186. The Ramones, Goliath, Rachel Wooding, And Designated Survivor!

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1. Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Best Picks Of The Week!

Pay For View Television…Goliath…The Best Cable Binge Of The Week!
Billy Bob Thornton Is The Lawyer…He Seeks Redemption!
The Little Guy Against The Biggest Corporation! No Winners Here!
People Die And Things Explode Everywhere! What Else Would You Expect?

aaagoliath      screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-7-13-02-pm

Goliath, the new eight part Amazon Prime legal series, premiered this week.
Billy Bob Thorton, Mario Bello, Molly Parker, and John Hurt at at war with each other. They are fighting in the home, bedroom, corporate offices, and courtroom. John Hurt’s law firm, formerly John Hurt’s and Billy Bob’s firm, represents a corporate war monger that makes munitions, bombs, and killing machines. One or more of their products is running amok. The cover up is out of control! Lives, innocent and not so innocent, will be lost.

aaagoliath5      aaagoliath78

Billy Bob and his rag tag, put together on the fly, legal team is filled with great minds and brilliant supporting roles. The creative aspects of the law are, also, front and center. Every new lawyer in the show is schooled by the experienced, often cruel sometimes helpful. Before entering the courtroom battles are just as compelling as the courtroom wars. These confrontations contain many a learning and teaching moment for viewers!

aaagoliatha        aaagoliathxx

The Billy Bob group is representing a family whose father/husband may or may not have been murdered by the corporate war machine. Billy’s ex-wife (Maria Bello) works for the other team and remained at the office after Billy was let go. Their teenage daughter brings teen angst and parent separation into the story. She loves mom and dad. Britain Dalton idolized and loved his dead dad. A beginning of the show tragedy killed dad.

aaagoliath88         aaagoliathab

The two teenagers (Britain Dalton/Diane Hopper) are good. Nina Arianda kicks it (kicks it?) as Billy Bob’s wacky and big, always mouthy co-lawyer. Tania Raymonde, the most intelligent hooker in movieland, is Billy’s unrequited love interest. Did Billy Bob Thorton help everyone to bring their A Game to this show or was everyone’s A Game ready before it began. Goliath is A Game enjoyable and an acting treat!

aaadesignated1     aaadesignated

Designated Survivor…The Best Television Show Of The New Season!
Kiefer Sutherland Might Make A Good President! Blockers Beware!
The ABC Television Series Begins Again On The Way To 22 Episodes.

aaadesignatedbb       aaadesignateda

Footnote: Designated Survivor resumes on ABC television this week. The first five episodes are on ABC Re-Watch and, of course, it is recommended you see them before seeing tomorrow’s (Wednesday’s) episode.

aaadesignated2        aaadesignated4

The Designated Survivor is the person or persons tucked away for safe keeping in case a cataclysmic event brings down the President of the United States and any members of Congress in the line of succession. The Designated Survivor series begins with this catastrophic event. The event happens during The State of The Union Address. Every member of the three branches of government is killed as the Congressional Building and meeting hall are completely obliterated by a number of bombs. This all happens as the State Of The Union Address is being delivered.

aaadesignated5        aaadesignated7

Kiefer Sutherland is tucked away in one bunker and Virginia Madsen is being protected in another. Sutherland is a minor player in the Washington political scene. He is, now, being thrust into the role of President. As the United States and world grieves these tragic loses, the new president is figuratively attacked by internal and external agendas that want to strike at the United States’ weakness and this president’s perceived weaknesses. These attacks start with a state’s secession and an escalation of world wide terrorism. Sutherland has to hit the job running and make the right decisions with every stride. No one around him thinks this is possible for such an untested underling. Time will tell doesn’t work here. Everything has to be done immediately!

aaacongress      aaacongressa

 Natasche McElhone is the First Lady. She, too, is immediately, protectively moved to the White House with her family. Everyone’s lives are instantly changed! Maggie Q, Adam Canto, Italia Ricci, and Kal Penn join the transition team as the new president’s staff. Their transition is challenging, difficult, and filled with blockers just like the president’s. You will find the transition to this new program far easier than the demons they are confronting each week.

aaayoung           aaayounglkl             

Harvest Moon By Neil Young…The Best Song Of The Week (Male)!

aaayoungxx          aaaneil

The last full moon of the summer is called The Harvest Moon. Neil Young pays tribute to the moon with his Harvest Moon album and single of the same name. The song appears across the Internet in various forms. The best version has Neil Young singing the song in a little county bar and dance hall. In the link that follows, he sings the song on stage and dances with his girlfriend at the same time. Hey! It could happen with the magic of a creative video! (www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2MtEsrcTTs)

aaaneilss             aaaneilbb

aaawoodinga                aaawoodingbb

You Took My Life By Rachel Wooding…The Best Song Of The Week (Female)! Inspiring Plus For Us! Britains’s Got Talent Missed This One?

aaawoodingxxx      aaawoodingvvv

Rachel Wooding is a thirty-seven year old singer, new mother (Emmy), and musical theater performer. She just lost in the final week on Britain’s Got Talent to a magician. You heard it here! A card tricking magician! Please write your Congressman, State Representative, or Sister Mary Superior and cry travesty, travesty! The link above will take you to three of Wooding’s song performances. It is a fabulous voice done wrong! You will love each one of her songs. You won’t be able to decide which one you like the best! After listing to Rachel’s music, look up a few card tricks and see if you like them better than her music? Millions of fools did in England!

aaaimagesmm       aaaimagesa

2. Stimulation For The Mind…Our Name Game!
Your Text Messages Will Never Be The Same!
Your Synapses Will Be Energized!

Things to know before Our Name Game’s basics are shared.

aaaimagesmmm          aaaimagescc

Our Name Game rules are simple:
1. You may not look up any names while playing this game. You can, of course, search your mind for pairs. You will be amazed at the names that pop into your head at the oddest of times.
2. You cannot tell the person you are texting what you are doing. You are hoping they are creative enough to figure out what you are doing and respond with something even more creative.
3. You do not have to include a creative pair every time you text someone. Feel free, though, to challenge multiple people that you text with your pairs.

aaaimagesab            aaaimagesabc

When texting friends, workmates, or paramours, you will start your message to a female with a creative female sounding first name that is not theirs, write your message body, and end it with a male sounding first name. When writing a text to a male you start with a creative male sounding first name that is not theirs, write your message body, and end with a female sounding first name. No Dear, Hi, Love, or Warm Wishes are needed to begin your introduction or ending.

Here are some male to female texting choices:
Mary…Dr. Lamb

aaatoniimages          aaatoniimagesa

Here are some female to male texting choices:


Both groups can have reverse senders except for M…T (Empty). Try states, cities, well known phrases, and things that go together as you progress to more creative stages of the game.

Spencer Tracy

aaatoniimagesll      aaatoniimageskk

The play on words is endless…as are the letter switches and variations you can use to create greetings and closings! See where your creativity takes you, and hopefully the person on the other side of the line will be just as creative.

img_2984       aaaaramone

3. Music…The Ramones…Punk Rock Revisited!
Ramones Their First Album Hits 500,000 Copies Sold!

The 13th Anniversary Of Johnny Ramone’s Death!
Prostrate Cancer Ended A Great Career!

The next time you walk around your neighborhood, see how many of the best selling Johnny Ramone shirts you spot…13 years after his death. Our neighborhood has 18 month-olds as well as grandparents expressing themselves in punk rock form while wearing some of the Ramones’ tribute garb. Go Johnny! Go Johnny!

aaaaramone5      aaaaramone1

Johnny Ramone (John William Cummings) was one of the top ten guitarists of all time and coming out of Queens, New York added to his punk rock reputation and mystique. The Ramones didn’t do giant arenas. The 2,600 small venue concerts and performances The Ramones conducted world-wide seems like a mythical number of performances. Maybe that is why their shirts are everywhere? Go Johnny! Go Johnny!

aaaaramoneabc      aaaaramone2

Three well respected music publications list Blitzkrieg Bop as the Ramones’ best song.
It isn’t even in our office’s top three. Here are the three songs we think you should investigate to get your Ramones on! We like the original versions, but, also, recommend exploring the renditions of other singers that recorded these three Ramones’ songs.

I Wanna Be Your Boyfriendone of his most covered songs
Rockaway Beachvoted one of the best ten songs about New York City
The KKK Took My Baby Awaywritten after band members fought over the same girl that Johnny eventually married after stealing her from his co-lead band mate.

                aaaaramone99           aaaaramone7    

4. Photography…Rob Tallia Catches New York City At Its Nighttime Best!
Check Out Robert’s Website And Blog!
These Images On Full Screen Are Awesome!
Can You Do Philadelphia, Chicago, Or Your Small Town At Night?
How About Snapping The Shot At The First Stroke Of Midnight?

Here is what Rob said about his work.
Thanks Rob for really enhancing our column.

tallia_plazahotel         tallia_javitsfederal

Hi Tom–we met last month at a plant stand in Pennsylvania (if I remember correctly), and you gave me your card. I’ve been working on an architectural photography blog entitled Hundredweight New York, showcasing the city’s greatest buildings. I thought you might be interested–it’s a long term project where I plan to shoot 150-200 of New York’s best buildings, eventually putting together a book of the best shots.

tallia_lincolncenter1         tallia_evhaughwout

All of the work is long-exposure, tripod-based digital photography, mostly done around 9 pm – 11 pm at night, when the streets are a bit less trafficked, but the buildings are still well-lit. I hope you enjoy it!

tallia_customshouse        tallia_carnegiehall

Best regards,
Rob Tallia

aaaautumnplp          aaaautumn456

5. Here Is Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Weekly Call-Out For Articles!
We Can Help To Introduce/Feature Your Next Project!

aaaautumn000      aaaautumn987

Now that your summer travels are over, do you have a destination you can share to enlighten a worldwide reading audience? Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, educational news, travel sites, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self fly into any area except politics and religion. We do not go there!

aaaautumn  aaaautumn217  aaaautumn642  aaaautumn989

Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

aaaautumnqwq      aaaautumnzxc

aaaautumn9887      aaaautumnjhg



About tjpalumbo

Tom Palumbo is a nationally known and award winning author, teacher, technology designer, administrator, and grant writer. He has taught for thirty-five years in preschool through 12th grade classrooms throughout the quad state area. His ideas have made a difference in the way thousands of teachers, parents, and children read, write, do mathematics, use technology, and think creatively and critically. Tom’s twenty books on reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics have won four national book awards. 5,000 teachers and home schooling parents have matriculated through his graduate courses/lectures. 12,000 have signed up for his website. As Director of Pennsylvania’s Parent Information Center and New Jersey’s Citizen’s For Better Schools Resource Center, Tom received over two hundred commendations for his presentations to thousands of teachers, parents, and administrators throughout the Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland area. Workshop participants receive idea loaded CD’s, access to hundreds of videos, PowerPoints, curriculum links, games, and lessons on his website, and an activity booklet filled with common core curriculum in line with local, state, and national standards. Instruction, on each of these resources, is presented during his presentation. Mr. Palumbo has over two hundred learning centers, bulletin boards, and project developers in reading, writing, poetry, literature, and math in make-it/take it item format that can, also, be part of any workshop program. Call or email Tom to set up a workshop for your organization. Tom Palumbo tjpalumbo@aol.com 215-262-9986 aimtjp.wikispaces.com
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