203. Tomb Raider, John Denver, Poetry Month, Keala Settle, And NYC’s Waitress!


A. Let’s Talk’s Best Office Topics Of The Week!
Broad And Walnut Streets In Philadelphia Has It All!
What Does Catch A Worldwide Audience’s Attention!
Let’s Talk’s Five Continents Of Readers Says It All!


Thank you for joining us on the 203rd issue of Let’s Talk Philadelphia using WordPress. Let’s Talk Philadelphia has joined 1 billion other site creators who use WordPress. Our five continent readership has far exceeded all expectations, especially compared to the readership we generated by handing out our latest issue in a one page newsletter at the corner of Broad and Walnut Streets in 1994 Philadelphia. This was, of course, before the Internet’s reach made everything we do universal.


We hope you share this column with family, friends, and office mates. Philadelphia is a great place to visit for its history, food, entertainment, educational institutions, sports, creative arts, museums, and communities.
Summer Up With Us! Then Go to Paris And New York!
As Our Kids Say: “Philadelphia Is More Funner Than Fun!”


1. Let’s Talk’s Best Movie Of The Week!
Lara Croft’s 2018 Tomb Raider Is Not Your Mother’s Tomb Raider!
Academy Award Winner Alicia Vikander’s Bow And Arrow Hits The Mark!
Vikander Swashbuckles With Brain Power And Brawn!


The new Lara Croft adventure takes movie goers back to the time Lara (now Alicia Vikander, formerly Angelina Jolie) did not brandish two blazing, hit the mark guns.
Her father, Dominic West (The Affair), left a very young Lara twelve years ago to find the tomb of an ancient Japanese sorceress who was buried alive with 1,000 warriors. Her release will destroy the world and give power to those who want to become more powerful.


Years after Lara’s father’s disappearance, Lara discoveries and deciphers a book load of clues, maps, and strange moveable devices. Her mission, then, becomes to cross oceans from England in the quest to find her, not heard from, father, if he is still alive. She will do all this and save the world from the ultimate evil. The stunts and locations are superb, as is the supporting caste of Walton Coggins (villain), Daniel Wu (Lara’s guide and savior on her quest), and Kristin Scott Thomas (Lara’s helper or blocker). Stay for the outtakes where Lara is presented her pistols and for the hint of new movies to come.


2. Let’s Talk’s Best Philosophy Tip To Start Your Day Of Reading!
Paracelsus A Mystic, And This Quote’s Author, Is Worth Your Research!


I went in search of my art,
Often in danger of my life,

I have not been afraid to learn the things to me proved useful,
Even from vagabonds, barbers, and executioners.


For we know how much a man will search for the one he loves,


How much the more then,
Will the lover of wisdom go in search of his divine mistress.


3. Let’s Talk’s Best Music Of The Week!
This Week’s Top Five Are Meant To Grab Your Heartstrings!

Keala Settle, the bearded lady star of the movie The Greatest Showman, is now on every talk show with her international hit song This Is Me. The song has made the Top Twenty in ten countries around the world. The song’s lyrics remind everyone, in stirring fashion, that negative things people say about you can be drowned out by reminding yourself…this is me and I am proud of who I am. The testimonials to how this song has changed lives appear on every song site and are heart wrenching. Please, give it a listen!


The all time leader in Internet song testimonials is John Denver’s (Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.) song Some Days Are Diamonds. This song is not as well known as many of  Denver’s classic hits (Take Me Home, Country Roads; Annie; Thank God I’m A Country Boy). However, it is one of his best by far. Denver tells you it is time to look in the mirror and if you don’t like what you see…change that person and image. Hundreds have shared over the years how this song changed them!


Three other must listens to round out this week’s top five are:
Adam Lambert’s and Fiona Lewis’s Girl Crush,


Blake Shelton’s and Christine Aguilera’s Just A Fool and,
anything by Midland. This country group just received 50,000,000 hits on the songs from their new album featuring their old time country sound.


4. Let’s Talk’s Weekly Brain Enhancer!
It Was Greek To A large Group in 70AD.
You Use A Palindrome Every Day. Wow!


Palindromes are words or sentences that are read the same forward or backward. The term goes back to the Greeks in 70 AD. The palindromes history goes back to the first words ever spoken on earth. As you know Adam introduced himself to Eve by saying: Madam I’m Adam. Two other historical favorites are Napoleon’s phrase on being imprisoned on the desolate island of Elba: Able was I ere I saw Elba; and Goethal’s work tribute on building the Panama Canal: A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.


The two minute puzzle that follows challenges you to find the fifteen palindromes that match the clues. The answers appear at the bottom of this column. Good luck!

A drooling baby needs this…Bib

1. Land ownership paper…
2. A one person boat…
3. Not tilted…
4. Often appears before the word center…
5. Songs sung alone…
6. Jeff Gordon drives a…
7. Plane lander in the rain…
8. Red’s comparative…
9. Cuff sport players injure…
10. 12 o’clock…


11. A girl’s name…
12. Statistics…
13. Recommend someone…
14. Viking epics/stories…
15. Men and women following the…


5. Let’s Talk’s Best In Local Pennsylvania Theater And New York Theater!
New Hope, Pennsylvania Is A Great Food And History Stop!
New Hope’s Buck’s County Playhouse
Hosting The Stars Of Television, Broadway, And Great Playwrights!

Television icons Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross debut at Bucks County Playhouse in Love Letters as part of the playhouse’s visiting artist series.


You will remember Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross, the parents from the five-time Emmy-winning NBC comedy Family Ties. A. R. Gurney’s critically acclaimed Love Letters showing from April 4 – 8, 2018 is a great vehicle for the two, especially since they have continued as friends and colleagues since working together on Family Ties 30 years ago.


In Love Letters, when Andrew (Gross) accepts an invitation to Melissa’s (Baxter’s) birthday party, and Melissa writes a thank-you note, a romantic friendship and correspondence is born that will last more than 50 years! Though their relationship constantly changes, these pen pals remain each other’s most trusted confidantes.  A touching romance through old-fashioned pen and paper, Love Letters is a disarmingly funny and unforgettably emotional portrait about the powerful connection of love.


Meredith Baxter is an actress, writer, artist and mother of five, grandmother of three. She has been nominated for four Emmys, and made about sixty movies for television. Baxter’s New York Times bestselling book, UNTIED, a Memoir of Fame, Family and Floundering, was published in March 2011.

Michael Gross has been a staple on TV with recurring roles on The Drew Cary Show, ER, How I Met Your Mother, Suits, and Grace and Frankie. His current projects include a recurring role on Showtime’s The Affair and a guest star role on television’s AP Bio.




Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Must See Theater Shocker!
A New York Theater Excursion Is A Musical Must!
Sara Bareilles Is A Singing Jewel!
Here Is The Link With Sara Singing All The Songs From Waitress!



A group of Philadelphia theater enthusiasts just returned from New York City and have proclaimed that Sara Bareilles and the play Waitress are the best singer/play they have ever seen. Wow! This is a great compliment from those who know theater. Waitress should have won the Tony Award except that it’s debut year was the same as Hamilton’s. Add Sara and the play Waitress to your must see/hear list.

You Matter To Me and You Use To Be Mine are two good song starts for embracing Sara…as you are sure to join the Sara Bareilles Club after hearing them.


6. Let’s Talk’s Best Weekly Poetry Challenge!
Poetry Patter…Telephone Poetry has A Ring To It (Sorry)!


Here is a unique task for any time of the year or for April’s Salute To Poetry Month. Telephone Poems are seven line poems that use your telephone number to generate the syllables in each line of your poem.


For less experienced writers, the digits can represent the number of words in each line as the writer talks about family, movie and television favorites, historical figures, or book descriptions. Another way to create this poem is to use one of the three letters that appear next to each number on the dial to begin each line of your descriptive poem.


License plate and street address poems follow a similar format. It is a great challenge to create a biographical poem using any one of these three poetic styles. Additional Let’s Talk Poetry can be found at: catapultintopoetry.wikispaces.com. There is a month full of challenges, PowerPoints, and lessons on our K-graduate school site.

7. Let’s Talk’s Best Flash Mob…Daily Picks and Flicks
You Tube Has Thirty Of The Newest Flash Dances Worldwide!


Flash Mobs are performance groups that appear from nowhere to present a musical or dance creation using large numbers of performers. These performers appear at every venue in front of the unexpected. Watching these creations from all over the world is a great binge watch in bed before retiring for the evening. Your ideas can also be entered in video contests throughout the world. Here is an historical rendition flash mob that was exceptional.


Alerting all Rembrandt fans! Rembrandt’s famous painting the Night Watch has been returned to the Rijksmuseum. This well-known Dutch museum is located in Amsterdam. The museum has gone through a ten-year renovation. We don’t do slow jokes in this column. Guess, it took them that long to get it right. Whatever right is in this instance.


To mark the return of the Night Watch painting and to advertise their re-opening the museum organized a flash mob depicting the story in Night Watch. The flash mob performed at a local mall and the event can be scene (hope you see the creative use of the word scene here) on Daily Picks and Flicks (dailypicksandflicks.com).

Image        Image

Schools all over the United States competed in a contest similar to this flash mob’s performance. They, too, were to appear as a famous painting and then bring the painting to life with dance and song. A local school brought a Picasso scene alive to the tune of Barry Manilow’s Copacabana. It was a real gem of a performance.


8. Let’s Talk Philadelphia Continues To Grow!

This year (2018) is the 24rd Anniversary of Let’s Talk Philadelphia. What once was a newsletter shared in University Of The Arts’ lectures and classes, professional development presentations up and down the east coast, and in book publications for Good Apple Publishing is now a Word Press column that is read across five continents, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia. Let’s Talk Philadelphia is distributed through multiple re-listing sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 500+ readers subscribe to the column. 14,400 LinkedIn members enjoy the weekly two minute puzzle challenge as much as the articles. The 1955 champion Dodgers and Johnny Podres World Series MVP think Let’s Talk Philadelphia plays well in Brooklyn, also.


Join the yearlong celebration of outstanding writing, art, photography, fashion, business, and creative discussion by contributing a story, book review, poem, movie suggestion, art piece, fashion tip, award notice, photography, game, business, multimedia, travel, or theater write-up that world-wide readers will enjoy. Your ideas should be sent to: Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send six photos with a two-paragraph description of your work. Remember to include the links where you can be found. Let your friends know about our column and the sign-up with an email address box in the bottom right hand corner of the column when it opens on their computer.

Thank you!
Tom Palumbo, Editor


Palindrome answers:
deed, kayak, level, civic, solos, racecar, radar, redder, rotator, noon, (anna, Hannah), stats, refer, sagas, sexes



About tjpalumbo

Tom Palumbo is a nationally known and award winning author, teacher, technology designer, administrator, and grant writer. He has taught for thirty-five years in preschool through 12th grade classrooms throughout the quad state area. His ideas have made a difference in the way thousands of teachers, parents, and children read, write, do mathematics, use technology, and think creatively and critically. Tom’s twenty books on reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics have won four national book awards. 5,000 teachers and home schooling parents have matriculated through his graduate courses/lectures. 12,000 have signed up for his website. As Director of Pennsylvania’s Parent Information Center and New Jersey’s Citizen’s For Better Schools Resource Center, Tom received over two hundred commendations for his presentations to thousands of teachers, parents, and administrators throughout the Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland area. Workshop participants receive idea loaded CD’s, access to hundreds of videos, PowerPoints, curriculum links, games, and lessons on his website, and an activity booklet filled with common core curriculum in line with local, state, and national standards. Instruction, on each of these resources, is presented during his presentation. Mr. Palumbo has over two hundred learning centers, bulletin boards, and project developers in reading, writing, poetry, literature, and math in make-it/take it item format that can, also, be part of any workshop program. Call or email Tom to set up a workshop for your organization. Tom Palumbo tjpalumbo@aol.com 215-262-9986 aimtjp.wikispaces.com
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