163. Robert DeNiro, Madonna, The Philadelphia Zoo, And Paint Parties!

2. Intern6       2. 11Intern

4. AAZoo        4. 900Zoo

1. Robert DeNiro Saves The Older Working Class In The Intern!
Thanks May Be Required! Anne Hathaway Needs A Mentor!

If you are between fifty and seventy-five and are working or are looking to continue to work, hug Robert DeNiro the next time you see him. His work in The Intern, the new movie with Anne Hathaway, has done more for the fifty and older working class than the steam engine did for our westward expansion. You can bet your sleeping compartment on that one! No employer will hesitate to hire an oldster after seeing this movie!

2. 7Intern           1. Jojoindex1

Anne Hathaway (Jules Ostin) is an online fashion company’s creator and owner, the sage on the stage (she doesn’t know this, yet). DeNiro is the seventy year old guide on the side. The death of DeNiro’s wife left nothing in retirement for him. He wants to quietly slip back into the action. His resume is 45 years of action. He knows how to work hard, play hard, and be creative at the same time. He is willing to learn and share. Everyone at work, including Rene Russo, loves him. DeNiro quickly becomes the staff’s unsung leader in simple advice, direction, dress, fitness, and work for everyone in and out of the company. The stretching scenes are laughable!

1. Jojoindex2           1. Jojoindex

Hathaway, throughout the movie, will slowly learn how to DeNiro, too. She has to do this as her fashion business is under pressure and her home-life is looking at its great possibilities. JoJo Kushner, her on screen daughter, like every other movie tot selection, steals every scene with cuteness and a little kid intelligence, too. The reviews across the country were not DeNiro-ish.The movie, however, a nice-ish for all who are looking for a nice evening and special movie.

2. Intern4            2. 8Intern

 2. Art: Dan Finaldi Adds Great Art, Class, And Creativity To Our Column!
Dan’s Work Is Perfect For Your Office, Home, Apartment, Or Escape Place!

Submission # 1       Submission # 4

Here is what Dan Finaldi said about his work:
I paint directly from life. I never use photographic references simply because that process bores me. Painting people in a space or outdoors is thrilling. I paint from life and work as quickly as I can since I understand that people cannot sit still very long and I desire to grab the likeness of the sitter quickly. My process is fluid and loosely painted. I do not paint on a carefully drawn image. I draw and paint shapes from the onset, which sets up the composition. The color is muted at first and then through the process of layering the color becomes more and more vibrant. I love color and I cannot finish a picture until that level of color is present.

Submission # 7       Submission # 2

My approach to color is tonal with an emphasis on the interplay of warm and cool color. I enjoy the shock of the emergence of an image from nothingness. I recognize people as physical but more especially I am far more aware of the mysterious quality of the spiritual essence of my sitters. I am grateful for all who pose for me and I hope my work sincerely expresses my love for my subject. My artistic development traces back to my earliest memory as a child who drew obsessively. My identity as an artistic person became a foundational psychological quality of my development.

Submission # 6       Submission # 5

I decided that I had no other alternative but to pursue what I knew about myself as a child. The decision was not easy as it required faith to follow my path which was filled with challenges and many doubts. I am greatly indebted to my first college teachers who gave me courage in Community College and to my graduate program professors who offered clarity and friendship. Equally vital are my family, my artist friends and my students who all offer me continued insight, guidance and inspiration to paint.

Submission # 4         1. College

3. Art II…Paint It!…Release The Degas And Cassett In Everyone!
A Thoughtful Gift Or A Night Out For You And Your Friends!

1. &&Painttimages           1. 1Paint  

Paint and Sip, PaintNight, and Art Parties are being conducted in over 100 cities throughout the United States. These outings stress a good time as you paint, enjoy the hosting restaurant or bar’s food and drink, and meet singles, couples, and groups of people from everywhere. These paint nights and art afternoons accommodate wedding parties, birthday fetes, school groups, church outings, couples, and anyone interested in a creative and different experience.

 1. XPainttimages          1. Painttimages

The hosting organization, usually lead by a local artist, provides multiple sized brushes, easels, the paint colors for the evening, canvases, rinse cans, and aprons. Local artists guide participants through each step of the painting process to bring the selected painting to life. You learn how to mix colors, play with brush strokes, and are encouraged to be non-judging and creative. You pledge this at the beginning of the workshop.

1. SSPainttimages              1. Painttimagesll

Check your local directories for similar events or create one of your own. It is a great job for the contemporary artist with organizational skills and helpful friends looking for work until their masterpieces are sold. Restaurants and bars will love the added business on slow nights. When you research established paint nights, you can chose the painting you wish to create. Each night features a different painting from seascapes to pastoral scenes. Some people follow directions word for word while others go out in all sorts of artistic and humorous directions. One painting mold or assignment just doesn’t suit everyone. Your take home painting might need a frame. Go Eagles!

4. IIZoo      4. PZoo

4. Travel: The Philadelphia Zoo…America’s First Zoo!
The Pope Would Have Stopped Here On His Philadelphia Visit!

4. Zoo         4. 7Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo is fifty acres of wonder, joy, and inspiration. The zoo was chartered in 1859, but, didn’t open until well after the Civil War was over in 1874.  Over 1,400 exotic, rare, and endangered animals are viewed in natural habitat and creative care areas by over one and a half million visitors each year. The zoo’s conservation of species and habitat efforts make it a worldwide leader in this and many other areas.

 4. 00Zoo             4. BZoo

William Penn is the founder of Philadelphia and his image sits atop city hall. John Penn, grandson of William Penn, donated the land where the zoo now sits. The property is in the easily reachable heart of Philadelphia. Like other zoos across the country, The Philadelphia Zoo is tireless in designing events and attractions that will bring in new visitors and encourage previous visitors to return. TPZ’s zoo-wide viewing monorail is only topped by the metal tubes for animal walks above you throughout the zoo. Look up at any time and you will see a tiger or gorilla prowling the zoo or sleeping in a walkway away from their caged environment. Awe runs rampant throughout the zoo!

4. MZoo             4. wwZoo
Check the zoo’s website for its fall events. A Fall walk-through is great but:

  1. Wine Night,
  2. Teddy Bear Day (with thousands attending),
  3. Zoo Boo for Halloween
  4. And Pet A Cobra Day are our four favorites.

5. CBrains           6. NNLegs

5. Science…Brain Research And Male Posture!
Your Legs Are The New Key To Your Intelligence!

 6. LegsH       IMG_8119

This you have to check out at your next television talk show watch, party, restaurant, or bar visit. The Advanced Institute Of Motivation of Philadelphia just released a ten year study that says men who cross their legs in times of stress or relaxation are more intelligent than those that do not. This study was based on IQ and job status.

5. Brains7A            5. LLBrains

Unbelievers that we are, we chose to check the job status implications of the study. IQ would have been too time consuming. Let’s Talk Philadelphia sent female members of our writing staff to local area watering holes to quiz men with crossed and uncrossed legs about their job status. 80% of the cross legged sitters had better jobs than those sitting in other position. This could be a great pick-up sorting device for woman looking for their next date at any venue.

3. BooksSong          3. Songs1

6. Music And Creativity…Song Writers On Song Writing…By Paul Zollo!
Your Favorites On Tape And In This Book’s Interview Format!

Paul Zollo’s 700 page book on song writing features simple questions and answers that Zollo proposed to 70 different song writers from Bob Dylan to Paul Simon to Madonna to Los Lobos to Tom Petty to Jimmy Webb. Zollo wanted to help the reader understand their song writing art and the creative process to song writing.

3. Songee             3. 1Songee

You don’t have to read the whole book. 700 pages hurts to carry as the new book is in its third with new and updated interviews edition. You can pick ten or twenty of your musical favorites and see what they have to say about their collaborations and inspirations. You can also explore the musical names behind the songs that you may not know.

3. Songee1           3. Songee7

Zollo snagged Bob Dylan for his book. Dylan is an artist that very few have interviewed. Madonna was a great catch, also.. Her discussion session was one of our favorites. Edison said that creativity is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, Most of the artists that Zollo interviewed would strongly contradict this view. Inspiration seemed to be this hidden force that drove them all for long and short periods of time. Many ideas were immediately put to paper and musical notes. Many were worked on until just right. The it just popped into my head line was used by 90% of the artists interviewed. They scoffed at heavenly inspiration, but all gave great respect to inspiration and wherever/whenever it arrived.

3. Songee8              3. Songee90

Paul Zollo has a four minute You Tube talk about his work. It is a good starting place for knowing the author before attacking his book interviews.

3. 3Songee 3. 999Songee 3. ASongee        3. 999ASongee


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