167. Taylor Swift, Adele, Julie Andrews, And My Fair Lady!

 1. AAAMATaylor       1. AA9AMA

4. CMA3              2.KKHepburn            

A. Editor’s Note With Four Musical Asides!
A Preview To Last Night’s American Music Awards (AMA)!

1. AAppAMASwift      1. AAMASwiftww

Note One…Adele Is Soaring!
Adele’s new album Adele 25 and her lead single Hello have set three records while zooming to the top of three musical charts in unprecedented time. The office consensus survey (if there is such a thing) has now put Hello in third place ahead of Skyfall on The Best Of Adele list. You have to hear Adele sing the same song A cappella, with a small studio group, and with a symphony orchestra to measure and appreciate her song and lyric power. Vevo presents a number of her songs in all three versions. The office’s top four Adele selections are as follows:

1. aadeleindex             1. aadeleindex1

A. When We Were Young (an all time best play on Adele radio)
B. Set Fire To The Rain (a unique song image)
C. Hello (a relationship examination)
D. Skyfall (James Bond done proud)

1. HighCastleindex                   1. HighCastleindex4

Note Two…Amazon Prime And The Man In The High Castle!
Today is Cyber Shopping Monday and Amazon Prime’s free next day shipping with their music, video, and shopping add-ons may be a good choice if you are a frequent Internet shopper. Membership is $99. Our choice is their new program Man In The High Castle. High Castle is the story of  Germany and Japan’s victory in World War II and their American occupation. It starts slow, but then jumps into the WOW!

1. HighCastleindex1      1. HighCastleindex2

Note Three…Taylor Swift And Pentatonix…Music Masters Personified!
Out of the ten thousand new songs created this year Taylor Swift’s Blank Space was voted Song Of The Year at last night’s American Music Awards. Blank Space is from her mega selling album 1989. In the song she tells her new guy that he looks like her next mistake. She goes on to say in the song that she loves players and thinks she can make a bad guy good. We didn’t understand why she followed that phrase with the words at least for a weekend. Impossible to understand, you say! Not for the 39 million sing-a-longs that have listened to Blank Space on You Tube.

1. apentatonix           1. apentatonix1

Pentatonix is the best A cappella group in the world. Their talents were wasted last night at the AMA’s on some type of Stars Wars musical trilogy. Please check out their songs Sing, Cheerleader, and Love Again. You will love them for the first time!

1. AA2AMA        1. 1AMA

1. Music I…It Was About The Kiss, Not The Music!
Charlie Pugh And Meaghan Trainor (Just Friends) Need To Get A Room!
This Conversation Goes From Music To Fine Art! Not Gracefully, Though!

1. AA4AMA      1. AApAMA

1. AA11AMA        1. AAAMAw   Marvin Gaye Portrait

Last night’s American Music Awards helped to, once again, put Philadelphia in the art and music spotlight. Meghan Trainor and Charlie Pugh sang Marvin Gaye and asked everyone to get it on before finishing with an erotic extended kiss. We liked the kiss and using the alliteration of: erotic extended! Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, the theme of the best selling song tribute, are in Philadelphia’s music hall of fame. The duos Love Album is one of the best collaborative works in the great legacy of music to come out of Philadelphia…As their song says: they were the real thing!

1. AA668AMA           1. AAVVAMA

The Kiss is in the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia and the Louvre in Paris. We think our Kiss in Philadelphia is just as stirring visually as last night’s kiss was musically. Don’t forget, on your next Philadelphia tour, to visit the Barnes Museum. It is one of the world’s greatest collections of Impressionists art. The Barnes is next door to the Rodin Museum. The 187 Renoirs and 89 Cezanne’s that the Barnes features are just the start of hours of great gallery viewing. The Barnes Museum Audio Application is free. The application is on line for easy viewing on your phone or computer. You can tour the museum’s twenty rooms of paintings, sculpture, and metal pieces and hear insights on these pieces from the world’s top art historians.

1. AAuuAMA         1. AAMASwift1  

One Direction, the group that is no longer a group, won AMA’s for best group. Zayn Malik, at age 22, left the group after five years of screaming teens and young adults. The award is a great final bow for him. People Magazine and the website REACT have some great worldwide insights and reactions to Zahn’s departure. Read on Rachel!

  1. AADAMA       1. AAAMA

Justin Bieber’s collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo on Where Are U Now was just as enjoyable as the red carpet dresses and Jay Lo’s dance number. Pitch Perfect 2’s soundtrack win was a close third to these performances. Here’s another one for the Australian girl that everyone thinks is the best of the group.

2. Music II…The Collaboration Is The Thing!…Sing It!
The Country Music Awards, Also, Dominated This Month’s New’s Venues!
Did Justin Timberlake And Chris Stapleton Steal This Show?

4. CMA 6. Hosts        

4. 99CMA          4. 9CMA

One hour after the Country Music Awards gave its last award two million Internet listeners confirmed that Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton (three of the night’s awards were garnered by Chris) stole the show with their duet on Tennessee Whiskey and Drink You Away. Each year we talk about the shows great concept of having someone in country music duet with someone from another music and song category. This creative concept triples the CMA’s viewing audience every November.

6. hostswww         6. post

Each featured group or solo singer performs the country star’s song. Then, the next time they sing the rock, pop, gospel, or blues star’s song is presented. John Cougar Mellencamp and Keith Urban were just as memorable on America as Justin Timberlake and multiple award winner Chris Stapleton were on their choices of Whiskey and Away.

3. cma 2015 songs         3. 2cma 2015 songs

There were a number of other great choices throughout the night that were worthy of number one. Immediately after the show, six different media outlets listed their top ten for the night. Rolling Stone Magazine’s comments were the most extensive, so we present their link here for your future viewing. (http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/2015-cma-awards-12-best-and-worst-moments-20151105).
4. 5CMA            3. cma 2015 songs1

Let’s Talk Philadelphia ranked Blake Shelton’s Gonna and Maddie and Tae’s Girl In A Country Song performances ahead of Tennessee Whiskey. So much for walking with mainstream America! We ranked Kelsea Ballerini’s performance on her #1 single Love Me Like You Mean It tops of the night. We Pennsylvanians owe Kelsea for debuting her new album Dibs at the York, Pennsylvania County Fair.

6. Braxton         4. 1CMA1

After listening to all the choices mentioned, we hope we have provided you with a night of music to form your own opinion about a great night of music. Conclude your evening’s listening with Toni Braxton’s I Don’t Want To. Philadelphia has your back Toni. We are sure you will want to listen to our recommendations. The University of the Arts (home) knows music! Our Merriam Theater hosts some of the best!

2.Hepburn1            2.Hepburn

3. Movies…50 Years and My Fair Lady Is Still Bubbly!
Can Audrey Hepburn Sing? Did She Sing?
London Bridge Is Falling Down, My Fair Lady!

We could have reviewed Hunger Games Movie #4 or Julia Roberts’ new detective movie surrounding the murder of her daughter. Instead, we went with anniversaries and happy.

2.Hepburn&&             2.Hepburn33

More babies worldwide are born in the month of November. This is true in the United States, also. However, September 16 has been the leader in births in the United States for the last ten years. Get your protractors out and start your nine month ago thinking and counting.

2.Hepburn2           2.PHepburn

November is the anniversary month of two outstanding movie musicals. My Fair Lady turns 50 and Oklahoma turns 60. By the way, Julie Andrews turns 80 years old this month. Cinemas throughout the country are showing remastered versions of both movies with added pre-movie commentary. Both movie presentations are an enlightening night out. Many groups dress up in period and cowboy dress while attending each feature.

A. ETaylor            A. ETaylor2

Some quick facts about My Fair Lady include:
A. Julie Andrews who starred in the Broadway play with Rex Harrison was by-passed for the movie. Movie people didn’t think she had star power.
B. Audrey Hepburn, though great in the movie, had her songs song by the accomplished Marni Nixon. Hepburn wouldn’t have signed for the movie if she knew this was going to happen. Practice did not make perfect for the music lesson taking Hepburn before the movie’s start.
C. Elizabeth Taylor would have been given the role if Hepburn didn’t accept the part.
D. Julie Andrews, the person that didn’t have any star power, won The Academy Award that year for Mary Poppins.

 1. andrews oscarimages             2.ZLHepburn

4. Business And Health…Spotlight On dōTERRA Essential Oils!
Can We Help With Your Next Business Venture!
This Is A Big Step From Last Week’s Animal Rides’ Suggestion!
How Important Is Your Health?

1. doterraoilsaas      1. AAAAAindex

Each week we field a fascinating array of business and entertainment suggestions for Let’s Talk Philadelphia. Jennifer Balay shared that doterra Essential Oils have made a great difference in her family’s health. Her email to LTP was riveting as she looked for affordable health answers for her family. Here is what Jennifer shared about these oils:

1. doterraoilssas       1. doterraoilsabc

dōTERRA’s Beginning
In the spring of 2008, a group of health-care and business professionals who shared profound personal experiences of the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils came together with a common vision of bringing a new standard of essential oils to the world. They wanted something different that would appeal to all people, from those who knew nothing of essential oils to those who were considered experts in the field. The company was named dōTERRA, a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.”

1. doterraoils11        1. doterraoils432

WHAT are essential oils?
Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants, basically what our ancestors used long ago to help with medical ailments. There are 3 major ways to use essential oils, topically, aromatically, and internally. What specific ailment you are focusing on depends on method of use.

1. doterraoils      1. doterraoils321

HOW can I get started using essential oils?
Check out my website at www.mydoterra.com/jenniferbalay to learn more about essential oils. Also, message me on Facebook (Jennifer Balay) or email me at jlr4885@yahoo.com so that we can talk one-on-one about how you can take a natural approach to healthcare…one that really works!

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5. Our Weekly Column Call-out Is Working! Make It Work For You!

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Please Ask Your Friends To Drop Their Email Address In The Follow Box When The Column Opens On Their Computer! The Follow Box Doesn’t Appear On One’s Phone!

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Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography  throughout the Let’s Talk weekly discussions.

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