192. Brad Pitt, Free Money, Eurovision Music 2017, And Cameron Diaz!


The Best Of Let’s Talk Philadelphia!


1. The Best Questions Of The Week!
Why Did Brad Pitt’s New Movie Go Directly To Netflix?
Does Brad Pitt Do Military Satire? Well? Medium? Medium Rare?
Will Pitt’s War Machine Movie Enlighten Us On The Afghanistan Conflict?

The 1984 movie Ghostbusters put the catchphrase Who You Gonna Call on millions of lips and millions of pieces of paraphernalia from t-shirts to coffee cups to cell phone covers. The two Ghostbuster movies of 2016 have brought the phrase back into the minds of a new generation of movie viewers and catchphrase users.


In the 1991 movie Thelma and Louise, Susan Saradon and Geena Davis needed a hot male body to ride along with them while fleeing the police…
Who You Gonna Call…Brad Pitt.


In 2001, 2004, and 2007 Oceans 11-13 movies, George Clooney needed someone brilliant and suave to help him pull off a series of multi-million dollar casino and art heists…
Who You Gonna CallBrad Pitt.


In the 2004 movie Troy, King Menelaus needed someone to rescue his wife Helen and lead an armada of a thousand ships to recapture her from Paris
Who You Gonna CallBrad Pitt.


In the 2014 movie Fury, General Patton needed a tank crew commander and his men to win the war (hold a strategic crossroads…we like to exaggerate)…
Who You Gonna Call…Brad Pitt.


In the 2017 movie War Machine (Netflix) based on the book Operators by Michael Hastings, we thought, using our Who You Gonna Call theme, Brad Pitt was the perfect choice to play General Stanley McChrystal and clean up the mess in Afghanistan. Ben Kingsley, Topher Grace, Anthony Michael Hall, Tilda Swinton, and thousands of soldiers would assist him in this endeavor. Pitt would model his fight after the War Machine character in Marvel comic books to start.
…Then director David Michod and political satire appeared with little shooting!
Who You Gonna CallLet’s Talk Philadelphia with your opinion.



2. The Best Music Of The Week!
Eurovision 2017 Rocks Four Continents!
Twenty Hours Of Great Listening To The Best In Music From Abroad!

Every year we talk about the International Eurovision Best of Music Song Contest as the best music on four continents…thinking it won’t get any better. …Then the next year comes along and the songwriting and performances are even more spectacular.


The Eurovision (1956) Song Contest in the longest running television show and music contest in history. The show’s six hundred million (2017) viewers make it the top non-sports television program of all time. Ireland leads with seven all time wins. Portugal contributed this year’s winner, (a first for the country), Salvadore Sobral. Salvadore received the highest score in the history of the show. Sobral’s scores were higher than former winners ABBA (1974, Sweden) and Celine Dion (1988, Switzerland).


When you go to the Eurovision 2017 Internet site, you can click on a musical vignette of the performances from all 43 countries, then pick the countries you want to explore further. You can, also, go to any country (see semi-final graphic above) and click on that country’s full performance if you are not vignette challenged.


Our office back and forth musical debate was intense. We chose France over Portugal with Alma’s rendition of Requiem sung in French and English. The singing was award winning! The dancing up the sides of famous monuments in Paris was breathtaking.


Every performance from Lys Assia’s first win in 1956 with Refrain can, also, be seen in a continuous snippet. It is a musical tour de force watching the songs and outfits change from black and white to color over the 60 years of the contest. The last place loser’s video is just as interesting historically and musically.




3. The Best Free Money Of The Week!
Printed Just The Way Jazz For Peace Sent It To Us!
Give Them A Try!

Here’s how YOUR outstanding organization, cause, or project can get a Grant NOW with just 3 easy steps!

Jazz for Peace™ provides Empowerment Grants, sustainable funding and advocacy for non-profits and all outstanding causes worldwide for over a decade to enable them to be more productive and successful. This Foundations unique combination of artistry and achievements has already funded over 850 causes and projects!
FAQ: Can your Jazz for Peace Grant do the same for me as you have done for 850 others?
ANSWER: “Yes – Just complete the 3 easy steps below! Step 1 is to watch a recent event / Step 2 is to review additional information including Introductory Video and Grant Workshop / & Step 3, simply “Help us introduce you to our board for grant funding approval.”  
Step 1. See a recent event. Complete Step 1 now by clicking here to see their latest event at The Washington, DC Lincoln Memorial – https://vimeo.com/215577496
Step 2. Click here to complete Step 2 by reviewing the additional information including introductory video and grant workshop: http://jazzforpeace.org/2017.pdf
Step 3.  Make absolutely sure YOUR grant application gets approved in advance by contacting our grant administration dept. directly at phn: 646-709-2950 / email: info@jazzforpeace.org so you can “Help us introduce you to our board” and obtain guaranteed grant approval.


With over 850 grants already awarded, why not you next?
It really IS that easy!


4. The Best On Your On Demand Channel!
Cameron Diaz Knows How To Make Grown Men And Women Laugh And Cry!
Cameron Diaz Likes Her Money And Her Women Friends!

11. aaadiazposter             8. aaadiaz1

Cameron Diaz, at 100 million dollars in salaries, is one of Hollywood’s richest movie stars. She tops all movie stars over forty in earnings and a host of movie youngsters like Jennifer Lawrence and Kristin Stewart, as well.


Cameron’s two new On Demand movies The Other Women and Sex Tape will be adding to her monetary treasure chest. The first movie is The Other Women with Leslie Mann and supermodel Kate Upton. The women are a mismatched trio in the movie and in real life. They have appeared on every major and minor television show to promote this comedic romp. Diaz knows how to promote her movies. The movie’s theme revolves around the three of them and their elaborate campaign to give Nick Waldau, Mann’s husband, pay-back for his philandering. Their chance meetings were just as funny as their plot features. Don Johnson, from Miami Vice of old, adds to the couple-ness in a small, wish he did more, part.

7. aaadiaz            1. kate-upton-s-film-trailer-has-landed_GB

In Sex Tape, a very R rated movie, the tape she and her husband make inadvertently goes viral. We can fill in the pieces, about parents, family, work colleagues, and friends seeing their video masterpiece. She and Jason Segel will probably be making Sex Tape II next year if the preview laughs extend throughout the whole movie.


5. Here Is Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Weekly Call-Out For Articles!
We Can Help To Introduce/Feature Your Next Business Project!


Now that you are about to formulate your summer vacation plans, do you have a summer destination we should feature in this column? Please don’t keep it a secret! How about sharing your newfound travel destination with our worldwide reading audience? Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs and some photos on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, educational news, museums, business, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self zoom into any area except politics and religion. We do not go there!


Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s discussions.


Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the past insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.



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191. Sex, Chocolate, Helene Fischer, Elvis Presley, And Cinderella!



The Best Of Let’s Talk Philadelphia!


1. The Best Sex Advice Of The Week!
Sex Is Far Better Than Chocolate!
The Battle Between The Two No Longer Rages!
Hail Sex! The Winner By Miles!


Our new advertising agency, Creative Pool, Inc./Europe’s best, says we can triple our readership if we make our articles more provocative. Sex and chocolate will lead every issue in the future. They are the two most hit words on the worldwide Internet and will create buzz in any column. Their words, not ours.


Five major publications, including Cosmo have recently touted chocolate over sex. We, University of the Arts’ staff members and alumni, had to test this premise. One hundred staffers and interns ages 12-71 participated in our survey. 61 sex/chocolate testers were women. 39 were men. Based on the national participation average, both sex and chocolate had to be consumed 3 to 5 times in the testing week. The results were eye opening. 97 votes for sex and 3 for chocolate. The three chocolate votes came from our three sixth grade interns. Maybe college folk are more active than Cosmo readers?


Each sex/chocolate survey member was asked to include a follow-up comment on their personal choice. Here are the three best comments of the 97 pro-sex people:

1. Make up sex is exhilarating. Make up chocolate just tastes like chocolate.
2. Chocolate can’t give you a rubdown after sex.
3. How many delightful children and adorable grandchildren can chocolate create?


We followed our sex research with the Sex And Movie Titles’ Project. The pick three movie titles that describe your sex life should be your next office challenge. Participant selections should be tallied and namelessly posted on your coffee room bulletin board. The laughter will follow. Here are the three most appearing choices in our office, not the best!:

1. Some Like It Hot (8)
2. Sleepless In Seattle (4)
3. The Waiting Game (2)



2. The Best Music Of The Week!
Helene Fischer Is Europe’s Reigning Music Queen!
Vegas Loves Her, Too!


When your latest musical tour draws 900,000 fans and your television show is in a completely filled 10,000 seat stadium, Let’s Talk Philadelphia and the world take notice.
When you sell 15,000,000 albums, Let’s Talk Philadelphia and the world take notice.


When you win 20 music and entertainment awards (Echo/Bambi) before the age of 32, Let’s Talk Philadelphia and the world take notice.
When your Farbenspiel (2013) album becomes the best selling German album of all time, Let’s Talk Philadelphia and the world take notice.

We, also, take notice when Helene’s new, yet to be named, 2017 album sells 400,000 copies in a pre-release sale.


Helene Fischer has performed with everyone in the music business from Andrea Bocelli to after death, wonder of electronic collaborations with Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Listening to her Just Pretend duet with Elvis Presley will make you an instant Fischer fan. Researching Helene’s television show, English Ones’ album, and work in German and English will provide you with hours of musical enjoyment and one of a kind showmanship. Binge on music lover!

3. The Best Class Trip Of The Week
Washington, DC. Has It All!
History, Art, Science, The Capitals, The Nationals, Da Vinci!


And The Best Art Of The Week…Leonardo Da Vinci And Ginevra de’ Benci


Classes are ready to take their end of the year class trips to Washington, DC. The National Gallery of Art and its multiple buildings of amazing have to be the first stop on any trip to Washington, D.C. The National Gallery of Art’s newly renovated wing of art nirvana just opened last year (2016).

The National Gallery’s museum’s ten new exhibits are presently lead by The Birth Of Impressionism. Another top suggestion is to see the two sides of a one of a kind Leonardo Da Vinci painting called the Ginerva de’ Benci. This painting has to be researched before your trip and has to be seen on your trip.


Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452. There isn’t much information about the first 22 years of his life on any Internet research stop. Leonardo da Vinci painted Ginevra de’ Benci, a young 16 year old Florentine noblewoman circa 1474. She was about to marry Luigi Niccolini and it is uncertain who commissioned the painting.

This seems to be one of Da Vinci’s first recorded works and it is a gem. The painting is an oil on wood panel. The work was purchased for the National Gallery of Art by the Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund. Research says Genevra is missing a six-inch piece at the bottom of the painting that may have been the subject’s folded hands. Our art classes try to reproduce the six inches with Da Vinci’s possibilities and crazy ones of their own.


Ginevra de’ Benci is the only Da Vinci portrait painting in North America. The painting is one of only four female portraits painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. Cecilia Gallerani, the Mona Lisa, and La belle ferronnière round out the four.

Leonardo Da Vinci titled the Ginevra painting Beauty Adorns Virtue.

Karen, our local art historian, says the three Da Vinci paintings in the Louvre are better. Name dropper! She claims the Louvre has three others among many that are worthy of viewing and our research: The Mona Lisa, St. John the Baptist, and the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne.

Da Vinci 4        


Karen says her personal favorite the La Scapigliata is at the Galleria Nationale in Parma. How much is a class trip to Italy?


4. It Is Salute To Poetry A Month Later Than The World’s April Poetry Salute!
Where Were You When You Wrote Your First Poem?

Time To Bring Out And Share Your Best Work On The Office Bulletin Board!
Here Is Our Variation Of Cinderella By Sylvia Plath!


Cinderella Lost By Tom Palumbo

I lean to my Cinderella in precious shoes,
Tall, blonde, and temper flaring.

Of gentle as the rose garden grows; now angry,
Begins on strained guitar to tell me why…

The room and hall are spinning,

Where classmates pass out of my purgatory like phantoms:
Sun splatters on my locker door,


Reflecting a love no more,

Where others will dance in a frantic pace,
Follow many from the past in a similar trance,

Near twelve it punches me hard once more,
She clings to another Prince.

As amid tomorrow’s talk of the night gone by,
I hear the scornful cry of the motionless day.



5. Here Is Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Weekly Call-Out For Articles!
We Can Help To Introduce/Feature Your Next Business Project!



Now that the Cinqo De Mayo celebration is about to begin, do you have another feast, festival, or celebration we can attend or should feature in this column? How about sharing a travel destination with our worldwide reading audience? Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, educational news, museums, business, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self zoom into any area except politics and religion. We do not go there!


Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the past insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.


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190. Black Sabbath, Black History, Bathtubs, Sleep, and Great Art!

img_3237      aaasabbath3

aaa-blackhmuseum5      aaa-art10

1. Best Black History Research Of The Week!
Rosa Parks…One Person Can Make A Difference!

When Will You Make A Difference? Visit Her In Washington, D.C., Please!

Image     aaa-blackhmuseum

There were two great openings in Washington, D.C. last year and two must visits for you this year. The new Afro-American History Museum and The Rosa Parks’ (1913-2005) statue are the two must sees. Rosa Parks’ statue resides in Statuary Hall.  The nine-foot statue has Ms. Parks sitting on a bench. She has a determined look on her face signifying her struggles. This statue was created by Eugene Daub and Rob Fermin. The duo won out over 115 other designers and sculptors. Daub and Fermin decided on the bench representation of Rosa Parks you see in the photo above rather than one of her sitting on a bus seat. They felt the story they were memorializing should be about Rosa not the bus.

The statue should have been unveiled on December 1, they day Rosa was too tired and too resolute to give up her seat on the bus. The Montgomery Bus Strike that followed and the Supreme Court decision eleven months later changed history. It should have been commissioned and completed long before Rosa’s death in 2005.


The picture posted on this site and taken by Tom Williams has then President Obama and Terrell Anderson, Jr., a three-year old relative of Ms. Parks in it. Here are some things you can do to commemorate this historic woman and Black History Month. Rent or On Demand the film The Rosa Parks Story starring Angela Bassett.

Image       aaa-blackhmuseum3

Read the book Rosa by Nikki Giovanni or Rosa’s Bus by Kittinger and Walker with your daughter or donate one of the books to your local school library.

Image       aaa-blackhmuseum67

Visit Rosa Parks’s grave at www.findagrave.com and leave a virtual flower message or poem. Remember, all the museums in Washington are free!

Image       aaa-blackhmuseum1

Walk outside your house and hold your fist up, clutch the bus hold-on strap or hold-on bar in your mind and think of the years you rode this bus standing for hours, tired, and forbidden to sit down. Then, think of Rosa Parks and say: Thank You!

aaa-business         aaa-business1

2. Best Business Of The Week! Mark Tetzner’s Animation Whiteboard Studio!
Art And Animation Will Increase Your Profits And Buying Audience!
Creative Videos For Your Business And Music Are A Great Resource!

Mark Tetzner’s animation work and videos are groundbreaking. We apologize that his videos can’t be uploaded to this column. Visit his website and video models at (http://www.pestanimation.com) for a look at a great business concept. Your business, really, could use a boost. Hey, you always wanted to be in movies. This German firm is catering to a large group of creative businesses and musicians in Europe and the United States. Here is what Mark said about his work, but his website introduction in  video form is worth a listen, too.

 2        1

“I have been creating animation-videos for the educational field, dentists, realtors and many, many other professions for more than 2 years now. What makes our videos different is that they are “art”. Some are emotional, some are cinematic. Tom found the idea fascinating and asked me to write this short article about it and provide images. My videos can be used on social media and websites, and I provide fantastic marketing training free of charge. The question is: How do I market my video once I have it and get the “word out”? My videos are mainly advertisements for businesses, products, but just recently we even started creating music-videos. The artists would send us their lyrics and music, and we turned them into little master-pieces.”

6      5

We had such a blast! In essence, there is no subject that we can’t illustrate with our videos. We even promote books. I am proud to have built an audience from all over the world. Animating in real people and objects is, also, something we do. My customers, also, like to promote apps and inventions. If you would like to learn more about this work visit http://www.pestanimation.com

 4       3

3. Best Music Of The Week!
The Black Sabbath Finale!
All England Praises Them!

aaasabbath1     aaasabbath8

Maria Lone Grove, one of our reporters in England, sent us this Black Sabbath update. Black Sabbath just had their last concert together in their home town of Aston Birmingham. These well known players of heavy metal may be the fathers of this rock category. Ozzy Osbourne still wearing full make up sounded great many years past his prime.

aaasabbath      aaasabbath5

Tony Lommie lost his fingertips in an accident with a metal slicer. He had to wear a washing up liquid cap melded and mounted to his fingers with a leather strip to be able to play his plectrum on the guitar. This device enabled him to create a completely new heavy metal sound for the band. You Tube has two pages of their best music through the years. Black Sabbath’s lyrics can be found on http://www.elyrics.com and are a suprisingly good, inspirational read.

      aaasabbath7      aaa-tony

4. The Best Health News Of The Week!
The Bathtub, Meditation, And Sleep!

img_3238     aaa-bathtubs

Two friends recently informed us that their new house contractor was talking them out of putting bathtubs in their new home. He said bathtubs were a thing of the past, now replaced by massive, luxurious walk-in showers. Au Contraire (that means don’t do it in French)!

The Swiss International Sleep Research Center talks endlessly about the Human Growth Hormones (HGH) in your body that benefit from sleep. It doesn’t matter if you get six hours of sleep or eight hours of sleep if you don’t reduce the cortisol in your system before sleep. If your television or iPhone games are putting you to sleep massive amounts of cortisol are being shot into your body. You’ll sleep, but never reach the delta sleep phase necessary for efficient sleep.

aaa-bathtubs88       aaa-bathtubs9

A quiet 30 minute bath soak is the best before bedtime…with meditation is even better. Keeping your bathtub is, also, best for the children you are going to bathe or when your grandchildren stop over. No bathtubs means the end to all those goofy floaties we all buy to play with in the tub. Destroying that business will greatly hurt the Gross National Product (GNP), too.

Please research the spoon of protein you should take before bedtime. Your health guides have ten different recommendations for every lifestyle. Plant based protein in liquid form is high on the recommended list, though we recommend a spoon of peanut butter.

PS…If there were an International Sleep And Medical Research Center, Switzerland would be an ideal location for the institute!

        aaa-bathtubs2     aaa-bathtubs93

aaa-art1        aaa-art8

5. Here Is Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Weekly Call-Out For Articles!
We Can Help To Introduce/Feature Your Next Project!

aaa-art77        aaa-art7

Now that winter is over (fat chance), do you have a travel destination you can share to enlighten a worldwide reading audience? Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, educational news, travel sites, business, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self fly into any area except politics and religion. We do not go there!

aaa-art12     aaa-art11

Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

aaa-art9    aaa-art34   aaa-art123            aaa-art

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189. Understanding, Ice Cube, Porsche, And Staggering Music!

img_3272         aaa-porsche-19aaa-poetry-2          aaa-porsche-1a

Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Best Picks Of The Week!
aaa-hidden-8 aaa-hidden

Editor’s Note: See Hidden Figures the story of the Afro-American women who put our first rockets and astronauts into space. It is a story that should have been told years ago. If you teach grades 7-12, take your class to see it. Yes! Women know mathematics and science!

aaa-hidden-5      aaa-hidden-1

1. Best Music Of The Week!
In Four Parts!

aaa-chinese     aaa-chinese-1

January 28, 2017 is the start of the Chinese New Year celebration. This is The Year of the Rooster which will be followed by The Year Of The Dog in 2018. The days festivities in Philadelphia and around the world include parades, dancing, fireworks, cultural activities, and great eats. Please research your local festivities and join in!

aaa-chinese-6       aaa-chinese-3

2016 was The Year Of The Ice Cube. It started with Barbershop III and Triple XXX Part 2 before jumping to N.W.A.’s (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Ice Cube’s year concluded with his famous tea and lemonade commercial, and the new Triple XXX Part 3 movie with Vin Diesel.

aaa-cube      aaa-cube-11

Ice Cube spoke for his rap music mates Arabian Prince, Dr. Dre, The D.O.C., DJ Yella, Eazy-E, MC Ren at the induction ceremony. Ice Cube’s description of rock and roll in his acceptance speech was stirring and a definitive treat for all rock and roll lovers. HBO has the 2 hour  induction ceremony and it can be seen on all the On Demand television channels, too. The night’s music was exceptional, as were the tributes to a talented array of performers, behind the scene’s workers, producers, and magic makers.

aaa-cube-1        aaa-cube-51

  • Cheap Trick
  • Chicago
  • Deep Purple and Steve Miller were additional members of the 2016 HOF induction class.

aaa-fools-1        aaa-fools

La La Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone has tied the record (17) for most Academy Award nominations. La La Land broke The Golden Globes’ record for category wins. The award nominated song Here’s To The Fools Who Dream from Emma Stone’s movie actress audition in the movie can, finally, be found in its entirety at (www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXsqYs1l_IY). We hope Emma Stone sings the song at the Academy Awards. Two nominated songs from the movie will probably split the vote and allow another song to win best song. Ten songs were cut from the movie. We are researching the best of these ten.

aaa-guitar-1         aaa-guitar

Our third musical selection this week is the Beatles’ song While My Guitar Gently Weeps (www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJDJs9dumZI). It is featured through creative dance in the show Love now being played at the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. While My Guitar Gently Weeps is on the Internet in twenty different versions including Eric Clapton’s/George Harrison’s version. Paste our site in your address bar. It is the best version by far. Sorry Eric and George!

aaa-price-1       aaa-price

Our fourth selection for this week is very old school. Sorry! The new office speakers are getting a great workout in eclectic song that we hope you will, also, enjoy. Lloyd Price was a great story teller in song starting in the 1950’s. Stagger Lee, a jitterbug (say what?) dance favorite, is the story in song of two gamblers, their dispute, and eventual gunfight. There are no winners in this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtmvvarZLwg). We have included the school project version of the song. The project has children taking their favorite song and filming a progressive model using props as the song is being sung. Likewise, it is a cute project for at home. Follow Stagger Lee with these Lloyd Price listening suggestions before buying his Fifteen Top Hits album:

Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Seven weeks at number one in 1952 was his best work!)
Come Into My Heart (He tells her she is the one!)
I’m Gonna Get Married (Is heart aching Johnny too young to get married?)
You’ve Got Personality (This girl has everything, including personality.)
Just Because (She left him and he doesn’t want to sit and cry).

2. Best Business Of The Week!
Holiday Best Sellers You May Have Missed!
A Porsche In Your Driveway!
A Disney Character In Your Child’s Bed!

img_3236       img_3194

The European car market is light years ahead of the United States in car marketing, advertising, and grooming future car buyers. This holiday season their big sellers were remote controlled and driven cars for the younger set, starting at age two. Look at the pictures above. The child on the right is in a plastic Chevy with a three song plastic recorder. The child on the left is zooming in her driveway in a remote controlled Porsche with stereo recordings. Should I buy the car on the left or the right. Decisions, decisions! If I buy this gift now, could I top this gift when she reaches 16?…is a good question. Who is the better marketer? Porsche or Chevrolet?

img_3239      aaa-porsche-132

When you bring your Porsche inside, it doubles as a drive in theater…when placed in front of your curved wide screen television set. Popcorn please!

img_3124           img_3271
Kudos to Disney for their holiday couches for kids featuring ten different characters for boys and girls. The couch is comfortable and opens into an even more comfortable bed. The bed top is filled with more of your child’s favorite story characters. It is not hard to put your little ones to sleep with this sleeping choice concept for young children.

Image         Image

3. Best Creative Writing Of The Week!

Understanding by Nick Kenny is always the first share of the New Year. Mr. Kenny was a columnist for The New York Daily Mirror many, many years ago.
There are grander wishes, but the wish for understanding is a good one.

Understanding By Nick Kenny

The troubles that beset us,
Along life’s winding road,
Are sent to make us stronger,
To share another’s load.

Image    Image

We cannot share a sorrow,
Until we have grieved awhile,
Nor can we share another’s joy,
Until we have learned to smile.

  Image    Image

Sweet mystery of music,
Great Masters and their art.
How well we understand them,
When we have known a broken heart.

Let tyrants lust for power,
Let sophisticates be wise.
Just let me see the world, dear God,
Through understanding eyes.

aaa-poetry-3     aaa-poetry-3

4. Best Poetry Contest And Educational Website Contest Of The Week!

Don’t forget to send your twelve line poem to Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s for our annual beginning of the year poetry contest. Include your contact information. The twelve line, any theme, poetry format is a challenging one. Please send your creative entries to tjpalumbo@aol.com. If you have graphics to support your theme, please send those along, too. We are looking for your best website nomination write-ups, also.

aaa-poetry-8      aaa-poetry-1

Check out our poetry site in the index bar in the top part of this column for inspiration.

Please, also, check out our FREE educational website at aimtjp.wikispaces.com. No www. is needed. If you have any home schooling parents, teachers, or children in the family, they will enjoy it immensely. There are tons of immediately ready to use ideas in reading, children’s literature, Internet explorations, problem solving, and poetry on the opening screen and in the item 4 Public Dropbox.

aaa-poetry-4  aaa-poetry-6

Teachers from throughout the Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey area have contributed creative lessons, creative games, and book talks to the site. The ideas contained on the site have made a difference in the way ten’s of thousands of parents, teachers, and children read, write, think creatively, understand history, and embrace the arts.

     aaa-porsche-1b   aaa-porsche-1       

5. Business Reach Out…New Ideas Wanted!
You Can Make New Connections Through Let’s Talk Philadelphia!

aaa-porsche-155    aaa-porsche-176

Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s discussions. How about 6,000 viewers for your business? Someone will discover you!

aaa-porsche-15      aaa-porsche-111

Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

aaa-porsche-120     aaa-porsche-12

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188. Netflix, Liza Marklund, Sand Castles, And Great Art!

   img_3162           annika-bengtzon5        

aaaamiss35      aaaahol1

Let’s Talk Philadelphia Wishes You The Happiest Of Holidays!

aaaaphilly9        aaaaphilly

Happy New Year With Warm Wishes To All!
aaaahols      aaaaholl

1. Welcome…Our New Visitor’s Column Greeting!

Welcome to Let’s Talk Philadelphia, an always positive, freewheeling column on movies, theater, television, books, educational practices, current events, and the Internet. The column is, also, filled with idea submissions from readers all over the world. If you are a first time visitor to the column, we recommend that you start with the About topic in the Index Bar at the top of the page. If you teach or have children, the Creative Writing and Poetry sections in the index bar can be easily downloaded. The creative curriculum in those areas will make a difference in the way your children or students read, write, embrace the arts, understand history, and think creatively. These ideas are used by thousands of teachers and parents!

aaaaphilly6              aaaaphilly1

Follow the About section with another Let’s Talk Philadelphia column in archives on the right. These columns will introduce a plethora (a better word choice than myriad) of new ideas and old delights you may have missed from past issues. It will give you a foundation for some of the weekly issues we are introducing and then extending in newer columns.

aaaameishan23       aaaameishan1

2. A Quick Note For Our Reader’s In The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Area!
Meishan Pan’s Art Studio Opening Is A Must See!

aaaameishan2          aaaameishan3

East Falls in Philadelphia, 3510 Scott’s Lane (building 2199), is the place to be Saturday from 2-6pm. (And any other day thereafter!) International artist Meishan Pan is joining the Philadelphia art community with a great location, studio, and creative programming for children, teenagers, and adults.

aaaameishan9   aaaameishan44   aaaameishan5

Her new Splash Art’s center will feature programs for all ages, splash paint parties, Paint Night, individual and group lessons, wedding party fun, and birthday party art explorations. Your high school artists could use a great mentor! 215-987-6134 to schedule your event or lessons. Join Meishan and her family on Saturday December 16th for ribbon cutting, drinks, and light fare.

annika-bengtzon22                   annika-bengtzon10

3. Books/Television…Annika Bengtzon And Liza Marklund!

annika-bengtzon54      annika-bengtzon56

Twenty Books And Counting!
Every European Writing Award And Counting!
A Great Six Part Television Series And Counting!

annika-bengtzon1       annika-bengtzon123

Liza Marklund is a Swedish author, columnist, crime reporter, and number one international crime story writer. Her twenty books have been translated into thirty languages. She has won every European book award. One of her most notable accomplishments is being number one in Europe and the United States with the book The Postcard Killers. She wrote this book with James Patterson. Liza Marklund owns the third largest publishing house in Europe, so her ideas will be shared with a gigantic and appreciative reading audience for a large number of years to come. Amazon and a number of other book selling sites have Marklund’s books ready to order. Many companies reach everyone’s mailbox in a day.

aaaapostcardneww             aaaapostcard

annika-bengtzon23    annika-bengtzon4   annika-bengtzon6

If you subscribe to Hulu Plus, Netflix, or a similar service, look for Liza Marklund’s Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter. This hour and a half program from Swedish television is an enjoyable change from American programming. The production values and stories are outstanding. Malin Crepin plays the foot soldier of a Swedish newsroom. She would rather be in the field chasing stories than behind a desk. She is a better detective than the detectives she’s researching and following. The inner stories of those working around her are interesting, but the six part series doesn’t need this to fly. Annika carries the show. Annika Bengtzon is featured in eleven of Liza Marklund’s books. These books are on your library shelf and at your local bookstore.

4. Sand Castles…Can’t Wait To See If Christmas Is Better At The Beach!

img_3093     aaasand7

Don’t forget to sign up for the Atlantic City Sand Castle Contest or the contest at the closest beach to your home. There is still time to for you to organize a sand castle contest for all the holidays being celebrated this month. Hey! If you are not near a beach, have a truckload of sand dumped in your school yard and let the fun begin. Don’t forget to invite the local newspapers and come up with a catchy theme. Build strong! Castle creators!

aaasand         aaasand1

Image            aaaamiss87

5. Poetry…Langston Hughes Two Weeks In A Row!
Readers Asked For More Things To Do With His Poems!
We Responded! These Activities And More Appear At Our Sister Site:

aaaamiss1      aaaamiss9

River Writing and River Walks

Langston Hughes said that a train trip that crossed over the Mississippi River was the inspiration for his poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers. On this trip his thoughts traveled to past African Americans who were influenced by the Mississippi River and the thought that “someone who was sold down the river as a slave had the worst fate imaginable.” He then said, he thought about the great rivers of Africa and throughout the  world. Langston Hughes (as we now do) wondered what these rivers meant to those who grew up around them, as well as, those that traveled a particular river.

aaaamiss78            aaaamiss11

In The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes he says:

I’ve known rivers:
I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the
flow of human blood in human veins.
My soul has grown deep like the rivers.
I bathed in the Euphrates when the dawns were young.
I built my hut near the Congo and it lulled me to sleep.

aaaamiss22      aaaamiss34

I looked upon the Nile and raised the pyramids above it.
I heard the singing of the Mississippi when Abe Lincoln
went down to New Orleans, and I’ve seen its muddy
bosom turn all golden in the sunset.
I’ve known rivers:
Ancient, dusty rivers.
My soul has grown deep like the rivers.

aaaamiss           aaaaa

This week’s frigid weather will be beyond terrible, but do this anyway. Take a walk past a local river, lake, stream, pond or imagine yourself standing on the banks of one of the world’s great rivers. Record five thoughts about yourself and others who have visited or have been influenced by this river, lake, stream, or pond. Place these thoughts in a poem titled: (Your Name) Talks of Rivers. Challenge the students in your classroom to do the same, if you are a teacher.

aaaahol54             aaaahol90

6. What Creative Ideas Are Percolating In The Back Reaches Of Your Mind?
Inquiring Readers Want To Know!
Let’s Talk Philadelphia Can Use Your Pick-Me-Up!

aaaahol4            aaaahol231

With 40,000 WordPress reads…..being featured on Let’s Talk Philadelphia (thomasjpalumbo.wordpress.com) for free should greatly enhance your art, photography, and business message. The twenty year old, always positive, weekly, entertainment column comes out of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Your contacts will be graduates who are leaders in the world of art, photography, music, business, and technology, teachers from throughout the world, and over 20,000 LinkedIn, PortaPortal, and Wikispace friends.

aaaaholm       aaaahol211

Our readers enjoy:
Trip suggestions
Book reviews
Health and medical news

Out of the mainstream movies and television presentations
Music that we missed
Pictures of your kids
Anecdotes that make a difference

Sofia the first

aaaaholee       aaaaholw

Please send six pictures and two descriptive paragraphs about your submission to tjpalumbo@aol.com. We will column…ize your work immediately. If you are joining us, don’t do the hard sell. Show how your art or business message is different.

Looking forward to featuring your work, creative ideas, and message!

aaaahol   aaaahol99



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187. Allied, Fantastic Beasts, Langston Hughes, And The Rolling Stones

Let’s Talk Philadelphia Wishes You The Happiest Of Holidays!

img_3075        aaaallied232aabeasts              aaaanew

Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Best Picks For The Week!

1. Movies…Here are our top five movie picks to start your holiday season!

aaafivek       aaafive222

A. Allied…If your wife is a good kisser and bears you many fine sons and daughters, who cares if she may or may not be a spy for the other side!
Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard bring passionate love-making, a baby, and suspense to a classic spy tale. No! This movie coupling did not break up Brad Pitt’s marriage!

aaaallied68               aaaallied99

Allied is the perfect movie choice for a general movie audience looking for a different fare. However, if you really enjoy The Americans (Keri Russell), Homeland (Claire Danes), or Designated Survivor (Kiefer Sutherland) and haven’t reached your maximum spy quota for the month, you will smack your lips and say thank you after this tale. Allied’s story chronicles the world of espionage in World War II from 1942 to just before the invasion of Normandy in 1944. Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard make a great killing team while eliminating Germans in a picturesque Casablanca and a great parenting team in London as the war rages around them…sometimes with their help, sometimes without their help.

aaaallied9      aaaallied44

Don’t let the Brad Pitt haters stop you from seeing this movie. Robert Zemeckis does not make flack. Pitt and Cotillard shine together while making war and little car love. The pair would make a great movie team with George Clooney in a future Oceans 14!

The action in Allied is first rate, as is, the dress, locales, history, and mystery.
Add this enjoyable  first rate movie to your viewing list and bring some friends to the cinema with you. Maybe they’ll share their popcorn.

aaafive8         aaafive33

B. Rogue OneStar Wars brings a new movie series to their deep space battles.
Felicity Jones exudes woman power and ferociousness to expand the franchise.

aaafive11      aaafive9

C. La La Land…It is can’t miss love scenes, dancing, and singing to brighten the movie screen and the holidays. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have won multiple awards at the pre-Oscar, international movie festival circuit, already, for this gem! Are you ready for them to sing and dance their way into the creative art’s side of your brain?

aaafive          aaafive1

D. Loving…Bigotry and cruelty try to destroy a Virginia interracial, married couple.
Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton tell this powerful and wrenching true story.

aaaasing         aaaasing1

E. Sing…If you like animals and have watched American Idol, The Voice, Duets, or Britain’s Got Talent, this cartoon musical will have you entering your favorite pet in next year’s singing championship. A movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Tori Kelly, and Seth MacFarlane is a movie fanatics cup of hot chocolate.

aaaasing2             aaaasing4

This animal singing competition is two blocks short of hysterical! You will have a hard time determining who likes the movie more…the attending kids or their parents?

aabeasts1      aaaaa

2. Movies 2…Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them!
Harry Potter Nine Scores Big!
Eddie Redmayne And A Suitcase Full Of Creatures Enchant!
The Colin Farrell Vs Eddie Redmayne Magical Wand Duel!

aabeasts3     aabeasts66

Fantastic Beasts cost 180 million dollars to make and grossed 250 million dollars in its first week in theaters here and abroad. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series has great interactions between humans and strange creatures. JK Rowling has, almost, out done herself in this one as humans, lovable creatures, monsters, and beasts fight for New York City, its underworld, and, then, world supremacy.

aabeasts23      aabeasts11

JK Rowling wrote FBAWTFT in 2001. She used the name Newt Scamander as her pen name. Rowling indicated that, though the story takes place 70 years before Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts has all the elements of Harry Potter and more.

aaacomic             aaacomic1

Comic Relief is an organization and charity that helps children throughout the world. 80% of the purchase price of the book Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them has been donated to this group. The book has raised over 20 million dollars for Comic Relief and their humanitarian efforts across the globe. Pick up a copy of the book before or after seeing the movie. Your help is greatly appreciated!

aaaajustin1a     aaaajustin

3. Music…The New…Justin Timberlake And The Tennessee Kids!

aaaajustin5        aaaaa1

How We Discovered This Week’s Selections!

You have just arrived home after your favorite team’s latest loss (Packers 27-Eagles 13). You don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, or participate in a wild sex club…the bowling alley is closed! What do you do for a pick-me-up? This time, our choice was music!
Justin Timberlake’s 2020 World Tour
was just released on Netflix. The tour’s 16 shows in eight cities ended in Las Vegas with Jonathan Demme directing and orchestrating the two hour video finale for Netflix. We thought Beyonce’s show in front of 75,000 people in Philadelphia this year was the best we have ever seen. Au Contraire! Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids sing his songbook and dance to precision choreography non-stop for 90 minutes. Move down one Beyonce.

aaaajustinda         aaaajustinea

 aaaarobson999      aaaarobson

Music…The Old…Robson And Jerome…British Cover Duo Revisited!

aaaaastewart       aaastones

The Rolling Stones new album will be out on December second. The album is their 25th, but first in ten years. It is titled Blue And Lonesome. The album features covers of artists like Eric Clapton that influenced them from throughout their long music career. Rod Stewart and Tony Bennett have made millions of dollars singing old classics on their five most recent albums, too…and are a good listen after this one.

aaaaaaast      aaaarobson1

However, our choice this week for your listening pleasure is the greatest Cover Group of all time…Robson Green and Jerome Flynn. These two English gents were friends and actors that just decided to record a couple of songs. Immediately upon release, the duo ruled England and world record play circa 1975. They were one of Simon Cowell’s first discoveries. Their three hit singles and two smash albums were number one in six countries. Until recently, their cover of If I Can Dream held a 40 year old record for the longest time on Britain’s top ten and number one playlist. Green and Flynn’s singing career was brief, but they still are acting in major productions from Game Of Thrones to English detective series to recent war epics.

aaaarobson33      aaaarobson3

Your day will go ten times smoother after listing to Robson and Jerome’s renditions of these three classics on YouTube or at the ITunes store. You will forget last night’s Eagles loss like a dropped pass in The Super Bowl end zone.

If I Can Dream
Unchained Melody
I Believe

aahughes1       aahughes

4. Poetry…Langston Hughes Loves Rain And Snow!
What Is Poetry For The Season?
Does The Silence Of Snow Warm Your Heart?

Every time rain wipes out a perfect weekend, we put Langston Hughes’s poem April Rain Song on our office bulletin board. Our first 5 inch snowfall of the season precipitated (get it…precipitated?) this week’s office contest. Our task is to take Langston’s format for April Rain Song and change it into a tribute to snow.

aahughes44      aaajen7

This short snow poem exercise is a perfect challenge for an office, a teacher’s 2-12th grade classroom, or for your family at home. Try it on your own and then share the challenge with a friend.

December Snow Song

Let the snow caress you
Let the snow cover you like your favorite coat
Let the snow’s mystical music enchant you
The snow makes foot-printed paths across your street
The snow paints a magical picture of white on your rooftops
The snow brings memories and dreams of the past
and I adore the snow.

aahughes111      aaaaaaaaasnow

5. Here Is Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Weekly Call-Out For Articles!
We Can Help To Introduce/Feature Your Next Project!

aajenrt      aajen7

Now that your winter travels are about to begin, do you have a destination you can share to enlighten a worldwide reading audience? Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite technologies, multi-media, movies, books, comics, art, music, games, educational news, museums, travel sites, or a personal favorite for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self fly into any area except politics and religion. We do not go there!

aajen       aajen2

Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s discussions.

Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column, as many others have done for each issue!

aajohan3   aajohan1   aajohan9

Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

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186. The Ramones, Goliath, Rachel Wooding, And Designated Survivor!

img_3002            aaaaramonebb

aaagoliath2      aaadesignated8

1. Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Best Picks Of The Week!

Pay For View Television…Goliath…The Best Cable Binge Of The Week!
Billy Bob Thornton Is The Lawyer…He Seeks Redemption!
The Little Guy Against The Biggest Corporation! No Winners Here!
People Die And Things Explode Everywhere! What Else Would You Expect?

aaagoliath      screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-7-13-02-pm

Goliath, the new eight part Amazon Prime legal series, premiered this week.
Billy Bob Thorton, Mario Bello, Molly Parker, and John Hurt at at war with each other. They are fighting in the home, bedroom, corporate offices, and courtroom. John Hurt’s law firm, formerly John Hurt’s and Billy Bob’s firm, represents a corporate war monger that makes munitions, bombs, and killing machines. One or more of their products is running amok. The cover up is out of control! Lives, innocent and not so innocent, will be lost.

aaagoliath5      aaagoliath78

Billy Bob and his rag tag, put together on the fly, legal team is filled with great minds and brilliant supporting roles. The creative aspects of the law are, also, front and center. Every new lawyer in the show is schooled by the experienced, often cruel sometimes helpful. Before entering the courtroom battles are just as compelling as the courtroom wars. These confrontations contain many a learning and teaching moment for viewers!

aaagoliatha        aaagoliathxx

The Billy Bob group is representing a family whose father/husband may or may not have been murdered by the corporate war machine. Billy’s ex-wife (Maria Bello) works for the other team and remained at the office after Billy was let go. Their teenage daughter brings teen angst and parent separation into the story. She loves mom and dad. Britain Dalton idolized and loved his dead dad. A beginning of the show tragedy killed dad.

aaagoliath88         aaagoliathab

The two teenagers (Britain Dalton/Diane Hopper) are good. Nina Arianda kicks it (kicks it?) as Billy Bob’s wacky and big, always mouthy co-lawyer. Tania Raymonde, the most intelligent hooker in movieland, is Billy’s unrequited love interest. Did Billy Bob Thorton help everyone to bring their A Game to this show or was everyone’s A Game ready before it began. Goliath is A Game enjoyable and an acting treat!

aaadesignated1     aaadesignated

Designated Survivor…The Best Television Show Of The New Season!
Kiefer Sutherland Might Make A Good President! Blockers Beware!
The ABC Television Series Begins Again On The Way To 22 Episodes.

aaadesignatedbb       aaadesignateda

Footnote: Designated Survivor resumes on ABC television this week. The first five episodes are on ABC Re-Watch and, of course, it is recommended you see them before seeing tomorrow’s (Wednesday’s) episode.

aaadesignated2        aaadesignated4

The Designated Survivor is the person or persons tucked away for safe keeping in case a cataclysmic event brings down the President of the United States and any members of Congress in the line of succession. The Designated Survivor series begins with this catastrophic event. The event happens during The State of The Union Address. Every member of the three branches of government is killed as the Congressional Building and meeting hall are completely obliterated by a number of bombs. This all happens as the State Of The Union Address is being delivered.

aaadesignated5        aaadesignated7

Kiefer Sutherland is tucked away in one bunker and Virginia Madsen is being protected in another. Sutherland is a minor player in the Washington political scene. He is, now, being thrust into the role of President. As the United States and world grieves these tragic loses, the new president is figuratively attacked by internal and external agendas that want to strike at the United States’ weakness and this president’s perceived weaknesses. These attacks start with a state’s secession and an escalation of world wide terrorism. Sutherland has to hit the job running and make the right decisions with every stride. No one around him thinks this is possible for such an untested underling. Time will tell doesn’t work here. Everything has to be done immediately!

aaacongress      aaacongressa

 Natasche McElhone is the First Lady. She, too, is immediately, protectively moved to the White House with her family. Everyone’s lives are instantly changed! Maggie Q, Adam Canto, Italia Ricci, and Kal Penn join the transition team as the new president’s staff. Their transition is challenging, difficult, and filled with blockers just like the president’s. You will find the transition to this new program far easier than the demons they are confronting each week.

aaayoung           aaayounglkl             

Harvest Moon By Neil Young…The Best Song Of The Week (Male)!

aaayoungxx          aaaneil

The last full moon of the summer is called The Harvest Moon. Neil Young pays tribute to the moon with his Harvest Moon album and single of the same name. The song appears across the Internet in various forms. The best version has Neil Young singing the song in a little county bar and dance hall. In the link that follows, he sings the song on stage and dances with his girlfriend at the same time. Hey! It could happen with the magic of a creative video! (www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2MtEsrcTTs)

aaaneilss             aaaneilbb

aaawoodinga                aaawoodingbb

You Took My Life By Rachel Wooding…The Best Song Of The Week (Female)! Inspiring Plus For Us! Britains’s Got Talent Missed This One?

aaawoodingxxx      aaawoodingvvv

Rachel Wooding is a thirty-seven year old singer, new mother (Emmy), and musical theater performer. She just lost in the final week on Britain’s Got Talent to a magician. You heard it here! A card tricking magician! Please write your Congressman, State Representative, or Sister Mary Superior and cry travesty, travesty! The link above will take you to three of Wooding’s song performances. It is a fabulous voice done wrong! You will love each one of her songs. You won’t be able to decide which one you like the best! After listing to Rachel’s music, look up a few card tricks and see if you like them better than her music? Millions of fools did in England!

aaaimagesmm       aaaimagesa

2. Stimulation For The Mind…Our Name Game!
Your Text Messages Will Never Be The Same!
Your Synapses Will Be Energized!

Things to know before Our Name Game’s basics are shared.

aaaimagesmmm          aaaimagescc

Our Name Game rules are simple:
1. You may not look up any names while playing this game. You can, of course, search your mind for pairs. You will be amazed at the names that pop into your head at the oddest of times.
2. You cannot tell the person you are texting what you are doing. You are hoping they are creative enough to figure out what you are doing and respond with something even more creative.
3. You do not have to include a creative pair every time you text someone. Feel free, though, to challenge multiple people that you text with your pairs.

aaaimagesab            aaaimagesabc

When texting friends, workmates, or paramours, you will start your message to a female with a creative female sounding first name that is not theirs, write your message body, and end it with a male sounding first name. When writing a text to a male you start with a creative male sounding first name that is not theirs, write your message body, and end with a female sounding first name. No Dear, Hi, Love, or Warm Wishes are needed to begin your introduction or ending.

Here are some male to female texting choices:
Mary…Dr. Lamb

aaatoniimages          aaatoniimagesa

Here are some female to male texting choices:


Both groups can have reverse senders except for M…T (Empty). Try states, cities, well known phrases, and things that go together as you progress to more creative stages of the game.

Spencer Tracy

aaatoniimagesll      aaatoniimageskk

The play on words is endless…as are the letter switches and variations you can use to create greetings and closings! See where your creativity takes you, and hopefully the person on the other side of the line will be just as creative.

img_2984       aaaaramone

3. Music…The Ramones…Punk Rock Revisited!
Ramones Their First Album Hits 500,000 Copies Sold!

The 13th Anniversary Of Johnny Ramone’s Death!
Prostrate Cancer Ended A Great Career!

The next time you walk around your neighborhood, see how many of the best selling Johnny Ramone shirts you spot…13 years after his death. Our neighborhood has 18 month-olds as well as grandparents expressing themselves in punk rock form while wearing some of the Ramones’ tribute garb. Go Johnny! Go Johnny!

aaaaramone5      aaaaramone1

Johnny Ramone (John William Cummings) was one of the top ten guitarists of all time and coming out of Queens, New York added to his punk rock reputation and mystique. The Ramones didn’t do giant arenas. The 2,600 small venue concerts and performances The Ramones conducted world-wide seems like a mythical number of performances. Maybe that is why their shirts are everywhere? Go Johnny! Go Johnny!

aaaaramoneabc      aaaaramone2

Three well respected music publications list Blitzkrieg Bop as the Ramones’ best song.
It isn’t even in our office’s top three. Here are the three songs we think you should investigate to get your Ramones on! We like the original versions, but, also, recommend exploring the renditions of other singers that recorded these three Ramones’ songs.

I Wanna Be Your Boyfriendone of his most covered songs
Rockaway Beachvoted one of the best ten songs about New York City
The KKK Took My Baby Awaywritten after band members fought over the same girl that Johnny eventually married after stealing her from his co-lead band mate.

                aaaaramone99           aaaaramone7    

4. Photography…Rob Tallia Catches New York City At Its Nighttime Best!
Check Out Robert’s Website And Blog!
These Images On Full Screen Are Awesome!
Can You Do Philadelphia, Chicago, Or Your Small Town At Night?
How About Snapping The Shot At The First Stroke Of Midnight?

Here is what Rob said about his work.
Thanks Rob for really enhancing our column.

tallia_plazahotel         tallia_javitsfederal

Hi Tom–we met last month at a plant stand in Pennsylvania (if I remember correctly), and you gave me your card. I’ve been working on an architectural photography blog entitled Hundredweight New York, showcasing the city’s greatest buildings. I thought you might be interested–it’s a long term project where I plan to shoot 150-200 of New York’s best buildings, eventually putting together a book of the best shots.

tallia_lincolncenter1         tallia_evhaughwout

All of the work is long-exposure, tripod-based digital photography, mostly done around 9 pm – 11 pm at night, when the streets are a bit less trafficked, but the buildings are still well-lit. I hope you enjoy it!

tallia_customshouse        tallia_carnegiehall

Best regards,
Rob Tallia

aaaautumnplp          aaaautumn456

5. Here Is Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Weekly Call-Out For Articles!
We Can Help To Introduce/Feature Your Next Project!

aaaautumn000      aaaautumn987

Now that your summer travels are over, do you have a destination you can share to enlighten a worldwide reading audience? Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, educational news, travel sites, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self fly into any area except politics and religion. We do not go there!

aaaautumn  aaaautumn217  aaaautumn642  aaaautumn989

Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

aaaautumnqwq      aaaautumnzxc

aaaautumn9887      aaaautumnjhg


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185. Sex, Money, Power, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll

img_2942        aaaaflorence22

aaaareads5     aaaastone11

1. Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Best Bets Of The Week!

Best Movie Awards Of The Week

aaaafilm    screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-31-20-am

Venice Kicks Off The European Film Awards!
Toronto Kicks Of The North American Film Festivals!
Telluride Shouts Out La La Land, A Third Gosling/Stone Collaboration!

aaaafilm23       aaaafilm9

La La Land, a musical with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, kicked off September and the Venice Film Festival. Gosling is a jazz pianist who falls for Stone, an aspiring actress. There is kissing, dancing, and music…sometimes between Gosling and Stone. Creators hope La La Land is on its way to an Academy Award nomination. This week in Toronto, at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), La La Land shared must see status with Moonlight, a three part coming of age movie of an African boy.

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-10-22-02-am      screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-10-22-50-am

More award shows will follow as the front runners take on new audiences from New York to Chicago to Aspen to Los Angeles. Rolling Stone Magazine has a nice write-up of the 25 movies leading the charge at area film festivals and the 25 movies that will appear on the big screen leading into the holiday season. The lists and annotations can be found using: http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/lists/25-movies-we-cant-wait-to-see-at-toronto-film-festival-2016-w431501. Rolling Stone Magazine has a list for every occasion and every top ten search imaginable. You could spend all day reading Rolling Stone Magazine’s lists and extensive annotations. Stone’s lists are light year’s better than the end of the year New Year’s lists on books, movies, and travel.

aaaastone      aaaastone1

Best Drug Deals Of The Week
Willie Nelson And Whoopi Goldberg Lead The Charge!

If you don’t make enough money with your music and acting careers, the drug field is the perfect stop for you…so say Willie Nelson and Whoopi Goldberg. Nelson and Goldberg are leading a host of big names in their industries into growing and lending their names to packaging and labeling promotions for prescription marijuana. The profits from the marijuana business have no down side. If it is good for the local drug dealer, it is good for your favorite music and television stars.

aaaadrugs7     aaaadrugs

A quarter of a million medical marijuana prescriptions have been issued in the past three years and over ten thousand licenses to grow and dispense marijuana in the seven states (Colorado +) where it is approved. This makes marijuana one of the largest growing industries in the United States. Stiff legal challenges are on the horizon. The U.S. Postal System is preventing drug advertising through the mails in the latest court case. Are colleges and elementary schools the next to join the drug industry? Just think of the profits Dean Gold?

aaaadrugs1     aaaadrugs2

Best Book Of The Week
The Da Vinci Code For Young Adults!

aaaareads     aaaareads3

GoodReads Sparkles With Books For The Very Young And Somewhat Older!
You Are A Sign-up Away From A Great Reading Experience!
A Must Share Site For All Book Lovers! (www.goodreads.com)!

aaaareads9       aaaareads1

If you are a teacher, parent, student, book lover, just a lover, or soccer player, GoodReads has ten selections that will tickle your mind and enhance your day. Their book, ebook, and audio books cover 80 categories. Their newsletter is outstanding and worth an email type. Each month GoodReads has special features for all readers from tots to teens to adults. In depth author-illustrator talks are a GoodReads’ forte.

aaaalibrary1      aaaalibrary

This month’s multiple features for young adult readers highlighted a pared down version of The DaVinci Code…advanced themes through easier reading. Multiple copies through a grant would be great for any school’s literature or writing program. It sounds like every library should have six of the young adult DaVinci books, also.

aaaabelt9      aaaabelt1

Best Office Fashion Question Of The Week
Scroll Down Slowly To Answer The Question Before Seeing The Results!

aaaabelt                           aaaabelty

Please remember someone always thinks of the stupidest things to stump everyone in our office. We have time on our hands…too much time! Fashion sense is the last thing you would see or expect from our employees. This question came out of nowhere!

aaaabeltj         aaaabeltll

This week’s question was: Should a man’s belt color match his shirt or pants?

aaaabelt123       aaaabeltwww

The answer is the belt should match the shoes first and then the pants…Never the shirt! Sorry, shirt voters! You are wrong, once again!

aaaaempire1      aaaaempire44

2. Television…Sex, Drugs, Power, Rock n’ Roll, And Money!
What’s Not To Want Or Like!

aaaaempireert     aaaaempirett

If you like sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, power and money or any one of the five, you will enjoy these three selections. We culled them from ten nominations this week for your viewing enjoyment. Even though, of the shows are on pay-for-view stations, they all can be found on free re-watch channels, On Demand, and the Yidio free movie site that we will feature in our next issue. All shows are in their second or their third year. Therefore, year one’s are readily available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

aaaaempire89           aaaaempireq

The circumstances surrounding the selection of Empire/Power/Sex+ (nudity, language, and lots of death) for the general audience revolves around an interview with one of the writers. She said: the viewing audience is entranced by all the aspects of the criminal element and they can’t get enough of their involvement with sex, drugs, money, and power. The shows Empire (Fox), Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll (FX),  and Power (Starz) certainly satisfy these needs with a few extra evil needs and deeds thrown into the mix.

aaaaempire76      aaaaempire12

Empire takes place in Atlantic City and New York. Terence Howard (Lucious) is the head of a entertainment and music company. His sons Hakeem (Bryshere Gray), Jamal (Jussie Smollet), Andre (Trai Beyers), and his ex-wife are vying for control of his business due to his illness (ALS). Cookie (Taraji Henson), his ex has just spent 17 years in prison and someone will pay and owe. The world of hip-hop music is featured in between family and business battles. The battles might not remind you of your family battles…or maybe they will! Family and music business wars make good watching!

aaaaempire4      aaaaempirert

Sex, Drugs, & Rock n’ Roll (FX) was canceled at the beginning of this week after two seasons. It is the story of an aging rock star (Denis Leary) who missed the big time after one album and truckloads of excess. Leary (Johnny) has a chance to revive his band thirty years later through his daughter (Elizabeth Gillies) who renames his band and will take his lead while Leary writes. Leary is joined by John Corbett, Elaine Hendrix, Bobby Kelly, and John Ales in various stages of their careers and love lives. Corbett excels at everything he does acting-wise. The interplay between he, Leary, and the girls is worth a sneak peek. Maybe we can get the show re-funded through Quick or Crowd Funding. If not, two years of music, kissing, and squabbles will have to do.

aaaaempirepp      aaaaempirejj

Power’s landscape is the New York drug world and the New York nightclub world.  Omari Hardwick (Ghost/James) is the seemingly the king of both worlds. His brutality and business acumen with drugs has him recruiting every aspect of the drug world into his business…the Russians, the Puerto Ricans, the Italians, and the Chinese.

aaaaempirerr         aaaaempire

Omar is black. His best friend and partner since high school, Joseph Sikora, is white. This gives them a double edged and two pronged attack with all the city’s drug dealing enterprises from the street to corporate building. Keeping dozens of workers in line involves weekly murders and maiming. Joseph is in charge of both with Ghost’s help. Power is produced by rapper 50 Cent Jackson who, also, stars in the show. He wants Ghost’s business after being released from a long prison term where Ghost is the blame.

aaaaacolumn               aaaaacolumn1

Hardwick’s wife Naturi Naughton (Tasha) is joined by FBI agent Lela Loren (Angela), a high school girlfriend, in the usual, but very unusual love triangle. While trying to clean his drug money, Ghost creates a must be seen there nightclub (Truth) to launder his money. The club becomes so successful that Hardwick sees it as a way out of the drug business. The I got out and they pulled me back in interplay is extremely violent, sex filled, and twist and turn’s challenging. Kill or be killed is a theme throughout, so beware! Power has already been renewed for two more seasons.

Author’s note: The music in all three shows is not that bad bordering on very good in some instances. It rivals the killings, sex, and be it crazed interplay.

aaaaflorencegg            aaaaflorencew

3. Music…Florence And The Machine (Florence Welch)!
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful!
This Girl Has Pipes! Plus Red Hair! Plus Support From Isabella Summers!

aaaaflorence                aaaaflorence2

If you have not heard of Florence and the Machine, you are missing out on music Valhalla, exceptional video stories, flowing red hair, and world-wide performances in 25 countries. In Florence + The Machine’s seven years of performing and recording, FTM has had number one hits in 20 countries and top ten songs and albums in thirty countries.

aaaaflorence4           aaaaflorencez

If she is not being nominated for eight Grammy Awards, out on tour and dressed up for the US’s Zombie Jamboree, or in the recording studio, then, she is recording soundtracks for the top movies and television series in the United States, Canada and Europe. Her soundtrack portfolio numbers fifteen and includes: Snow White And The Huntsmen, Wild Child, Eat Pray Love, The Twilight Saga, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Great Gatsby. Florence + Machine has had a very, very busy seven years.

aaaaflorence            aaaaflorence1

The office votes are in after everyone ranked, in their opinion, Florence and the Machine’s top ten songs. One to ten points were tallied with the top five and ties below:

Rabbit Heart….Raise It Up (Love Child Scenario Brings Back Memories)
Howl (Best Dance To Song)
Breath Of Life (Best Soundtrack, Snow White And The Huntsman)
You’ve Got the Love (Most Weeks In Top 100/85 Weeks)
Ship To Wreck (Band Is Great, Great Story)
Never Let Me Go (40 Million Video Views)

These six songs are a good start for embracing the magic of Florence’s music.

aaaaflorence8          aaaaflorence1

4. Poetry…Michael Lee Boss, Multiple Award Winner For Writing/Poetry!
What Variations Will You Create From Michael’s Poems And Thoughts?

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-2-31-26-pm        aaaamikek

If you are looking for a poet, you should search the local coffee shop or your local library. We found Michael Lee Boss and his thought provoking poetry at the local library. Here is the mini-biography Michael shared with us. He has won more awards than our whole writing staff. If you are in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, his college courses sound like winners. Attend one! We will meet you there and we will bring the coffee.

aaaamike              aaaamikemobius-poetry-magazine

Michael Lee Bross is a graduate of the MFA in Poetry program at Drew University. Michael is an active writer of both poetry and fiction. He is the recipient of the Martha E. Martin Awards for Poetry and Fiction, as well as the Jane Coil Cole Poetry Scholarship. His work has been published in such periodicals as Lifeboat and Mobius Poetry Magazine. His poetry chapbook, “Meditations on an Empty Stomach” also won the 2015 Arts by the People Chapbook Award. Michael currently teaches English at Montclair State University and the University of Scranton.

aaaamike3004           aaaamike30094

Here are two of Michael’s creative poems for your enjoyment:

A Playground Metaphor

We struggle
like a see-saw
like tag
We fly
like a swing
like a jungle-gym
We sing
like blacktop—
Then retreat
like recess


First Steps

We all teeter on the lip of tragedy
tether the balance with which we manage this world
as a broken kite spun by the mercy of the wind
shake each foot in the presence of ground and gravity
that pulls us into the dirt
or casts us out without notice
So on impact, baby
may we crack the earth
rise and cry in the face of calamity
and in the same direction
stumble towards joy.

aaaamikekk934             aaaamikevv934

Michael Lee Bross
Professor, Montclair University
Professor, University of Scranton
My LinkedIn

aaaa-playsrrrr            aaaa-playsrr
5. Here Is Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Weekly Call-Out For Articles!
We Can Help To Introduce/Feature Your Next Project!

aaaa-plays1  aaaa-plays4 aaaa-plays5

Now that your summer travels are over, do you have a destination you can share to enlighten a worldwide reading audience? Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, educational news, travel sites, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self fly into any area except politics and religion. We do not go there!

aaaa-plays6aaaa-plays9 aaaa-plays7

Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.

aaaa-plays12 aaaa-plays98 aaaa-playsa aaaa-playsccc aaaa-playsmm aaaa-playsmmm









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184. Pete’s Dragon, Robert Redford, Whitney Houston, And The Hall Of Fame!



1. Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Best Bets Of The Week!


The Best Goodbye Of The Week!


It is the 25th Anniversary of the movie The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. A reader sent us a link from Whitney Houston’s funeral ceremony. It was Kevin Costner presenting her eulogy. We didn’t know he was a speaker! His 15 minute tribute to Whitney is a must see for everyone. It can be found by placing the link that follows in your address bar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wjh0N1EzPI
speech was a funny, stirring, and emotional tribute defining the Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston friendship while chronicling Whitney’s career.


The Best Song Stylist Of The Week!
Lynnie Godfrey…Two New Albums And A Way Back When Career!
Allentown Residents Can Enjoy Her With Their Symphony Next Week!

Lynnie Godfrey is a universal women, a phrase we have used once before. She is an award winning singer, director, actor, author, and producer. Her television and stage performances in ten world wide productions including Eubie the story of Eubie Blake, music artist extraordinaire are exemplary. Godfrey has garnered awards in every theater category. In the musical Eubie she formed a great trio with the Hines Brothers…who became life-long friends. She is an endearing friend everyone wants during and after a creative production! There are three interviews with Lynnie on Vevo and You Tube. Catch one if you can! You will see we speak the truth!

AAAALy         AAAALyA

Lynnie has one of the most memorable lines in television history on her resume to go with all her awards. In a dialogue war with a female family member on Hauser 740 (Archie Bunker’s old house), the family member says we have to stop looking back at black historyLynnie Godfrey tells the actress, to audience applause, that: When you give up your history to get where you are going, you will be nobody when you get there. Thank you Lynnie!


Both of Lynnie’s new albums are great gifts for the jazz and soul fan. As her website says: her renditions of classic Christmas songs will definitely put a whole lotta swing in your Christmas stocking! Everyone’s stocking could use some swing and more. A Swing Not Coal slogan might make a great T-shirt for the holidays along with her album cover.

The Best All Stars Of The Week!
Ken Griffey, Jr. And Mike Piazza Enshrined!
Has Every Story Been Written Or Told?

Let’s Talk Philadelphia supports everyone in our region. BUT! Even though Mike Piazza lives just outside of Philadelphia and his car dealership is in Langhorne, another close suburb, we thought the one thousand stories about his Hall of Fame career totally covered his accomplishments. This changed with one line in USA Today in their quick notes section that said: Ken Griffey, Jr. was the only number one draft pick in baseball history to make it to the Hall of Fame. Eye Opener!

Even if you are from another country or not a baseball fan, that phrase gives you hope in whatever you do. Thousands of scouts, baseball experts, general managers, coaches, and computer programs could not pick greatness. There is hope for everyone, if you don’t let these experts, critics, or negativity spreaders stop you from your goals. Get good coaching, work hard, and learn your game, whatever it is. Good luck future Hall of Famers!


Let’s Talk Philadelphia happily salutes two great Champions Of Baseball and their quest for excellence through hard work and perserverance!

laurenqqq         laurenPPP

Best Artist Of The Week!
Lauren Litwa Holden (LitwaArt.com)!
The Pennsylvania Governor’s Residence Features Her Work!
And So Should We!

IMG_2813        IMG_2814

As Democrats and Republicans cycle through the Pennsylvania state capitol in Harrisburg, one thing remains the same…Lauren Litwa Holden’s painting titled Teklas Ladder in the governor’s dining room. These two political groups can’t agree on anything, except Lauren’s art. Her work stays, they go!

IMG_2815         laurenfff

Lauren has the great distinction of being from Wawa. We do not know if Wawa is a country, state, enchanted area, or a grocery store attached to a gas station…with good coffee. Where are you from pretty girl?…followed by the answer Wawa isn’t good for the dating scene either. Think about that dating dialogue a little, if you please?

laurenlll              lauren111

Lauren is moving her studio and we can’t wait to see her new digs. We are hoping the governor’s mansion has room for her, so they can finally get something right. Hopefully, we selected some of her most memorable work to get her right on this column.


2. Movies…Pete’s Dragon…The Definition Of Magic!
Does A Dragon Make A Good Friend? Better Than A Dog Or Cat?
Is It A Boreal Forest Or One Inhabited By Strange Creatures?


Robert Redford appears for twenty minutes in Pete’s Dragon. The thirty seconds he spends half way through the movie explaining magic to his forest ranger daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, solidifies the whole spirit of the movie. He is not talking about hocus-pocus magic. He is talking about how Elliot’s magic changed his life. He could, also, be talking of the magic of the forest, a good book, a well spent life, a creative idea, or the magic in holding your son, daughter, or 21 month old granddaughter in your arms.


Elliot, by the way, is Oakes Fegley’s (Pete’s) forest and cave living friend. Pete’s parents were killed in a crash and he was left to fend for himself in the woods at age four. Pete was rescued by Elliot, the dragon. Elliot was named after a character in a book Pete was carrying in his backpack. Pete asked the dragon if he was going to eat him after being saved from wolves by the dragon…he shook his head no…and the bond begins!

AAAANEWDRAGON       More Dragonsjjj

Pete and Elliot have lived a charmed, carefree, peaceful, and idyllic life for six years in a somewhat untouched, boreal forest. Untouched is, now, short lived as loggers, to forest protector Howard’s dismay, are cutting down everything in sight. Once Pete is discovered, they want to capture him and put him on display. Oona Laurence (Howard’s young daughter) and Wes Bentley (Howard’s husband) are the good guys and want Pete to join their family…then a dragon reappears! And then the chases begin!

More Dragons9            More DragonsC

Take part in the magic this weekend at your local theater. You will applaud at movie’s end like other audiences who enjoyed the movie in D and 3D. Research boreal forests, Boreal the Greek god of the north wind, and the Aurora ( goddess of the dawn) in Aurora Borealis. The three topics are nice spin-off investigations after seeing the movie.

More DragonsKK      More DragonsX

 3. Health…Everything You Should Know About Cures And Drugs!
What Does Your Next Drug Or Medicine Give Or Take Away From You?
How Strong Is Your Medical Care. How Can You Make It Stronger?

AAAANurses              AAAANursesll

There are six drugs being sold on television that say in their disclaimer that death or stroke are two of the side effects. How can drug companies be allowed to advertise something that kills you. If they are allowed to sell drugs that kill you, shouldn’t they have to, at least, tell how many victims have died because of their product? Where is the Federal Drug Administration when you need them. We need help and you at home need help, too. Here are two book suggestions to become more knowledgeable about health and the foods and medicines you use. After seeing and reading this first book in our doctor’s, dentist’s, and hearing specialist’s office (desk, waiting room table, reading rack), we thought it should be something everyone has in their home. Everywhere you see the word nurses in the company’s write-up that follows, insert your name, then buy this invaluable guide!

AAAANursesD               AAAANursesFF

“The 37th edition of the best-selling, original Drug Handbook For Nurses provides complete monographs for more than 900 generic and thousands of brand-name drugs. Monographs are consistently formatted for ease of use and focus on the practical information that nurses need. Each monograph consists of generic and trade names, pronunciation key, pregnancy risk category, pharmacologic class, controlled substance schedule (if applicable), available forms,  indications and dosages, administration (with drug incompatibities for I.V. drugs), action (including tables showing route, onset, peak, duration, and half-life), adverse reactions, interactions, effects on lab test results, contraindications, nursing considerations, and patient teaching.

AAAANurses1ll        AAAANursesVB

Also includes chapters on general drug information (pharmacology/pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacogenomics, safe drug administration, therapeutic classifications), numerous appendices, and new easy-to-spot symbols for Canadian drugs (maple leaf) and Do Not Crush (DNC) drugs. Text is complemented by free Toolkit containing hundreds of online resources.

You can also count on Nursing 2017 Drug Handbook to tell you unapproved, off-label drug uses so you’ll always know why a drug is prescribed. And, this year, be a more confident nurse with fingertip access to …
• 32 NEW FDA-approved drugs. ”


The second book is a Reader’s Digest Food Cures publication that defines the benefits of the foods we eat and, then, gives 75 powerful recipes for healthy eating. Both books are in your local library or can be ordered on line or through your book store.

FullSizeRender(1)      FullSizeRender

4. Photography…Ruth Don Shevlin Tells Her Story!
Each Photograph Has A Story! Hers? Yours? Creativity Plus!
Her Photographs Are Outstanding Story Starters For Any Classroom!
Ruth’s Captions Are Probably Better Than Yours, But Go For It Anyway!

FullSizeRender(4)      FullSizeRender(5)

Here is what Ruth shared about her work:

I’ve always loved art. My medium could be paint, glass, wood or icing. Photography enabled me to capture what other mediums couldn’t. I was working in advertising in Chicago and shooting with an Instamatic camera. My Art Director said “You can’t
make an Instamatic do what you want to do.” He lent me his Pentax for a week and
I was hooked. I enrolled at Columbia College of Photography and my parents bought
me my first 35 mm, a Canon F-1.

FullSizeRender(3)         FullSizeRender(2)

I’m drawn to photographing children, animals, crumbling buildings, street scenes
and social commentary. I hope my work conveys the emotion that draws me to my subjects. I love finding the unusual in the ordinary and the ordinary in the unusual. With imagination, an artistic eye and the ability to really see what’s in front of you, every day offers new possibilities for creativity.
–Ruth Don Shevlin

Thanks Ruth for your share. Everyone in the office will be writing their captions under each picture. Local classrooms, we hope, will do the same.


5. Free Advertising…Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Weekly Call-out For Articles!
30,000 Reads Is A Nice Round Number To Introduce Your Next Project!


Do you have a topic that can be featured on this column or can you contribute two creative paragraphs on your favorite movies, books, comics, art, music, gaming, educational news, travel sites, or more for our column? Don’t be afraid to let your creative self fly into any area except politics and religion. We do not go there!


Your ideas, creative column contributions, and future column suggestions should be sent to Tom Palumbo at tjpalumbo@aol.com. Please send a photo or two with your two-paragraph contribution. We’d love to display your art and photography in a personal section, as well as, throughout the Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s discussions. Thank you for adding your work and expertise to this column! Your varied ideas, experiences, products, and insights will surely bring a larger audience to the column and make the column’s content more interesting and far reaching. We hope you like the insights and contributions of dozens of readers from throughout five continents.


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183. Suicide Squad, Bad Moms, Back To School, And One Billion!

EmmaGlasses         AAAAMOMSX

1. Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Best Bets Of The Week!

The Best Billion News Of The Week!

AAAABillions     Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 5.33.10 PM

Billions is a Showtime Original production. It is a look at big money. It is about to begin its second season. The show stars Paul Giamatti, Damien Lewis, Maggie Siff, Malin Akerman, and Condola Rashad. Damien Lewis is the Wall Street money man that profited from 911 (his whole office died in one of the towers) and every trade known to man. Giamatti is the Attorney General that has vowed to take him down. The show is a business, stock, and money wake up call for understanding your money and finances. Season 1 awaits you on your On Demand channels or on Showtime. Your finances will profit after following this show! The acting is money intense!

 AAAABILLIONM         jason bourne franchiseBB    

Three other billions have made this week’s news. Apple’s iPhone just completed its one billionth sale. It took Apple nine years to reach this milestone. Apple 7’s release next month will kill it for ever larger sales for the Christmas and holiday season. Matt Damon’s $60,000,000 weekend box office numbers with the movie Jason Bourne has just propelled the Bourne/Ludlum franchise passed the billion dollar mark. WordPress, the site that hosts Let’s Talk Philadelphia, is now host to 1 billion website designs and designers. The site is a great host to businesses, creative explorations, and unique ideas from throughout the world. Try it with your original work or latest project. You will reach the masses with WordPress’s easy set-up!

AAAACONDOLA              jason bourne franchise

The Best Birthday Of The Week!
Tony Bennett Rockets To Ninety!
Lady Gaga Will Join Him Again On The Trip!

AAAABennett       AAAABennetthh

Tony Bennett just turned ninety on Wednesday. At age ninety, he has more on his plate than Henry VIII at a Renaissance Buffet. His recent albums Duets (with everyone in the music industry from Bocelli to Winehouse) and Cheek To Cheek (with Lady Gaga) were critically acclaimed best sellers. While receiving birthday honors in San Francisco and New York with plaques, statues, and star studded performances, he is working on a new album idea to collaborate with Lady Gaga again.

AAAABennett4         AAAABennett88  

Siriusly Sinatra (SiriusXM 71) radio is hosting a monthly tribute to Bennett and his enduring music. There is a great interview with Bennett on the Siriusly Sinatra website. He talks about his music and how Frank Sinatra gave him the mental power to overcome critics of his voice and work. Don’t forget to add Tony Bennett’s albums Cheek To Cheek and  Duets to your music library. If you can’t make any of the New York celebrations or the upcoming celebration at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel where in 1961 he first sang I Left My Heart in San Francisco, the Tony Bennett Turns 90 music special will enlighten your television room on December 20th.

  AAAABennett8u      AAAABennettZZ    

The Best 20th Anniversaries Of The Week!
Coldplay And Greenday Celebrate!

Greendayer             Greendaywwv

The 2016 Super Bowl was a great kick-off to Coldplay’s 20th Anniversary season. With the help of Beyonce and Bruno Mars, Coldplay rocked a billion households. Coldplay tours the world, but they are to England as Heinz is to ketchup and the letter A is to alphabet soup (analogy winners from the office this week).

AAAACOLDPLAY          GreendayK

Chris Martin (non-drinker), Jonny Brichland, Guy Merryman, and Will Champion are not the typical crazy rockers. The don’t smash guitars, make negative headlines, or undress in public. They met at the University of London and first appeared as Starfish. 19 albums, 37 videos, and 80 million purchases later, their music of love and relationships tops the charts in England and throughout Europe, as well as, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Greendaydd           Greendaybnb

After Coldplay’s appearance at the Super Bowl, 13 of their songs made it into the Billboard Top One Hundred Plays list. Their 37 videos are a good place to start if the group is unfamiliar. Viva la Vida, Uptown Funk, and Paradise from the Super Bowl fete are a good start for your playlist, also.

Greenday             GreendayB

The American punk rockers Green Day are, likewise, celebrating their 20th year in music. Their American Idiot album was number 1 in 19 countries. It is a punk rock opera that is a good start for embracing music very different from Coldplay’s style.

Best Educational Videos Of The Week!
Twenty Unique Back To School Ideas In Two Video Formats!


Let’s Talk Philadelphia contacted The Uncommon Individual Foundation and asked them if they would host a back to school video series for parents, teachers, administrators, and knowledge seekers. The two 15 minute talks below introduce ten books and ten websites that everyone should add to their knowledge lexicon. Copy the addresses in your URL bar, hit return, wait for them to load, and off you go.


Book Talk…http://uif.mediasite.com/mediasite/Play/a479d4f65e8749cdb573d8fa0f3cd4051d?catalog=3abc4bd7-183b-472a-9e3b-b884d4cf6eec


Website Talk…http://uif.mediasite.com/mediasite/Play/0708e0808cd84dbe8a6366f2ca630b981d?catalog=3abc4bd7-183b-472a-9e3b-b884d4cf6eec

Don’t forget to download and use the great ideas in the index bar at the top of this column, especially those in creative writing and poetry. The index bar presents great lessons and back to school enrichment for August/September!

 AAAAMonsterB       AAAAMonsterll

2. Movies…Suicide Squad…The Baddest Of The Bad Take On The Very Bad!
From Will Smith To Margot Robbie To Jared Leto, All Criminals Supreme!
The Movie Is A Lesson In Ethnicity And Equity!
Superman Is Dead. Batman Is Next! Gotham Needs Help!

AAAAMonsterX             AAAAMonsterPPP

Harley Quinn Loves the Joker! You, the comic reader, will love Suicide Squad if you can follow the eleven main characters and all the spells, possessed spirits, double dealings, and enchantments that plague this newly formed government group. Each member of the group, by the way, is just as funny as they are evil. We have never heard of funny monsters and criminals before except for the Munsters!

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Viola Davis recruits a squad of DC Comics’ most outrageous misfits…from croc man to deadshot to fire shooting man to the mindlessly, unstable, and rambunctious Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie, by far our favorite). You will follow your favorite criminal in battle against The Enchantress, her evil brother, and her monsters and inhuman humans galore. Meanwhile, your favorite in this movie may not be with you for long as you think. Your favorite’s mind will unfortunately be imploded by an implanted brain bomb designed to guarantee their allegiance to all of Viola’s dastardly projects.

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Stay until after the final credits as Viola and Batman plot an alliance as a preview to what will happen in Suicide Squad II.

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3. Movies…Bad Moms…Who Are They! Are They Anything Like You?
Why Do They Need To Defy Convention?
Mila Kunis Leads The Pack! Christina Applegate Will Robotize Her!

To start this article, we were going to show how Bad Moms related to the Katherine Ross and Patrick O’Neal movie and Ira Levin book classic Stepford Wives (1975). After asking 20 multi-aged graduate class students: how many saw the movie Stepford Wives, the answer was none. Rule one in creative writing is to never make an analogy to something no one else but you understands, has seen or has read. Cancel the article’s, what we thought would be, creative start!


Stepford Wives was unexpected, groundbreaking, filled with twists and turns, and original. The men of Stepford, Connecticut wanted subservient robots for wives who dressed elegantly and demurely, took care of them and their children, and performed wifely duties on demand. Katherine Ross’s discoveries in the movie of this town-wide plot and her husband’s plot to change her into a robot women were filled with intrigue.


Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell do not want to be the Stepford Parents. After being misunderstood, overworked, and underappreciated, Amy, Carla, and Kiki prefer to be Bad Moms. Kristina Applegate, Jada Pinkett, and Annie Mum) stress the Stepford version of parenthood. Applegate has hypnotized the school’s parents into following her example in their homes, local stores, and in school.


Missions will clash in this comedic gem. Bad Moms is filled with mom confrontations, crazy bar room antics, wild parent parties, and even crazier car rides! The movie is easy to find at your local theater and already has passed the 20 million dollar mark in revenue that was its budget. On the other hand, the original 1975 version of the Stepford Wives is nowhere to be found. None of the seven subscription or On Demand services have it. Finding this movie is well worth the search. Go for the original and pass on the 2004 version with Matthew Broddrick and Nicole Kidman.

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Where Bad Moms talks about a woman’s struggle in the home, Equity a new movie with Anna Gunn, highlights the struggle of woman in leadership in the world of high finance and Wall Street. Time reports that of the 25 leading financial firms none has ever had a woman CEO. Women only represent 15% of all financial firmsinstitutions. That glass ceiling, representing the height of success, seems to be getting more untouchable for women and minorities, especially in the area of finance!

Equity Equity1 EquityB

If you are a woman in finance, Equity shows how you are just as likely to be undercut by your friends as your enemies. Equity has a large female cast. Since, it is written, directed, and produced by women, you will not have any of the women trying to get along in business sugar coating you often see on television or in your local cinemaplex. Anna Gunn’s relentless, never give up fight and successes in this movie are great role model bag of ammunition for young and older women, alike.

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4. Business…What Product Will Begin Or Enhance Your Sales’ Career?
Coleen O’Brien Has The Products And Marketing Skills To Get You Started!
A Call Or An Email…And?

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Let’s Talk Philadelphia enjoys discovering new businesses and creative ideas in all areas. We met Coleen O’Brien at a business show and invited her to share her ideas with our readers. Here is Coleen’s share and contact information.

Hi Tom,
Hope all is well and I hope this is what you are looking! If you need anything else, please, let me know.

I come from a 20 plus year retail background working with soft and hard products lines. I decided to leave the retail industry and the store environment to deliver product and services through direct sales to homes and businesses! Through direct sales, you have the ability to sell to the consumer at wholesale prices and creative specials the year round!

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Direct selling is a complete advantage to the buyer. They are getting original product designs in house and direct from a wholesaler. My offerings, among others, include lifestyle brands, which include jewelry, personalization thru stationary and products, and home décor. Products and services include and not limited to business products/gifting, personal/social occasions, fundraisers, or networking. Let me put you in contact with with the best in the industry for starting a home sales business…

13174112_994898857230958_8164265185619931128_n       13511004_1024546587599518_2286627235484457503_n

Jewelry/lifestyle brand: http://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/coleeobrien
Home Decor: http://www.mymaryandmartha.com/coleen
Personalized products/stationary: http://www.mypaperly.com/coleen
Email: coleenteresa@yahoo.com

Coleen O’Brien

Email: coleenteresa@yahoo.com


5. Free Advertising…Let’s Talk Philadelphia’s Weekly Call-out For Articles!
30,000 Reads Is A Nice Round Number To Introduce Your Next Project!


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