Let’s Talk Philadelphia is a 24 year old column designed to keep you and 26,170 LinkedIn followers up to date with the latest trends and discussion topics in movies, theater, music, television, fashion, books, Internet discoveries, children’s literature, poetry, and creative ideas for parents, teachers, students, and school administrators. The column is always positive and does not delve into politics or religion.

Let’s Talk Philadelphia is supported by a multi-level, easy to use, FREE Portaportal resource site. The portaportal can be accessed at http://www.portaportal.com by typing (TJPalumbo) in the guest box in the lower right hand corner of the opening page. The best Internet sites in 16 areas are provided and the public drop box is filled with creative videos and PowerPoints. Give me a call at 215-262-9986 and I will help you set up your own portaportal. All my 3-12 grade students and graduate students have their own portaportals. 14,000 teachers use my Portaportal as an additional resource to their site.

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4 Responses to About

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for stopping me today in the library. As an educator I cannot tell you how valuable it is to have resources to be able to help the younger generations get excited about learning! I would like to discuss the programs and workshops you mentioned. Thank you so much for the books you gave to David. He really needed that act of kindness today. He is my best friends son and was told he wasn’t allowed to stay in the private Christian school we both worked so hard to send our kids to. Smaller class sizes aren’t always better. I homeschooled my two children until this year. I took a leap of faith and sent them to school this year. Everything for a reason. Thank you for making David’s day. Truly.


  2. Jack Sherak says:

    Is this the Tommy Palumbo that went to ps48 in Bensonhurst Brooklyn?
    If so, a friendly hello….Sixty four years ago (we were 10) you wrote your address (503 third st.Towanda Pa.) on a Spaulding ball for me, so I might write to you… I guess I’ve been a little remiss….just wondering if it’s you!!


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