160. Shut Up And Dance, Halle Berry, Meryl Strep, And Rick Springfield

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1. Music…Your End The Summer Playlist!
Except For Australia!
Where It Is Soon To Be Their Beginning Of Summer Playlist!

Listen And Love Anyway!

3. Music1          3. MusicZZ

Walk The Moon…The undisputed music king of our Summer’s End Playlist is Walk The Moon’s Shut Up And Dance. The song is from their album Shut Up And Dance With Me. Shut Up reached number 1 on Billboard’s Summer’s Best Rock and Roll List and number 4 on Billboard’s 100 top songs of the year listing. Lead singer Nicholas Petricca and dancer Lauren Taft rock the Shut Up and Dance You Tube video. They have asked everyone in the world to rock to and submit their own videos to their song. The submissions are a day of great performance watching. Workout platforms all over the United States featured the Shut Up and Dance to weight reducing gyrations and exercises. Slim down and shut up is a strange get healthy mantra! We will try it with hand weights on our next neighborhood walk.

3. MusicNN        3. WMusic

The website Daily Motion (www.dailymotion.com) took 88 dance scenes from movie favorites and incorporated them into a new video for Shut Up And Dance. Don’t even read the rest of this column. Go to the video and you will receive all the creativity and amazement you will need for a day. Ten different singers, also, have covers of this song. Every club DJ and resort host is using this song to get everyone out on the dance floor. You will be floored with all the variations of this song found on the Internet.

c. mister                    c. mister1

Mr. Mister…Mr. Mister is a great pick for your next vinyl classics’ search. Walk The Moon credits Mr. Mister as their biggest rock anthem influence. Ten other groups speak highly of Mr. Mister’s influence, too. In the last thirty years, MM’s Broken Wings has been covered by dozens of male and female singers. If you need to crank up your music and roll down the car windows, start with Black/White and Is It Love, two lyric gems from Richard Page, the group’s lead singer. Office listeners liked Kyrie, even though, it doesn’t have the power of the first three suggestions for Mr. Mister listening.

3. musicaaa               3. musicjessie

Rick Springfield…Rick Springfield steals the accolades for the new Rikki and The Flash movie. Springfield’s guitar licks on his 1968 Gibson guitar are equaled by his acting licks in scenes with Meryl Strep. Jessie’s Girl, Souls, Don’t Talk To Strangers, and Affair of The Heart will win your accolades. You will surely make room for Springfield on your recording shelf after these four listens. Souls and its video are a standout that even Springfield’s ardent fans didn’t know.

 Scarlett Johansson…We are using Scarlett Johansson for the second time in three weeks to introduce another musical favorite. My Taratata (www.mytaratata.com) is a French television show that features the top musical performers in Europe and North America. Scarlett Johansson and Peter Yorn’s show appearance features a great interview and two energetic songs: Relator and When I Met You from the duets Live album. Megan, one of our readers in Chicago, teaches high school French. The show’s interviews are in French and English. Enjoying the music and the interviews are a great way to combine popular music with French instruction. Recommend this site to your local French teacher and to students taking French. Mille fois merci Megan!

3. AAmusicjessie              D. Scarlett             

1. Rikki3         1. Rikki2

2. Movies…Rikki And The Flash…Family Wins Out Over Music!
Does Every Meryl Strep Movie Have To Be Academy Award Worthy?
Rick Springfield’s Guitar And Acting Steal The Show!

1. Rikki5     1. AARikki

If you have three children, a rich workaholic husband, and a beautiful home, should you pick up and leave to pursue your rock and roll princess dream?

1. Rikki6             1. Rikki8   

Ten years after leaving home; now broke and working as a supermarket teller, but still clinging to the uncertain respect from drunks that yell out from the audience: We love you Rikki, Meryl Strep returns home to care for her daughter who tried to commit suicide. Her husband just left the distraught daughter. Her father, Kevin Kline and step mother of ten years, Audra McDonald have tried everything to get Julie (Mamie Gummer/Meryl Strep’s real life daughter) out of her pajamas and into a shower. Reluctantly, they call Meryl.

1. 1Rikki9           1. RikkiNN

Strep has ten years to repair as her two sons and her daughter are not willing to connect with a person that will probably instantly flash in and flash out of their lives again. She also has six songs to sing. The scene where Rick Springfield explains to Meryl what motherhood is is certainly a keeper and a discussion jogger. The movie is about music and a complex estranged family. Many know the latter well. Rikki and The Flash will not estrange you from Meryl Strep as some critics have suggested. Enjoy the movie and your friends after movie opinions. The movie stresses family and lessons to be learned! Strep learned a number of them in this movie!

1. RikkiU        1. Rikki101   

6. 1Berryindex      6. Berryindex$

3. Television…Extant…Halle Berry Gets Some Handsome Company!
We Are Not Talking About Her Robot Or Alien Sons!

6. 11Berryindex            6. 00Berryindex

Here is the catch up information for Extant season two that will bring you back to the show or introduce CBS’s Extant to you for the first time. Halle Berry (Dr. Molly Woods) is an astronaut and world recognized scientist. Her husband before his death (at the end of season one) was a robotic’s expert. Berry’s husband created their robot son Ethan. He is the first generation of robots the government will misuse. Season two adds a female robot already sent on domestic kill missions. Can’t we just get along?

6. 7Berryindex         6. MBerryindex

Berry spent twelve months in space and returned home pregnant. Her alien offspring was full grown immediately after birth. Trouble is afoot. The added support for season two includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan. His detective skills will come in handy as Molly tries to find her alien son, stop his mission, get her younger son returned, and prevent the government cover-up from continuing. The alien son wants to create clones in his likeness to capture the earth for his dying race. This mission is progressing at great speed. Speed to your TV for this one. It has every science fiction scenario you have ever seen on television and in the movies….and more!

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4. Kid Talk…It Really Happened…Yesterday!
What Is New In Your Child Speak Neighborhood!
Can You Add To Our Two Recent Favorites?

2. ZKidsA     2. MKidsA

A. A five year old is standing at a Pokemon memorabilia table at the local mall. He yells over to his grandmother thirty feet away. Grandma come and see something really amazing…and bring your wallet!

2. 3KidsA     2. XXKidsA

B. A mother walks into her four year old daughter’s bedroom for the nighttime tuck in. As she opens the door, she sees her four year old furiously hitting herself on the head with her pillow. Mom asked what is going on? The daughter said I still can’t fall asleep. Can you figure what happened? The daughter heard her mother say that she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. The daughter was trying to use her pillow as the same sleep aid her mother mentioned.

C. Send us your favorite kid speak. Our reading audience loves to laugh!

2. Kids                 2. KidsVA

A. Bracheen          A. Bartz9

5. Creative People In The News…Gary Bartz Plays On!
A Great Career, A Great Award!

A. ZZBartz         A. 1Bartz

Karen Newelll sent us this great bit of news.
Here you go, Tom!  Thanks!

B. !!index        B. images

Saxophonist and educator Gary Bartz will be honored with the BNY Mellon Jazz 2015 Living Legacy Award in a special ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, October 16, 2015. Beginning at 7:30 pm, guests will enjoy a reception in the Kennedy Center Atrium where the 2015 Living Legacy Award will be presented to Mr. Bartz. At 9:00pm, guests will be treated to a concert by BNY Mellon Jazz 2014 Living Legacy Award winner pianist Joanne Brackeen in the KC Jazz Club.

A.BNY Mellon Jazz 2014 Living Legacy Award winner pianist Joanne Brackeen          A. Bartz1

Grammy Award winning artist Gary Bartz has been known to many as a trail blazer in the music business from the moment he started playing with Art Blakey at his father’s jazz club in his hometown of Baltimore, MD. Gary first went to New York in 1958 to attend The Julliard School of Music. In the mid-1960’s he began performing throughout New York City with the Max Roach/Abbey Lincoln Group and quickly established himself as the most promising alto voice since Cannonball Adderley. Stints with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, Charles Mingus’ Workshop, McCoy Tyner, and Max Roach soon followed. In 1970, Bartz received a call from Miles Davis; work with the legendary horn player marked Gary’s first experience playing electric music. It also reaffirmed his yen for an even stronger connection to Coltrane.

A. CCBartz            A. Bartz

In addition to working with Miles Davis in the early ’70s, Bartz was busy fronting his own NTU Troop ensemble. His career to date – he is still recording and touring – has resulted in more than 40 solo albums and appearances on over 200 as a guest artist. When Gary is not on the road, he is a professor in the Jazz Studies department of The Oberlin Conservatory of Music. The Jazz Award is a program of Middle Atlantic Arts Foundation and is sponsored by BNY Mellon.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please go to http://www.midatlanticarts.org/funding/artists_programs/living_legacy/index.html.

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6. Our Weekly Cry For Your Creative Column Support!

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Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk’s discussions…Or you can shut up and dance. Does your business need a boost? How about a summer travel share, good book, or neighborhood Pluto protest? We are open to everything except politics and religion. We get tons of spam for saying positive things about movies, books, photography, art, and business. Imagine the spam over politics and religion?

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Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

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