York Street Market. Sit down sessions with Apfel and her husband for the documentary were as funny as they were insightful. American clothes purchases have increased 500 percent the last ten years. The problem is that in 1960 we made 90 percent of our clothes. Now we are only making 10 percent of our clothing. Iris can turn this statistic around if we could only embrace her fashion ideas.

4. Max               4. MaxKK1

3. Movies II… Charlize Theron’s One Arm Rules Post-Apocalyptic Australia!
The Interceptor Rides No More! Sorry Mel Gibson!

4. Max51      4. MaxLL1

One of our two readers from Australia asked that we do the American point of view on Mad Max Fury Road. The movie was too violent to make our initial docket for this week without their request. Up until recent years, the Mad Max five part series was one of the most lucrative in movie making history.

4. Maxhh1      4. MaxVV1

A one armed Charlize Theron is fleeing countless disgusting denizens of a mindless society inhabiting a treeless, food-less, and waterless wasteland. With Theron are five women that are breed-mares for the wasteland’s rulers. Charlize is joined on her escape by loner Tom Hardy. The movie is a two hour chase scene. Mel Gibson’s classic police Interceptor from Mad Max I is no where to be found, nor is Grace Jones. It would have been a great assist in fleeing the bad guys in this movie!

4. Max11     4. AMax1

Riley Keough, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, stars with five of the world’s top models. The models, in character, are being used as baby producers for the king of the wasteland. Their flight to a mythical green oasis is added by Hardy and Theron. Models Courtney Eaton, Abbey Lee, Rose Whiteley, and Zoe Kravitz are part of the escape theme.

4. Max1      4. MaxM1

In the first Mad Max some sense of civilization existed. No civilized manner of any kind is present in Mad Max 6. The chase is on. Will you join?

3. desserts      2. DDDIris

4. Food…The Dessert Is The King!
Chocolate Everything And Key Lime Pie Step Forward!

2. ISSris       2. OOIris

As our office staff trains and prepares for our annual July 4th pie eating and hot dog eating contests some conflicting news and research has come down the eating pipeline. One study says that 50 percent of Americans do not order dessert at a restaurant while another survey says that even in the toughest times dessert consumption does not wane. Who to believe!

3. DIris        2. XXIris

The local Cheese Cake Factory’s restaurant manager estimates that 90 percent of their customers order dessert and most would skip the meal to get to the dessert. Should a take out business be part of the survey was a good point. Dessert doesn’t appear as a purchase on the check, but a visit to the delight counter on the way out of the restaurant shows a big time fill-up of sweets and pastries. Chocolate cake and fudge lead the at home dessert menu. Cheesecake and apple pie lead the restaurant dessert choice’s list.

3. just-desserts    10. EdunoorAA

Hot dog statistics are even crazier. If you divide the number of hot dogs sold yearly by the population of the United States, it comes to 1,000 hot dogs being eaten every minute in the US. This can’t be true! Edith the winner of last year’s office eating contest ate three hot dogs to win: two with sauerkraut and one with some type of taco like covering. The Coney Island World Wide Championship is Edith’s next stop, if we can raise the funds for her trip to New York. Division does not lie in the world of hot dogs!

10. Edunoor1             10. Edunoor4

5. Business…We Can Help! We Have A Good Track Record!
Edunoor Is Looking For Business Help! The Sign On Is Easy!

10. Edunoor22       10. Edunoor

Helping businesses, photographers, and artists get their messages out is one of this column’s missions. Edunoor and Legg Sharp have asked us for help and have shared their mission and call-out for partners. Here is what Legg shared and requested.

Edunoor is an innovative e-learning company. The company has developed several e-learning solutions. Their solutions allow for creative and challenging e-learning and tele-education strategies. The company’s online sessions come with video/audio, shared message boards, and chat. Solutions are browser based and they don’t need software installation. Their solutions work directly from the browser and will fit all mobile devices. Edunoor has the ability to customize every session and to add more tools and advanced features to make the learning experiences easier and more enjoyable for students and teachers. Edunoor solutions will be offered as white-label solution to universities and teaching institution so that they can use it internally.

10. Edunoor8      12. ZZart

Edunoor is looking for partners who can help them distribute and resell their solutions. If interested, give Legg a call.

Edunoor Company Presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/edu-noor/edunoor-company-presentation
Edunoor Video Presentation: http://youtu.be/ZQQMIXLf-Dw

Legg Sharp, Sales Executive
(657) 666-1599

11. EarhartB                 11. XXXEarhart

6. Books…The Video Driven Storybook! Its Time Will Come!
Amelia Earhart, Once Again! It Is A Creative Start!

11. Earhart        11. LLEarhart

This is our yearly reminder as the search groups looking for Amelia Earhart’s remains have received new funding. Amelia Earhart did not die in the Pacific in 1937. She returned to Philadelphia, a city, she loved to live out her life out of the limelight. She was tired of being on display 24 hours a day.

Great Amelia Cover_Today_Good           Tom At Work - 2

The real answer to Earhart’s fate can be found in an ITunes Store search for the book Amelia Earhart, Once Again. The free preview of this Video Driven Storybook (VDS) will enlighten any reader, researcher, or historian. Earhart’s life in Philadelphia, depicted in this story, is memorable.The story will, also, show how video will be imbedded in everyone’s reading in years to come. Video is an enormous aid to the reading experience.

11. VEarhart        11. EarhartX

7. The World Of Column Development And Creative Ideas Needs Your Help!

12. !!art          12. 8art

Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, education, travel, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self fly into any area except politics and religion.

12. art3          12. Lart

Our reading audience and fans of Mad Max, Amelia Earhart, fashion, and cheesecake are insatiable for any new idea…even yours!

12. art1          12. art

Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk’s discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

12. 88art            13. mountains


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