164. Pan, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Nighy, And Chet Baker!

1. CSleeping         1. 8Pan

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1. Movies…Pan…Levi Miller, Age 11, Versus Mary Martin…Fly On!
Captain Hook Versus Blackbeard…Duel On Hugh Jackman!
Tinker Belle Versus Darth Vader! Well Maybe Not This One!
Donald Trump As The Alligator! We Do Not Exaggerate!

1. Pan          1. Pan1

For anyone old enough to remember standing in line on Broadway for hours to see Mary Martin fly across the stage in Peter Pan…..they will tell you the awe she created lasted a lifetime. This awe was then shared with their children and now with their grandchildren. The question for the new Pan movie opening this week is how do you create this awe in a Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Minority Report generation of children that have seen everything you can imagine flying around for years.

1. PanA              1. panaaimages

This is the second time in less than a year that the Peter Pan story has appeared live on television and now on the movie screen. A stellar cast of Hugh Jackman (Blackbeard), Levi Miller (Peter Pan), Garrett Hedlund (Hook), Rooney Mara (Tiger Lily), Amanda Seyfried (Peter’s Mother Mary), and Cara Delevingne (the mermaid’s leader) retell Peter’s story with some great twists. From the time Peter is left at the orphanage as a baby to the time he is forced to walk the plank and begins flying to the time Peter understands who he really is (the movie’s theme), hundreds of children in the movie theater are continually laughing and tittering. If your children or grandchildren need a laugh or titter, this is a great chance for them to do so while enjoying the movie and a kid popcorn/candy  pack. All children need a laugh and a titter. Adults do, also! This movie will give everyone laughs and twitters!

 1. Pan77         1. 3Pan

2. Music…Chet Baker…A Jazz Trumpet For Every Occasion!

In researching Ethan Hawke’s new movie Born To Be Blue, the story of legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, every article calls Baker the white Louis Armstrong. Anyone would be skeptical hearing that compliment. Then you put on Chet, one of Baker’s earlier albums, and your brain screams yes! Twice!

2.bakerddimages         2. baker44index

Chet Baker’s story is the story of great music and drug addiction. It is the story of world-wide fame, constant drug use relapses, and that of an unexplained and mysterious death in 1988. The story is about his loves and everyone that tried to help him get clean so he could share his great talent. When you play the music of Chet Baker in your living room, study, or bedroom, the word mellow will musically dance through the air. Chet Baker is the Mellow Louis Armstrong. Everyone can be helped by mellow!

2. bakerssimages                  2. Bakeruuimages

The movie Born To Be Blue was a featured hit at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). It is playing in Canada and soon will appear at your movie Artplex. Grab a Chet Baker album, preferably in vinyl, before seeing the movie. The international albums are a jazz delight and a great addition to your listening pleasure and database.

2. bakerbbimages                       2. Bakerimages

3. Movies III…Sleeping With Other People…Dating With Jason And Alison!
What’s Up Match.com? Didn’t You See This One Coming!

1. DSleeping      1. BSleeping  

Stop subscribing to a dating site or getting your blood tested for your ancestry look-up. See Sleeping With Other People and everything you wanted to know about hook-ups, real dating, and sex will be revealed to you. The ancestor stuff comes later!

1. Sleeping1         1. Sleeping22

Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie are misfits as friends and lovers. Hopefully you don’t see yourself in their crazy antics?
Jordan Carlos, Margarita Levieva, and Amanda Peet are their sexual advisers and co-conspirators.
The question of falling in love with your best friend permeates the movie aisles and airways in this one.
If anyone has the answers a large number of love businesses will fold. You have to decide if these five have the answers.

1. 4Sleeping          1. XSleeping

4. Television…The PBS Worricker Series…Bill Nighy And MI5!
England And The US or Is It England Vs The US?

2. Worricker             2. ((Worricker

Bill Nighy is Johnny Worricker in the three part PBS Series Worricker. John Worricker is a MI5 agent for the British Secret Service in book one and an MI5 retiree always in trouble in the final two books in the series. A British MI5 agent is like our CIA or FBI agents. The Worricker series has a CD format, book format, and can be seen on Amazon Prime and PBS Re-watch.

2. 2Worricker             A. Artimages

Bill Nighy is 66 year old suave. Nighy has recently played everything from a spy in this series to an aging rock star in our Christmas favorite Love Actually; a vampire ruler in Resident Evil; and a time traveling dad in About Time. He has completed three additional movies ready for 2016 release. He is well worth researching in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) and viewing Nighy in all his modes…save the vampire ruler for last, though. His fangs are a bit scary as he fights werewolves and humans.

A. Artimages!              2. $$Worricker

Worricker is trying to bring down a corrupt British government. Winona Ryder (an inside informant), Christopher Walken (CIA help), Rachel Weisz (an informant), and Helen Bonham Carter (John’s MI5 lover) are a foursome that doesn’t need bombs, guns, and unbelievable trickery to succeed. The corruption starts with the Prime Minister and invades every branch of government from there. Little guys have trouble bringing down governments. Will six hours of video give Worricker enough time?

5. Art…John Christopher Wood…Unknown Art Until His Death At Age 29!

6. artAindex1                6. artAindexB

The self portrait above features our newest artist recommendation for your research and purchase. John Christopher Wood is the next movie topic of a creative person succumbing to drugs. Art Encyclopedia (www.artencyclopedia) is the destination of everything art. It will show the museum locations of every painting by your favorite artist as well as Woods. The site has all encompassing information network about art shows and exhibits. Art Cyclopedia links to every piece of art information you will need for research on any artist or art group. Explore! Explore! Explore!

6. artAindex77              6. 99artAindex

Just as Kit Wood (1901-1930), as his art was labeled, and his work were attracting a giant audience worldwide, he decides to throw himself under a train. This a great movie material. Drugs, creativity, art, and suicide continue to sell. After reviewing Wood’s prints for sale at your local art curio shop or poster store, the walls in your office or home will tell a great and picturesque tale.

6. artAindex4             6. artAindex2

6. Literature…Poet’s Corner…Featuring Abigail Talbert!
What Do You See In Her Lines That Chronicle Your Life?

1A. ppimages            1A. limages

Here is what Abby said about her poetry and influences.
Hi Tom,
It was so nice meeting you this week. Usually in situations like this, I would have told you I was going to send you some writing and then …well… probably not sent you any writing, but I really enjoyed our interaction this week and figured I would put myself out there. I am sending you three different poems that I’ve written. My goal is to someday publish a book of illustrated poems. My setback is I can’t draw, but someone out there can, I’m sure. My inspirations are Jeffrey McDaniel, Andrea Gibson, Lacey Roop, Anis Mojgani, and Olivia Gatwood to name a few.

1A. images#       1A. imagesddd

I am all heart knuckle brawn.
The cobblestone queen of punctuation parades.
We dress in confetti,
float rose petal champagne,
one finger stuck pointing,
screaming from the rooftops that we are the rooftops.
By damn if we aren’t closest to the moon.

This started in past tense.
Please time machine my gray.
Please readjust my palette to
flames and lipstick and filthy words and cheekbones.1A. pimages       1A. images

The Waiting Room
You’re rambling again, cigarette burns.
There are black holes in every universe I’ve ever made love on.
You don’t ask for forgiveness with patches on your palms.
You offer up blame on steel-tipped boots.

There’s no reason for any person to have so much word inside of them,
so much president,
so much precedent,
so much suspect,
so much paint on your picket fence.

We are up all night while you sleep on beds of nails whenever you choose to feel weary,
Do you know how it feels to think someone’s dead
and not be able to numb fear?
The rest of us undergo this procedure
with a glass of local anesthesia at best.

Another night and another count back from 10 for you.
Speak in the morning, sweet.
When you wake, don’t mention “fair”.
My whole world is dingy mint vinyl and fluorescent tile.
We’re always there when you wake.
There’s no sleep in this hospital holding cell.

6. artAindex9      6. artAindex5



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