181. Jason Bourne, Zac Efron, Blake Lively, And Ray Price!

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1. Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Best Bets Of The Week!


The Best Beach Story Of The Week!
The Shallows Versus Jaws Versus Baywatch!
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! Or?


You have just watched the Fortieth Anniversary big screen showings of the four movies in the Jaws’ series. You, then, followed this adventure up with seeing Blake Lively versus a great white shark in the new movie Shallows. After ten hours of viewing shark destruction, you have vowed never to step into the ocean again. Furthermore, your children will only be allowed to sit with pail and shovel yards from the beach. You remind your Jack and Jill that you will scoop water and bring it to them, ! We understand!

AAAABaywatchSS      AAAABaywatchZ

Fast forward to Zach Efron’s new movie Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates. You are mentally rating the swearing and nudity in the movie against the comedy when an Efron fan behind you says: “If you think Zac is good in this one, wait until he joins The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in his next movie, Baywatch.” You break out into your happy dance! Thanks Zac! Water safety just improved by leaps and leaps.


After reviewing the swimming expertise and lifeguard prowess of the new Baywatch 2017 cast plus cameos from past stars that have demonstrated ocean skills, you know it will be safe to go into the water next year. Not this year, however! Lines have to be drawn!

David Hasselhoff is a Baywatch and singing legend across Europe. His presence in the movie remake of his television series should help draw big numbers to theaters in England and France. That is smart producing Baywatch organizers!

AAAABaywatchPP         AAAABaywatch

Best Let’s Talk Philadelphia News Of The Week!
They Like Us! Read On Column Readers And Thank You!

Tom's Portrait            AAAAUNIVABC

The Let’s Talk Philadelphia column has just passed 30,ooo reads AND we are only half way through the year. This nice reveal comes to a column that twenty years ago was handed out on the corner of Broad and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia. The one page column was developed for creative writing classes at The University of The Arts.


Please let your friends know to drop their email in the follow box when the column opens on their computers. We would like to get to 30,000 and 1 reads before the end of the year! The follow box doesn’t appear on your phone!


Best Websites Of The Week!
National Women’s History Project (www.nwhp.org)
National Organization Of Women (www.now.org)

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 2.52.19 PM          Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 4.18.00 PM

The United States’ 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was ratified on August 18, 1920. It was written in 1878 and took forty-one years to pass. The date, soon to arrive, is a monumental event in women’s history. The National Women’s History Project (NWHP), originators of National Women’s History Month and the National Organization Of Women (NOW), are leaders each year in organizing the celebration of Women’s Suffrage and the Women’s Equality Movement. Visit each organization’s website,  sign up for each organization’s newsletter, review their events near you,…..AND PARTICIPATE!

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.57.34 PM          Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.56.32 PM

Maria Lone Grove a Let’s Talk Philadelphia column reader from England suggested we feature the three women ministers in Italy (Angela Merkel, Chancellor), England (Theresa May, Prime Minister), and Scotland (Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister) as part of the American celebration. It will give school children, young women, and adults three more great role models to follow, emulate, and study.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 4.01.21 PM          Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 2.53.03 PM

Best Grandmother And Grandfather Story Of The Week!
The Lock, Stock, And Barrel Generation!

This year 25,ooo Americans 65 and over have just completed basic firearm’s training certification courses. Another 75,000 grandmothers and grandfathers have purchased guns without any formal training in the form of courses or individual instruction. When North Korea attacks us, 100,000 members of our gray army will be a formidable fighting machine that they won’t suspect. Kim Jong-un has started to tremble!


2. Movies…Jason Bourne…Back After A Seven Year Vacation!
Europe, Asia, And Australia Get To See Matt Damon First!
We Are Looking Forward To Seeing Vincent Cassell And Alicia Vikander!

AAAAABourneZZZ       AAAAABourneZkZZ

It appears that the United States has now been moved to fourth place in the world of movie premieres. Universal, Kennedy Marshall Company, and Captivate Entertainment premiered Jason Bourne on July 11th at the 2200 seat Odeon Theater in London. Two more weeks of premieres of the $120,000,000 movie will take place in Australia and Europe  before the July 29th start here. These markets bring in double what the United States does on action flicks. This US slight is good for business. How many people in the US will know they missed the film’s debut.


Matt Damon returns to the Jason Bourne spy series after a nine year break. He vowed not to return as Bourne until he could be united with two-time Bourne series’ director  and Bourne 5 writer Paul Greengrass. Jason Bourne originally titled Bourne Five, once again, has Damon trying to regain bits of his life after a four movie memory loss. The CIA, lead by Tommy Lee Jones, is after Bourne! Who knew!

AAAAABourne          AAAAABourneZSZ 

Bourne has a great many weapons and fighting skills. The CIA, in pursuit of Bourne, has  Academy Award winning, best supporting actress Alicia Vikander. Action hero is a new role for the frail looking Vikander. She is CIA agent Heather Lee, in this one, and a one woman army as Lara Croft in her next starring action role. Vikander is following Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and, like Jolie did, has been fight training for over six months. She may be after Bourne in this movie, but pre-movie buzz says Julia Stiles, Nicky Parsons in the series, will catch him romantically at movie’s end. Six movie sites are predicting why! They all think she and Jason Bourne had a torrid relationship before he lost his memory. She was his handler in part one of the series.

AAAAABourneCCC              AAAAABourneBB

3. Music…Ray Price…Until Then From His Last Album Beauty Is!
46 Top Ten Country Music Hits!
100 Top One Hundred Chart Appearances!
Beauty Is: The Last Sessions
Tops Them All!


We have always wanted to use the word circuitous in this column. It will help us explain how we arrived at Ray Price and Until Then as a lead topic for this issue. It certainly was circuitous!…we describe: It was leave for the day time and everyone was saying goodbye for the evening. The conversation gravitated to…there has to be a better closing than, goodbye and its finality sounding theme. Someone suggested Until Then, which was followed by someone saying it might not be a good closing, but it sounds like a great book or song title.


Boom! Research time!
A book by Michael Alexander has that title and so does a well known church hymn. The better story, though, revolved around finding a song that Ray Price and Vince Gill recorded for a lasting tribute to Ray’s wife. The phrasing and final message to his wife in the song will bring deep breath time to your body. We continue…..


Ray Price, Country Hall of Fame and Grammy Award winning singer, died in December of 2013. He had been battling pancreatic cancer for two and a half years. While dying, he recruited some of the top country stars to work with him to record a last album tribute to his wife Janie. The work is titled Beauty Is: The Final Sessions.


Vince Gill’s duo with Price on Until Then written by Cindy Walker and Martina McBride’s harmonies on An Affair To Remember with Price are two great starting listens before purchasing this final album for your jukebox and next party. Up and coming stars Mo Pitney, a baritone like Price, and Teea Goans have two great song tributes to Price on the Internet. You will get a chance to meet Price’s wife Janie and hear about their 40 year love affair on both of these tributes, too. The album was released four months after Price’s death. Price would have walked proud on this collaboration as he did on many others throughout his career!


“The best tunes are songs with a face. You recognize them. You know them. It’s like a person. They have a face that’s outstanding. Other songs don’t have a face. You just hear them, that’s all. The really good ones are few and far between.”_______ Ray Price.


AAAAVaultSAS            AAAAVaultYY

4. Music…The You Tube Music Vault…Performance Nirvana!
22,000 Live Performances Might Satisfy Your Music Itch!
Great Groups Of Old Join The New Makers Of Music!

AAAAVaultBBM            AAAAVaultLLL

Do the words COMPLETE concerts of your favorite performer send shivers through your record player. You Tube has a great array of single music performances from the best stars of the past and present. We have touted these multi-talented individuals throughout our columns. 22,000 concerts of the best of the best is mind boggling in their newly discovered (at least by us) Music Vault.

AAAAVaultA                AAAAVaultZZ

Our music mania recommendations the last three weeks featured:
Live From Daryl’s House (www.livefromdarylshouse.com)
Eurovision 2016 (eurovisionworld.com) and, now,
The You Tube Music Vault (www.youtube.com/user/musicvault).

If you would like to retreat into your headset at work, at home, or at your favorite retreat, these three sites will excite you musically in a myriad of ways. Your fill of legendary music, new bands, and singles has just begun. See you when you remove your headphones in September!

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5. Do You Have Art Or Photography Ready To Reach A Greater Audience?
Would Your Business Look Great On This Column?
Three Thousand Readers Would Like To Hear About Your Work!

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Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, educational news, travel sites, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self fly into any area except politics and religion. We do not go there!

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Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s discussions.

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Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

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About tjpalumbo

Tom Palumbo is a nationally known and award winning author, teacher, technology designer, administrator, and grant writer. He has taught for thirty-five years in preschool through 12th grade classrooms throughout the quad state area. His ideas have made a difference in the way thousands of teachers, parents, and children read, write, do mathematics, use technology, and think creatively and critically. Tom’s twenty books on reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics have won four national book awards. 5,000 teachers and home schooling parents have matriculated through his graduate courses/lectures. 12,000 have signed up for his website. As Director of Pennsylvania’s Parent Information Center and New Jersey’s Citizen’s For Better Schools Resource Center, Tom received over two hundred commendations for his presentations to thousands of teachers, parents, and administrators throughout the Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland area. Workshop participants receive idea loaded CD’s, access to hundreds of videos, PowerPoints, curriculum links, games, and lessons on his website, and an activity booklet filled with common core curriculum in line with local, state, and national standards. Instruction, on each of these resources, is presented during his presentation. Mr. Palumbo has over two hundred learning centers, bulletin boards, and project developers in reading, writing, poetry, literature, and math in make-it/take it item format that can, also, be part of any workshop program. Call or email Tom to set up a workshop for your organization. Tom Palumbo tjpalumbo@aol.com 215-262-9986 aimtjp.wikispaces.com
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