165. Super Girl, Rosewood, Halloween, And Rock n’ Roll!

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1. Television…Super Girl Flies Into Every Preteen’s Fantasy World!
The Halloween Streets Will Be Filled With Super Girl Look Alikes!
Women In Technology Gets A Great Boost From Tech Companies!

Supergirl             1. Supergirl

Melissa Benoist went from a 28 year-old actress singing on Glee in the concert halls and classrooms of mid-America to the new Super Girl heroine flying the skies over CBS’s Metropolis. Very few young ladies will be dressed up as her Glee character for Halloween. However, Super Girl costumes are flying off the store shelves. Preteen girls now have a great role model. Benoist is Superman’s cousin. She fights Kryptonite aliens and local criminals in a great ballerina mini-skirted outfit. She does have real work clothes, friends, family, and continuing problems as we are anxious to see her further development in chapter two next week. This week’s solution was her burning laser like eyes. What powers will she exhibit in future shows. Her comic book series is filled with them. The premiere can be seen on CBS Re-watch and CBS On Demand. Take a peek at Super Girl before you fly away for the weekend. Sing along with Melissa on Glee Rewatch, too. She was a last two season’s addition to the show.

www.usnews.com          1. YYwomen

Technology minded teen girls are getting great help, free lodging, and free food from role models and local technology companies. Phuong Le from the Associated Press wrote a great story titled: Attracting Women Into Technology With Free Housing and Food. It is a must read for everyone! Here is the caption under Phuong Le’s story.

1. women1         1. women

The photo above features, Aishwarya Mandyam, left, and her twin sister, Karishma Mandyam. They are writing on an “idea board” for an upcoming hack-athon in the 3,100-square-foot home they share rent-free with six other female University of Washington computer science and technology students in Seattle. Tune, a mobile marketing startup, is paying the rent for the house with the goal of creating a supportive community for UW women interested in computer science and technology.

1. aauniversity          1. auniversity

Two decades ago the University of the Arts in Philadelphia created one of the first Women And Technology graduate courses in the country. It was filled with great skill development, concept introduction, and best practices to allow women to use technology in all phases of business and education. Thanks to programs like this throughout the country, years later the number of graduating women in science, math, engineering, and technology programs equals the numbers of men graduating. The problem is that 75% of the men and only 25% of the women get jobs in these fields. Le’s article presents small steps toward changing this deplorable fact.

1. goosebumps2               1. goosebumps1

2. Books And Movies…Goosebumps And The Monsters That Frighten Us!
The R. L. Stine Diet With Jack Black! What Is A Monster Rite Of Passage?
Do You Fear The Puppet, Clown, Vampire, Gnome, Or Werewolf?

1. 99goosebumps          1. goosebumps77

Goosebumps starring Jack Black (he steals this movie from the child actors and the evil puppet) was a fast paced movie of monsters of every kind. Half the kids were under their seats, the other half were laughing hysterically. A large number of parents nationwide do not read monster stories to their children. These same parents have, also, asked their children’s teachers not to read monster stories in the classroom. These parents and their children were not in the droves attending this movie. This is a dilemma because most school libraries have over two hundred R. L. Stine books on their shelves.

1. fear-street-popup4         1. goosebumps3

The frighten a child with literature and movies’ articles in 100 psychology books are a revealing read for every parent and teacher. The two points of view on fright are impossible to separate. Good, bad! Who do you want to believe?

Parent Magazine says:
Reading spine-tingling tales with your children may teach them some important life lessons. Scary tales serve an important purpose, say psychologists and children’s literature specialists. Like the late Bruno Bettelheim, PhD, a psychologist best known for his groundbreaking book, The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales, these experts believe that frightening stories can not only provide great entertainment (think of the nail-biting chase scene in Jack and the Beanstalk), they also help kids through key developmental stages.

1. aparentmagazine                   1. aparentmagazinea

Let’s Talk Philadelphia says: As soon as a child is frightened, put the book down. No one can predict the nightmares and the enduring fears that might follow. Why do psychologist in a large number of writings think a frightened child is a good thing?

Putting the fright theory fights aside, R. L Stine’s site for teachers is a great website for parents, teachers, and students. It contains sixteen pages of R. L. Stine’s creative ideas to introduce teachers and their students to the joy of writing (http://rlstine.com/for-teachers). His ideas a perfect for all writers and they do not push fright, just good writing!

  1. aaarlstineindex           1. 122goosebumps

3. Television…Rosewood…Morris Chestnut…Crime And Pathology!
The Miami Police Department Needs Some Outside Help!
A Close-Knit Family Helps At Every Level!

2. VVRosewood.index            2. 333Rosewood.index

Morris Chestnut appears bare chested in over 100 photos on the Internet. You do not have to scan the Internet to see him this way. Every episode of Rosewood (three now in all) opens that way. Rosewood is not a science fiction show. It seems to suggest a name like area 54. Rosewood is a private pathologist with a lucrative open up the body and private morgue business. $700 for a quick look see leads to every type of criminal activity and misdoing.  Everybody on Beaumont Rosewood’s operating table brings a startling mystery to be solved. $700 is cheap for a one hour of startling each week!

2. ARosewood.index                       2. Rosewood.index3

Here is the character rundown so you can catch up with Rosewood on Fox Rewatch.

Morris Chestnut Morris Chestnut
Chestnut is appearing on two new shows at the same time. Legend is another action packed FBI show he is starring in with Sean Bean.
Jaina Lee Ortiz Jaina Lee Ortiz
Annalise Villa is Rosewood’s companion not companion on the Miami police force.
Gabrielle Dennis Gabrielle Dennis
Pippy Rosewood is Beaumont’s sister. She works in his laboratory and does a majority of the case research.
Anna Konkle Anna Konkle
 Tara Milly Izikoff is the show’s computer nerd. She is about to marry Rosewood’s sister.
Lorraine Toussaint Lorraine Toussaint
Donna Rosewood, Beaumont’s mother, is a pip. She knows her son is critically ill and will protect him at all cost.
Domenick Lombardozzi Domenick Lombardozzi
 Captain Ira Hornstock is the brash police commander. Bucking for big time promotion is his main reason to solve cases with Rosewood’s outside help.
Nicole Ari Parker Nicole Ari Parker
Kat is Annalise’s psychiatrist and Rosewood’s girlfriend. That is complication central.

2. Rosewood.index11           2. Rosewood.index

4. Trick Or Treat…There Is More To Halloween Than A Pumpkin!

2. HalloweenK        2. Halloween1

The History Channel has some great stories about Halloween. http://www.history.com/topics/halloween/history-of-trick-or-treating is a great start for everything Halloween. Our two favorite finds from their six part series are:

A. The candle lit pumpkin comes from Ireland and their feast of Samhain. Early townsfolk put candles in turnips and walked around the town to ward away evil spirits. When these same Irish came to America, they found pumpkins were more abundant than turnips. Viola! Scary faced, well lit pumpkins.

2. LLHalloween               2. BBHalloween

B. The origin of trick or treat is a mystery. Let’s Talk Philadelphia tracked it down to Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1902. Margaret Reade, a catholic six year old, was walking around her Scranton neighborhood, candle in hand, on All Hallow’s Eve. The local cake and cheese bun factory’s door was open. After saying trick or cheese and receiving a bun, word quickly spread are the neighborhood about the cake factory’s freebies. Margaret’s friends misinterpreted the six years old’s explanation. Her cheese word was mistakenly heard as treat not cheese. Margaret had a mouthful of cake. Children flooded the factory saying trick or treat, not trick or cheese. Margaret’s ancestors swear by this story and its spread throughout Pennsylvania and the United States. We are not wild about swearing or the family’s weird folklore memories! If you find more believable trick or treat research facts, please let us know.

2. 8Halloween                   2. Halloween

5. Music…The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame…A Musical Nirvana!
Channel Sixteen Is Number One With A Bullet On Rock Vinyl For XM Radio!

1. RockFameindex      1. Rockfameeeimages

The 2016 list of possible inductees for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame is out. Cheap Trick, The Cars, Deep Purple, Los Lobos, Steve Miller, Chicago, The Spinners, Chaka Khan, The JB’s, Nine Inch Nails, N.W.A., and Yes make up the list of this year’s possibles.

4. RRRockimages      4. LLRockimages

Only a genius could decide who should be inducted this year. The first five nominees will be selected by the general public through an Internet vote on the museum’s site. Additional nominees will be selected by the museum’s screening committee. This is a great chance for all music lovers to be part of a great tradition. Rock The Vote and The Hall of Fame’s exhibits!

4. pppRockimages             4. kkkRockimages

After listening to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Channel 16 All Vinyl on XM Radio, try channel 26 The Love Channel for smooth love songs over a number of generations. Earmarking the two on your car radio or home system will give you a nice balance of roll down the window and scream along and hey, that was sweet.

4. AARockimages             4. Rockimages

6. Movies…Jem And The Holograms! Audrey Peeples Can Sing?
Molly Ringwald Can Guide A Family! An Audience Is Requested!

1. GEM55                   1. GEMC
Every new movie (4) released this week bombed worse than bad clams at a fish fry.

Vin Diesel in the Last Witch Hunter couldn’t capture our imagination or the witch queen.
Bill Murray and Bruce Willis in Rock The Kasbah couldn’t bring the true story of singing women in the desert to our sound stage. This is the story of the first Afghan women that sang on Afghan television. This is a sin punishable by death in Afghan society.
Paranormal Activity #9 ran out of new fright moves while
Molly Ringwald in Jem And The Hollograms couldn’t put teens in the seats to compare their lives to four sister (two adopted) who exhibit every phase of directionless teen angst in this movie’s cinematic debut.

1. GEM       1. 11GEM

Molly Ringwald was just voted number 1 on VH1’s List Of Greatest Teen Stars.

1. BBGEM             1. XGEM

If Ms. Ringwald’s three movies Pretty In Pink (boyfriends and dating), The Breakfast Club (rebels in high school detention now celebrating its and their 30th anniversary), Sixteen Candles (her family forgot her birthday) helped you through your teenage years, this movie deserves a look. The soundtrack is good and maybe there are a few messages your teen daughters can grasp. The story champions family and knowing who you are and who you want to be. The hidden science theme supports the music. Maybe you should support the movie and angst later. Go Molly!

1. GEMHH               1. MMGEM




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